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Kitty Loves Doggie, Super Cute!


This is a video of my dog being groomed by one of my cats; they love each other too much.BUY MY BOOKS HERE: Snapshots In Time Buy it at Amazon www.amazon.com The Book Depository. (Free shipping worldwide) www.bookdepository.com BUY MY LATEST BOOK HERE: How To Survive An Alien Abduction And Other Useful Information www.amazon.com Barnes & Noble productsearch.barnesandnoble.com The Book Depository. (Free shipping worldwide) www.bookdepository.com Australia www.thenile.com.au UK www.amazon.co.uk

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25 комм. на “Kitty Loves Doggie, Super Cute!”

  1. MsRandomnotes1:

    very cute,just goes to show we can get along despite our differences…simple but true, just sayin…

  2. tiachanelle:

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  3. CatsandDogg:

    Check out the most epic Pomeranian Puppy vs. Siamese Cat video ever over on my channel. Thanks :)

  4. thecutiegirls11:

    aww its so cute i wish i had a dog so that can happen

  5. LisaJMoore:

    Well, I thought, it was hot:)

  6. BeanMeister22:

    Lisa, so you’re saying that more people should take showers together? That’s cool :)

  7. BeanMeister22:

    @2young2beagrandma Male cat, female dog.

  8. springtime65:

    Thats cute ..:+)

  9. LisaJMoore:

    I would have to say the cuteness of this video is horrendously dangerous for You Tube…
    If everyone groomed each other, maybe some of us would not stink or look like we don’t know how to brush our teeth…Cats obviously are on to something…no?
    Just some food for thought…

  10. boomchakalaka0:


  11. 2young2beagrandma:

    Is it a male or female cat? Sometimes a female cat acts like «mother hen» to other animals if they are sick or if they feel that the animal needs attention.

  12. PlasmaDude47:

    @BeanMeister22 LOL!

  13. AznLegos:

    The dog in the back feels left out…cute

  14. WORRO01:

    I’ll be mentioning this «pooch» at the next he man K9 woman cat haters club meeting Mister!

    Thumbs up~~John

  15. cozzyk:

    My kittys try and groom me too lol. Guess they think us people and dogs aren’t getting the job done properly lol.

  16. CatLikesOrganization:

    so sweet

  17. leokimvideo:

    lol, i was waiting for the dog to bite, instead that camera crash made me hit the ceiling

  18. BeanMeister22:

    @PlasmaDude47 Thanks, but it just might be tooooooo cute for YouTube :)

  19. PlasmaDude47:

    That is so cute, lol!

  20. 123legoreviews:

    thats so cute and weird lol

  21. BeanMeister22:

    @111legoreviews111 Ok, call Oprah :)

  22. BeanMeister22:

    @edenbainbridge Beans used to hold Chucky down and forcefully groom him (when he was still alive). When I took care of that wild kitten Stinky, Beans was the perfect babysitter for him, she put up with all his clawing and biting, and she just kept grooming him; in the end, that is what probably helped calm him down enough to be placed in a permanent home. Beans does not much care for this little dog, she likes to wrestle a bit more than he can handle.

  23. 111legoreviews111:

    I have never seen that before!! LOL I can see this on a talk show or somthing

  24. edenbainbridge:

    that is adorable
    gotta love how a cat will clean any other animal. framboise does that with my dogs. she looks at them all squinty eyed then will clean them until they are ill of it and they walk away. i usually get my elbows cleaned after she is done with them, she has ocd, lol :)

  25. gabbagabbastudios789:

    @BeanMeister22 nothing is bad about being ferociously cute =P