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Декабрь 2011
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3.0.9 Feral cat 6300 DPS on Sarth 10 +3 zerg BEFORE ULDUAR, HELLO?


THAT DRUID RAN AWAY AT 30% BECAUSE THE TACTICS. JUST SHOWING MY DRUID DPS. ok, now fuckers that want to post «l2taunt add». i ansewer you instantly – we had other tactics. first, see video at www.youtube.com armory eu.wowarmory.com blizz buffing cats at 3.1 for 25-35% rofl
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25 комм. на “3.0.9 Feral cat 6300 DPS on Sarth 10 +3 zerg BEFORE ULDUAR, HELLO?”

  1. Ecompass4:

    Um i liked the song :)

  2. Voul28:

    thats not even that high dps, even if it was pre ulduar. feral druids have very high damage in the beginning after popping berserk —> their damage is high in the first like 1 minute, and you only showed that part of the fight ( though it was not your mistake that it only took that short) so not bad damage, but nothing to be amazed of.

  3. Londron:

    «tank ruined our kill»

    No, you guys should realise that that add drake enrages when Sarth hits 25% and instead of DPSwhoring you or the other feral could have taunted=>dashed out and let the others finish the kill.

  4. tank2g2:

    @KillswitchTz you dont need full 264s to pull 11k dps

  5. KillswitchTz:

    if you have full 26 4you can pull 11k feral

  6. janjan55555:


  7. janjan55555:

    whats the anme of that song mate?

    btw nice dps

  8. Sevilou:

    nuh uh XD ^^

  9. maksymalol:

    thing is u are

  10. Sevilou:

    the thing is im not from america you retard xD

  11. maksymalol:

    fo fucking eat my cock u american whore

  12. seshatfunches:

    well the song is groovy lol

  13. damonH24:


  14. Sevilou:

    go fuckin die russian cunt

  15. XxTheLastAirBenderxX:

    what language is that?

  16. WinnuhPS3:


  17. lleksikon:

    Berserk can do that :P Probably most insane CD in the game^^

  18. aceryall:

    just did this i came top with 7.4k dps ima rogue
    was soo quick

  19. Diddioable:

    wow i did 4.5k dps in sarth 10man the other day and was the 1 dps and i thougthd i was doing good

  20. lolol12334:

    if you do OS 10 3d without taunting 1 of the drakes, you do Nuke mode… thats alot easier than normal rly

  21. TheMuschka94:

    Russia ftw!

  22. maksymalol:

    парнишка посмотри оззи гайд

  23. benxr2006:

    4 sovit russia

  24. Alek616:

    Slish Dryg pomogi a? Ia toze Druid cat dps, neznaiy no moi dps vishe 3.5 ne podnimaetsa. Kakie Ti Gemi ispolzyesh, enchants, talents? Kakie attack nado ispolzivat dlia tokogo oxyitelnogo dpsa kak y tebia?
    Sposibo )))

  25. Olenevoddd:

    this one was on russian Elwyn(spelling?) Forest server before ulduar and epic druid buff, so now its easy to do like 10k