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Декабрь 2011
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Cats that make you laugh


funny cats
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25 комм. на “Cats that make you laugh”

  1. davidflores336:

    i hat cats but thay are so so so funny like this show u should see it.lol lol lol lol lol lol.

  2. tivivroxsempre:

    poor the fish

  3. glitterbugisme:

    Thumbs up if 0:49 made you laugh the most

  4. brookieviv:

    This video: proving that can’t DON’T always land on their feet!

  5. oliveyou1028:

    The cat that got pulled into the bath was probably thinking….no no no no!! Awe damn! Now I’m wet! :)

  6. dilemma89:


    /watch?v=2x8yn4Jn-Yc&feature=related :D

  7. daisytown188:

    It’s not very funny when they fall in sad because thing or stuff will fell on top of them :( other than that it was funny o and when the or forced to go in the water and when they jump of the wall wasn’t very funny srry

  8. N4nch3n:

    0:41 *_*

  9. christina2643:

    Geeez that cat hittin the water is soooop funnie :D

  10. chiaraftw:

    oh my gosh, i’m always like
    «ahahahha fuck thats funny! :D DDD»
    and then i’m like «i hope the cat doesnt’ hurt itself =/» xD

  11. Nikasweetbody:

    Heyy !
    That is he funnyest Video in the world !!

  12. grandviews1:

    sorry to say but the part where the baby pulls the cat in to the tub that’s just sad seriously well for me anyway sorry but the whole thing is still pretty funny

  13. ThatZacharyKid:

    0:23 Ninja cat used SHANK attack… It does not deal too much damage.

  14. alanlarson42:

    I see.. clumsy kitties.

  15. MrFlyteck:

    CAT FIGHT !!!!!!!!!

  16. pallan77:

    @errormagic09 Just to confirm You were kidding RIGHT?

  17. shannon4433:

    Whats thye link for the cat being pulled into the bath?

  18. nikalik:

    0:42- soo funny! rewind + watch again! :P

  19. theLBmagic:

    The cat on the tub was like LET ME OUT LET ME OUT!!!!! Awesome.

  20. zadhytia:


  21. au2785:


  22. Lucitaur:

    @DarraghWhiteboy What I’m trying to say is that it’s not a big deal.
    That cat was in unpleasant situation at worst.
    No harm was done to it.
    Are PETA members really that sensitive about animals? >_>

  23. DarraghWhiteboy:

    @Lucitaur ya, the cat looks like it is really having fun – as long as it amuses you though I guess its ok though

  24. Lucitaur:

    @DarraghWhiteboy Yes, that’s some ‘heavy weight’ animal abuse after all. >_>

  25. coolboy123babe:

    1 hour in to this and I still can’t stop laughing ohh that’s 1 minute jkjk


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