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Декабрь 2011
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Gryphon’s Trick


This is my little bottle baby. I raised him from four days old. He’s about six weeks old in this video. He’s over a year old now and quite a monster. We played this game for a half an hour before he got tired of it.

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25 комм. на “Gryphon’s Trick”

  1. OVErin802:

    pretty good

  2. bigjoe777:

    @punca awwwww…. everyone’s lovey dovey in your family….. how sweet…. well, see you 10 years from now….

  3. ManiacMikesMansion1:

    @MrHarvardGuy you can also do it by spending very short time on the lyrics and come up with a really bad song. It can be done in a day:-P

  4. MaDzLoVeSaLeKa:

    naaaawwwww, what a cutie<3

  5. punca:

    @bigjoe777 i don’t know if your replying to mee but i love my family and animals and i’m gonna be a teacher. I also love our plants. And my cat also messages me when i have menstrual cramps, she always stops when ny cramps stop. My other cats are goofbally there are my family members as well:)

  6. bigjoe777:

    @punca Funny how people tend to love animals more than their kids? Isn’t it sad to know how easy it is to adopt a pet rather than a child who yearns for a parent to love him? I wonder how you were loved?

  7. caramelslider298:

    @MoianatheYamiTenshi dogs are more loyal

  8. punca:

    @bigjoe777 haha if they leave you are not raising them right.I wonder how your kids will turn out sinfce i believe in karma

  9. sophie1065:

    What beautiful kitten and a beautiful cat he will be. I am an avaid cat lover home is were the cat is. As for anybody who kill,s cat,s like so of thhe comment,s I have seen here. meant some prehap,s you will get what you do to them. I have no use for anybody who is cruel to animal,s. A perrson like that is the scum of the earth

  10. vicky123456789100:


  11. MoianatheYamiTenshi:

    @bigjoe777 They dont claw at anything – they just claw at their scratching post when they wanna claw at something x3 See I taught my cats well XD They’re well behaved, and I love them to death.

  12. bigjoe777:

    @MoianatheYamiTenshi yeah, can’t wait to see them claw at everything. I play kitty soccer when they tear up a goal for me in the sofa. Ah…. good times…. good times…

  13. MoianatheYamiTenshi:

    @bigjoe777 Out of three FULL GROWN babies (cats) Not one has left me when I needed them most :3 When I was sick, injured and one got my mom for me, nothing. They’re the most loyal babies ever.

  14. bigjoe777:

    @TheRihannafunclub I love kittens too. why? because when they grow up, they leave you when you need them the most. that’s why I kill them when they grow big enough. I love kittens. not cats… just kittens.

  15. yqPenelope369:

    pretty good

  16. MEG1T:

    Press or hold 4 to hear and see him shoot it…

  17. thebestonestaysin:

    0:05 «So, you don’t do anything don’t you?»

  18. anyone2211:

    süüüüüß <3

  19. WelcomeTo66sick:

    Friend: Aww.. What a cute lil’ pussy! Can I play with it?

    Me: If you’re talking about the girl, then you’re creepy as hell..

  20. Hotbusterer:

    Which Ray William Johnson episode was that?

  21. TacticalPie:

    Just punched a wall to feel manly again…

  22. xPunkRockDude:

    way to cute *__*

  23. Tuelpchen1:

    Kitten are sweet! I LOVE CATS ! :)
    I have two rabbits & three budgies!

  24. agent333322:

    @TheRihannafunclub They also love you

  25. agent333322:

    @1Rabbid1 LOL