Shilpa`s Yoga in English — Kapalbhati Rapid Exhalation


In The First Of The Cat Poses When The Spine Is Curved Downward Inhale And Raise The Right Leg. Keeping Yourself As Stable As Possible Bend The Right Leg Back Creating As Much Of As Arch As Possible. The Sole Of Your Right Foot Should Be Pointing Towards And Parallel To The Neck Which Is Tilted Up. Hold. Exhale And Slowly Bring The Leg Back In To Position.Vyaghrasana Means The Tiger Pose. It Takes Its Name From The Stretches Performed By Cats When They Wake Up. Its Excellent For Both The Abdominal Muscles And The Spinal Nerves. It Is Also Very Good For Relieving Sciatica. And Apart From Imparting Great Muscle Tone This Along With The Cat Pose Is Very Beneficial For Pregnant Women And New Mothers. These Two Asanas Are The Easiest To Perform When One Is Pregnant Or Has Just Delivered A Child. Please Do Ensure That You Check With Your Doctor Before Attempting Them Though. Both The Tiger Pose And The Cat Poses Help Ease Stretch And Tone The Vaginal Passage After

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