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25 комментариев на “KITTY VS. ALLIGATOR”

  1. simonsevillelover211:

    jesus scared the shit out me .damn alligator

  2. basti20432:

    Cat: hey! Get outta here, this is my house!!!
    Alligator: well, can’t argue with logic like that
    Walks away

  3. MrArmadillo85:


  4. oreosoldier1:


  5. anotherquiter:

    oh wow i watched with sound up i meant to say DUUUUH!!!

  6. anotherquiter:


  7. Brandisofthesand:

    At 1:49 I couldn’t help but think of FUS RO DAH!!!

  8. SisterMaryVenard:

    This is one of the most annoying people I have ever, ever witnessed. May God have mercy on your soul.

  9. TulsaJake:

    The cats like, Whatcu got! That’s right! This is my house! 1:50

  10. furyan1:

    haha he said my name, mike lol thats a win thats a toby saying my name win ROLL THE NEXT COMMENT STEVEN!!!!!

  11. natalyaisal00ser:

    thats a fail of naming

  12. otep67:

    Holly hell i thought them 3 kids were my nephews and niece but the girl didn’t look like my niece the 2 boys did exactly though O.O

  13. coldwarmth500:

    hold 7

  14. caloricfoil98:

    wait a minute,what good would have come out of the chimney fail

  15. sinekonata:

    I love your morbid cutes…

  16. chickels2000:

    «WE’RE TORCHERING HER!» lmfao!! XD

  17. BTRlover213:


  18. 401fallenangel:

    WIN for the win

  19. SuperCr74life:


  20. SuperCr74life:


  21. TheAngelofDeath1331:

    Oh wow lol that last clip is actually one I sent to afv xD

  22. ThePokemoncollector:


  23. fluttershy100:

    we torturwing her ahehe

  24. daltonheathvaughn:

    Keep pressing 3 for poo poo.

  25. thebroadcasterkayla: