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Bajheera – 3v3 Tips: Kitty Cleave vs TSG – w/ Sacredheals & Arthero


We all managed to get a chance to do a quick game of 3′s and here it is!:D Music by Farewell Fighter: www.youtube.com www.facebook.com

More 3v3 Arena matches as Kitty Cleave with Sacredheals and Arthero!:D Sacredheals’ channel: www.youtube.com Intro Music by Wretched: www.facebook.com Video music by Klaypex!:D – www.youtube.com
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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50 комм. на “Bajheera – 3v3 Tips: Kitty Cleave vs TSG – w/ Sacredheals & Arthero”

  1. jadenj51:

    And his name plates are called tidyplates. It shoes the debuffs on the target

  2. jadenj51:

    Tsg means the super group. A 3s team with that name was the first to run that comp

  3. bakerskate10:

    lololol 2300 mmr

  4. DruidBoyTc0ok:

    why is it called tsg i really wanna know

  5. Tripleturbo93:

    I request you do a tutorial on how to do kitty cleave i think it would help people get a better understanding of what to do because you and sacred make it look so easy . so i suggest you show how to do it so people dont think OMG KITTY CLEAVE EASY 2.2k Then they cant win a match.

  6. ameenowns:

    whats the addon for those thick nameplates?

  7. Shruikannable:

    I’m a 2300 rated DK and I have to say Fuck you for popularizing «KILL THE DK» strats even though I too use them. I cannot wait for Death Strike to be OP again :D

  8. ltsntbs:

    hey stud what’s the song in the background? :D hope the smiley face makes you answer lol

  9. TheWoWJoo:

    Right when your video starts playing im like

    ◕ ‿ ◕

    You started talking i was like…

    ◕ ‿ ◕

    Then the video was over and i was like


  10. IgoraneRS:

    @OneBuletHeadshot So, I’m a noob, who cares thats why I asked. That doesn’t mean you have to be a dick about it.

  11. carnagedaniel:

    Playing Fury in pvp atm.. having lots of fun with all the damage ^_^ they still need fixing though :S

  12. OneBuletHeadshot:

    @IgoraneRS are you joking? you can see the debuff of arms and you can see Trauma and Rend on him? dude youre noob

  13. Zonwe87:

    Where is BLEEEEEIIIIDESTOOOORRRRRRRMMMMMMMM???? :D Anyways very nice and fast 3v3 :) awesome vid :)  but pls try make longer pvp videos ;D

  14. IgoraneRS:

    Are you playing arms or fury in this arena?

  15. GFo12ce:

    I’d like to use intervene more but I can’t seem to get a macro to work. I don’t know if an add on bug is making the game tell me I need a shield or something else is wrong.

    What do you use?

  16. Azamatgagkaev1990:

    athene style around de corner i read u :P

  17. iiSquishmitten:

    @jippieGeo Forcing the Dk to use there runes more defensive gets rid of a tonne of damge, and Dk’s are still pretty squishy for plateys 

  18. jippieGeo:

    Sorry guys, maybe I’m newbie but why don’t go after Warrior but train DK 1st?

    My team is HPally, Warrior n EleShammy

    At last, thank you for the upload and where is your dirty voice in this video «get SHIT on!»

  19. daiisylol:

    What do you do against lock mage healer for some reason that comp is always trouble

  20. Georgizr:

    bad skype time too many sounds !

  21. Tiggerlen:

    Any reason you feared the pally rather than using throwdown?

  22. Nawkinke:

    awesome. more of this kitty cleave tips /guides!! <3

  23. Dezy623:

    @BajheeraWoW exacly, mages are rly hard to beat with kitty cleave if they got brain

  24. Dekamerx:

    Bit too many noises on skype version ( skype / ingame sounds + music / music) Just so you know

  25. RubenJesus20:

    That was nice dude cont the good jod :)

  26. jamison466:

    If you don’t mind, could you tell me the addon you have that shows the warrior debuffs above the target with the redsigned health bar for your target?

  27. Dmocification:

    @BajheeraWoW Im not sure if i should be proud of this 0.o

  28. spendizzzle:

    5:35 actually baj, your the only 1 recking that team……. get it?

  29. Seathzi:


  30. MoondusttPvP:


  31. BajheeraWoW:

    @Dmocification This comment has owned my video so hard in terms of thumbsXD

  32. bsmithbum:

    @Dmocification Uh huh so you we’re saying? lol

  33. TheSpigge:

    awesome bajh

  34. carnagedaniel:

    Retal his retal.. does that really work o0 bouncing dmg between you two ?

  35. WowGuldGuider:

    what editing program do you use?

  36. Mushufasa1:

    Love your videos, Bajheera
    But man I miss the Fury vids
    I find myself skipping a lot of these new ones
    Sorry to say

  37. Aces2High3:

    @VelaTigger thanks man, that helped out alot, haha

  38. Maphack1337:

    I am a 2500 player makin videos for quite some time now and id like o be recognised. If everyone could take those few seconds to check out the other’s channel and maybe sub/fav/like then we would all grow stronger and stronger as days go by. You can BE the change, help me flourish and ill help you back. That is the way it goes, together to the top!

  39. evarfrost:

    @BankruptIrish check out zybaktv

  40. Stefanbadb0y:

    @Dmocification ur gay :) ):)):))

  41. AltyairPvP:

    Haha i always find myself liking the video before it starts :)

  42. Droppiin:

    @darmstrong444 I play on what? I’m from Darkspear, lol.

  43. sNitzin:

    @omgwtfDancer damn you owned me!

  44. vullrath:

    What combat text is that?

  45. kodex51:

    what addons are you using ? pliz

  46. perhilion100:

    Nice Video here! keep it up. Together to the Top! check out my channel if you have time :P

  47. perhilion100:

    Nice channel here! keep it up. Together to the Top! check out my channel if you have time :P

  48. SandCSS:

    104 likes 157 thumbs up …. come on guys!

  49. omgwtfDancer:

    @sNitzin like your haircut

  50. TF100C:

    someone else noticed a croc at 1:15?