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Декабрь 2011
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Ragdoll kitten give big hugs to my boyfriend (8 weeks old)…


Dollizzyous Toetje en Dollizzyous Minoes giving hugs to my boyfriend… NO CATNIP! This kitten now 2 years old is still hugging and not only my boyfriend! Me too!
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25 комм. на “Ragdoll kitten give big hugs to my boyfriend (8 weeks old)…”

  1. SmurfYeahBizNitches:

    teh kitteh is all «i luvv you!!! i love u soo much!! prr prr»

  2. 10jobu1:

    ja heel grapig? hey nog een hollander

  3. acau77:

    You have the same cat-house we have.

  4. chevy66driver:

    you might have to put that thing down

  5. devilseyecry:

    God my really love this guy >.<

  6. ajitto87:

    Kitten bites are ticklish..

  7. susromf5:

    Isn’t it hurt when he bite you in the ear ?

  8. BluWolf2012:

    Cat, yo cat.. Rip his ear of.

  9. theorangekid97:

    if you look like the dislike bar its like a ninja you can not see it but its definitely there

  10. Michelle1234581:


  11. WhiskersMyHamster:

    What are they called?
    Mine are called ‘Hannah’ & ‘Jack’
    Their nicknames are: (hannah) Grumpy (as she’s always too ‘grumpy’ to play), and (jack) Bunny (as he’s always jumping about all over the place)
    Also: @TheBodan44:
    Poor you. :( I bet you that Sparky still thinks about you. Let its soul R.I.P. (rest in peace)

  12. hebaandsis:

    their mom is like…»play my children..play»

  13. 52483741:


  14. TheBogdan44:

    thumbs up if you saw kittens’s mom from the first second of the vdeo
    btw my cat used to do the same and he was so cute….but he jumped 3 times on the window (from 18 meters,i think).Unfortunately,the third time,Sparky didn’t came back :( ( rip
    p.s. thx for the upload

  15. C00kii0:

    ROFL the mom cats just like eh not my problem

  16. TheMotogirl1993:

    @MyJesusRox19 good for you…if i been alergic to kittens i would killed myself…i cant live without em!!

  17. Esbreonforever:

    daww they look like my cat Angel when she was that age xD

  18. pineapplepenumbra:

    Your boyfriend is in serious danger of getting a kitten earring! :-D

  19. Zephyrus764:


  20. napalmnacey:

    D’aww! I want a kitty like that!

  21. miamay1231:

    Moms in the back is just watching :)

  22. kait391:

    Mom cat is in the back at 0:47 thinking WTF!! XD

  23. Aofex:

    The things men have to do for pussy… oh wait…

  24. SibeirianWolf32:

    He looked pained

  25. felphero:

    It’s actually a zombie cat, it’s trying to get to it’s brains!