Animal X Classic Episode 15 (Epsiode 2 of Series 2)


202 USA: CHUPACABRA Animal X travels to Puerto Rico to investigate the Chupacabra — a creature that sucks its victims dry of blood. There we speak to eyewitnesses who have encountered this terrifying beast. UK: ESSEX PANTHER And in Essex, England we meet residents who have had their county invaded by wild black panthers. Where did these Alien Big Cats come from and how dangerous are they? If one Big Cat expert is correct England is in for a serious problem. USA: PET DETECTIVES And finally, we look at the extraordinary tale about one of man’s most fatal diseases and the dogs that can diagnose it. They are our companions, our protection and often one of our best friends. But are dogs about to become the guardians of our health as well?
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17 комментариев на “Animal X Classic Episode 15 (Epsiode 2 of Series 2)”

  1. lovelplants:

    a panther that is..

  2. i7fan:

    HAHAHAHA! Chupacabra! HAHAHAHAHA! People and fairy tales man. Its hillarious. Of course its a panther or any other animal, not a fucking mosquito/lizard-man. HAHAHAHA!

  3. pimplick:

    Saw a black panther in my backyard, he had a an afro. JK but really, I have seen one in my backyard. A black panther, the big cat. Nearly shat myself. I think they are the new apex predator of USA maybe

  4. janebook1:


  5. TutsModding:

    AND SET UP FUCKING CCTV CAMS! then you got that little bitch

  6. TutsModding:

    @MVGmatt lol.. i live in colchester

  7. cheythebest1:

    extreme cases of mange on wild dogs,coyotes,& foxes(overall, since different animals can fit the bill as well)

  8. 31scorpia13:

    Omg! At 4:56… the symbol of the Deathly Hallows!!! It exists D:

  9. MVGmatt:

    I saw a Panther in Essex, it was at Colchester zoo

  10. urienxcarmesi:

    the chupacabras does not exist it was only a distraccion that the mexican president in 1994 used for stole the country while everybody was distracted with this «creature» he left the conunrty miserable and poor sorry my english is not very well = (
    esto no existe todos saben ke lo invento salinas en el 94 para robar a mexico hdp

  11. LisaSimpsonLover:

    I don’t understand this, can someone please enlighten me? El Chupacabra, does it look like some kind of dog or does it look like a humanish alien from hell. I don’t understand it. It seems so contradictory.

  12. illhorse:

    how strange! never heard of this chupacabra before. until last nite, when they mentioned it in an episode of Bones 😀 now i stumble across this… 😀

  13. SapphireKissesx:

    2001? omg

  14. ZanpakutoKamaitachi:

    I really miss this show, I think they need to do re-runs of this show.

  15. qazswwers:

    Do you find a trusted wife

  16. DecadeofSmackdownV2:


  17. Pawfunia:

    :) Second series!