Самые смешные коты и кошки!




Декабрь 2011
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happy cat


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La La La La La……..I Can’t Hear You…….La La La La La

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50 комм. на “happy cat”

  1. 13HazZ:

    The had been taken a drugs,.. Lolz. Juz kiddin..

  2. Tiguito1205:


  3. robotman5:

    cats like «DUDE WAT»

  4. HristinaXxX:

    Is he on drugs?! :D

  5. denitosi:

    Кот – по кличке кунилингус

  6. Fiakosorio:

    Pussy cat!!!

  7. tenderheart17:

    Awww… s/he’s gorgeous! I think Kitty is sucking on his/her tongue in the same way that a baby would suck on a pacifier (what we call a ‘dummy’ in Australia).

  8. 1992omglol:

    lmbo haahahahahhahaha poor cat, i can’t help but laugh though

  9. iilogic:

    @giantegg1 you really don’t get what I meant to say do you? I meant that because of the stupid people on youtube that see anything rare in an animal and automatically think it’s some weird disease the animal had and treat it like animal abuse

  10. RosesxKissesxLove:

    ….srsly?…. srsly…

  11. Frequency404:

    I didn’t know invisible milkshakes existed. :I

  12. giantegg1:

    @iilogic «inb4 that is not funny»??
    dude seriously…

  13. TenouHaruka0:

    @iilogic You mean the mechanic? :P

  14. TenouHaruka0:

    meow gusta

  15. moshmartyr:

    i liked it before even watching thumbnail is that good

  16. Peetah112:

    Cocaine’s a hell of a drug.

  17. iilogic:

    inb4 that is not funny, your car is sick, take it to the vet

  18. ALEX033000:

    :P lol

  19. xHTx:

    It’s a malfunctioning robot kitty. Smack it on the side, it will start working like normal again.

  20. CrazyJodice:


  21. TheMaxStraus:

    Киса хочет лизать кису

  22. Niel999:

    He’s not happy, probably the heat made him feel dizzy… My cat looks like that when for some reason he has to get in my car and the journey is a bit long…

  23. 0Maggitha0:

    WT F-ing F

  24. ClydeSha212:

    This cat is SO FUCKIN HAPPY!!! :O

  25. reverendbug:

    awwwwww! that cat has a great purrer XD

  26. SidneyCrosbyRULZ:


  27. SidneyCrosbyRULZ:


  28. jasondaletegart:

    I haz a spliting headache

  29. leizeeyawn:

    cuteeeeeeeeeee… let me kiss the cat!!!!!

  30. darketteoh:

    cat thinking to himself : «I wanna be a scottish fold.I wanna be a scottish fold.I wanna be a scottish fold.»

  31. zctop2:

    cats reaction after an entire night of partying- «ah… stop yelling…»

  32. stinaravenclaw:


  33. Kokirishop:

    Justin Bieber must die for what he has do to this cat with his horrible music !! ><

  34. YvesWonGhz17:

    earthquake!!! TAKE COVER!!! COVER YOUR HEAD!!!

  35. Meshiab8:

    Why did u cut out barbie girl song from the backround?

  36. adoptacat01:


  37. lilserbogirl4eva:

    Awww poor thing. I am glad she is better now *:)

  38. TheRapper3LM0:

    Is it just me, or does that cat have muscles

  39. DragonstarandFrofree:

    The poor cat listened to Justin Beiber!

  40. Thelilpros:

    why am i watching this…

  41. Acosta380:

    Ballerina kitty!

  42. Mylendria:

    hey cute little cat, i feel with you

  43. aodelot2007:


  44. AeneasMeier:

    looks like the cat is wearing a coat

  45. MrHatsAndClogs:

    Cat:pleaaaase not Lady Gaga.

  46. justcheat67:

    That’s cute…

  47. manihatedoingthisa:


  48. DiamondBack1666:


    I was gonna say, did you start playing Yoko Ono.

  49. mssugaspice:

    aww at least she was not meowing she was rubbing that pain away let me tell u as a human thats 1 of 3 worst pain hurts like a motherlover

  50. Loorsey:

    The poor baby. =[ Least she is better. We had a cat with an ear infection once. He couldnt walk straight.