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Simon’s Cat in ‘The Box’


www.simonscat.com – A curious cat investigates an empty cardboard box.
Video Rating: 4 / 5

If you like this video.. PLEASE SUBSCRIBE!! (THANKS! :) )Burnsy is my kitten that I adopted from the Calgary Humane society. He will plead his case when he wants to sleep in! And he absolutely LOVES watching this video and will rub up against the monitor and nudge it whenever I play it for him. He’ll be 3 years old in June 08
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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50 комм. на “Simon’s Cat in ‘The Box’”

  1. tuntarallCotA:

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  2. Marble144:

    «It’s My Cat in a Box!»
    Lonely Island reference XD

  3. tigerblaze26:

    0:20 that’s what my cat does if I hang a bag of catnip outside of the hole

  4. orangemusic123:

    I love all of your videos!!!!!!!!!! I laugh all the way through every single one of them!!!!!!!!!

  5. MegaAny07:

    Es un hermoso gatito ♥

  6. MrsSimonSays:

    @kh2752 That’s what I meant. Thanks! lol

  7. 193193hunter:

    Our cat did the exact thing with the box when i moved in my new house…

  8. lemonysnicket100:

    i love this cat.

  9. cakatkata:

    these vids combine all the things your cat would ever do into episodes

  10. alex99gardner:

    This is sooooo adorable

  11. darrencrissfan101:

    this cat amuses me.

  12. anto13gb:

    haha I love this video :D

  13. kh2752:

    @MrsSimonSays chest bursters not face huggers
    just saying not trying to be rude

  14. MrsSimonSays:


  15. MultiMoni98:

    die ist ja so süß <3

  16. emeralddragonex:

    @AlexMcLovins True!!!!! :D nice

  17. bronyfoundponyville:

    1:12 mustache

  18. kuraarachan:

    This is exactly why you never leave an empty box or bag you want to use on the floor.

  19. Debhead60:

    I’ve got 3 and 2 more rentin. This is a REAL cat house!

  20. mrhawkeye39:

    my cats do it all the time

  21. tbeak64:

    My cats do that, too! But mine pee in it before leaving.

  22. random3263827:

    Hey, the cat’s channeling Maru!

  23. smileysmiley1130:

    This is exactly what my cat does when we give her a box :)

  24. ShineSonic08:

    My cat does the same thing when we get a package, she just gets in and sleeps XD

  25. twilarila98:

    So why do I love cats so incredibly much??? :)

  26. MoonWinterWolf:

    Cutie cat!!!!

  27. lolcatforever:

    oooooh… cute!!!

  28. mikolover1000:

    Story of my life.. every morning.

  29. Leeanneblack1987:

    So cute xxxx

  30. georgebabyc:

    Very nice video……thumbs up…….

  31. systemmonster44:

    I gotna cat like that but this one balls a lot and really cute

  32. M4dDrumm3r:

    his is so cute

  33. MadeInChina81:

    Aw just saw in your page that she passed away. ): Such a cute kitty!

  34. ak4e:

    You put one of your tags as «sex». What’s wrong with you?

  35. taweeshu:


  36. julesrz4:


  37. muzahaka375:

    What Happened to burnsy?

  38. M4dDrumm3r:

    Exactley like my cat.,. xD

  39. gigi101060:

    hi, I subscribed, I have also «talking cats»……. I’ll send one to you!!

  40. SatanzB1arch:


  41. Akins560:

    does it cost any money 2 subscribe to someone on youtube!!!

  42. kira1734:

    i am holding my dog and its doing grrrr grrrrr grrrrr over and over again :p

    but cute kitty!

  43. TheEmgem:

    CUTE kitty! But my kitty is cuter!:-)

  44. gigi101060:

    such a nice cat !! I have a black cat too…..

  45. kittykathero:

    Like animals? Check out my channel.

  46. ShyaneNicolCp:

    Adorable. Just adorable.

  47. sarakling76:

    @TortureAXE hahahaha

  48. TortureAXE:

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    -Why does the predicted mass of the quantum vacuum have little effect on the expansion of the universe?
    -What mechanism causes sentience within arrangements of otherwise non-sentient particles (as with the human brain, for example)? Is this mechanism reproducible?
    -Where is memory/information stored in brain? How are other animals different than humans in regard to brain function?

    The kitty might be correct…

  49. gabi7147:

    i have the same cat but that cat is so cute

  50. Bubbleheart3:

    Oh my gosh, he looks and sounds just like my cat Comet!