Перекупщики с птичьего рынка — мошенники.


Защита животных. Практически все котята на птичьем рынке погибают от инфекции и от стресса. Перекупщики, это те кто имитирует работу по пристройству животных в добрые руки. Не отдавайте им котят. Стерилизуйте кошек.
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PLEASE READ DESCRIPTION This is a short video I made after giving my kitten, Pokey, her pain managment medication. She was spayed the day before and will be on meds for a few more days and then will be back to her normal self. The video was recorded on my iPod Touch 4G. Pokey is grateful for all your support! ENJOY! Extra tags; 他說:「牠波基»、»小貓牠»、»貓被後牠」、「小貓被牠」、「小貓的藥物»、»小貓的藥物»、»石頭貓」、「石頭小貓」、「高小貓」、「睡小貓」、「睡貓」、「小貓痛藥»、»貓痛藥»、»小貓的痛苦主席»就是»小貓以往任何時候都»»波基的小貓」、「好玩小貓」、「好玩貓」、「好玩貓」、「最貓」 «のろい卵巣を除去する「「卵巣を除去された子ねこが「「卵巣を除去された後に「「卵巣を除去された後の子ねこ」」を連結します、薬の上の子ねこ「「薬の上の積み立て金」」が猫に石を投げました」」酔いしれている子ねこ」」高い子ねこ「「眠い子ねこ」」、眠い猫「「子ねこ痛み薬物療法」」が痛み薬物療法を連結する」」痛み薬物療法に関する積み立て金」」これまでの一番キュートな子ねこ」」のろい子ねこ「「「「面白い猫」」が奇妙に連結する面白い子ねこ」」一番面白い猫» «pokey ее» котенок ее «cat после ее» котенок после ее «котенок по наркотикам» Китти по наркотикам «камнями CAT» камнями котенка «» Верховного котенка» спать котенка «спать CAT» котенок боль терапии «cat боль терапии» Китти болью UK «cutest котенок постоянно» pokey в котенка «веселые котенка» веселые кошки «,» Веселый CAT «только смешные кошки» pokey spayed»»»»» kitten spayed spayed الفئة بعد «kitten بعدما spayed kitten»»»» عن الأدوية

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24 комментария на “Перекупщики с птичьего рынка — мошенники.”

  1. SpaceWars2025:

    Pokey rocks!

  2. n0thingzfr33:

    Love Pokey!

  3. HaligonianType1:


    She is healing nicely and back to her «normal» self. o.O

  4. beachbumsocal:

    How is Pokey doing today?

  5. AdamScandinavia:

    Bro, I might call You the Cat-man, next time on pt….(me smiling)

  6. DavidRandallCurtis:

    Hey! That’s the cat that stole my crack pipe! 😛

  7. RockyBDemilleFan:

    Pokey is pooped … poor dear. She’s a trooper though … lookin’ forward to seeing her back in action! =o)

  8. mojosideburns:

    Cats on drugs FTW! when I was younger my dog and one of my cats got into my shrooms, they only ate about a gram between the two of them but they were tripping their asses off, I felt so bad at first, but I calmed myself down and took care of them and I think they actually liked it, even if they did get spooked a few times. I miss them. Peace.

  9. SarahsAdventures:

    Awww! Well it’s great that she’s so calm and she can heal! My crazy cat wouldn’t slow down at all when she was spayed.

  10. HaligonianType1:


    Hah! She thinks so… She’ll be back to normal soon. Altho she is doing good now, the meds just slow her down some.

  11. hanssue:

    Thanks for letting her fans know she is ok. I love the way she sleeps at the end. Drugs are great!

  12. MuslimVlogGuy:



  13. EmmaFromUtopia:

    So Cute…..I LOVE cats and kittens and you got the cutest kitty i ever did see :))

  14. gigi101060:

    oh the poor cat, hope it’s better now !!

  15. DrNworb:

    Everykitty must get stoned! (Bob Dylan, alternate lyrics)
    Here’s to a quick recovery Pokey and thanks for the update.

  16. TheFriendlyGreek:

    Pokey is gorgeous. I hope she gets better soon, man. I know what it’s like to have a hurtin’ kitty, and it’s heartbreaking. Keep showing us videos of Pokey, I seriously can’t get enough of cats. LOL. And I don’t give a damn what anyone thinks about that…

  17. callas5:

    Pokey, poor little thing, but on monday the world looks better again, promised! Give her some extra TLC and keep us informed …

  18. jennifergwaine:

    Poor sweet little Pokey. I hope she feels well soon. xo

  19. celinne700:

    Get well soon pretty Pokey. You came through that ordeal with flying colours.

  20. beachbumsocal:

    Awww! I wish «our» Pokey s speedy recovery…

  21. FelidaTheG33k:

    Looks like it all went well. Glad to see Pokey back home. 🙂

  22. enjoythesilence29:

    Aww poor pokey, hope she gets well soon.

  23. DRN2013:

    Poor baby!

  24. DannyJProductions:

    (Two minutes later)
    *death glare Pokey*