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Декабрь 2011
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An Engineer’s Guide to Cats


Two professional engineers illustrate the proper care and practical benefits of cats. None of the cats, humans, or engineers were mistreated in the making of this film. They were however, slightly annoyed. T-shirts and other goodies available at: www.cafepress.com «Art Critic» music is Mozart «Requiem, Rex Tremendae» and song on ending credits is called «Sparky’s New Bike» both from Shockwave-sound.com royalty free music website.

With cats, it’s not always about how you play the game. Find me on facebook: www.facebook.com twitter: twitter.com Thanks to ChannelCandC for supplying the video of their awesome kitty, Columbus: www.youtube.com Original video: www.youtube.com

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50 комм. на “An Engineer’s Guide to Cats”

  1. DaNiAcHaN:

    Greetings from Costa Rica! Thanks! :D

  2. 1Cat1Lover1:


  3. Grillspett45:

    I can die of cats. Id rather not get one. But, IF I would’ve, I would follow this guide. Totally

  4. MissMeowsic:

    961 people were rodents in a former life.

  5. MrsMeowMix:

    @klusmanp : Animal Planet’s “Must Love Cats” brought me here. Congratulations on being featured on that show. God bless our nation who all love cats.

  6. TheSuzanne003:

    The cat yodeling was the cutest and funniest thing ever! Loved your video.

  7. topofsm:

    @Nizkymusic As an engineer, I don’t think their advice would help much

  8. MrsMeowMix:

    @IttyBittyPixel : You have 9 cats??! Omigosh! How did you do that? You have cuteness mega-overload in your house! Hahaha!

  9. mooshiemush789:

    @GirlyRockShow yea!!!!!

  10. Nizkymusic:

    can you make one about womens..?

  11. borchie1986:

    So funny!!!

  12. GirlyRockShow:

    @mooshiemush789 YESS I DID!!! Lol I thought i was the only one. Video ROX its So Funny. Yay. Cats RULE!

  13. mooshiemush789:

    Thumbs up if you found out about this on «Must Love Cats»

  14. Jchocobo:


  15. cantaccessmyaccount:

    Best. Video. EVER!

  16. IttyBittyPixel:

    I have 9 cats!

  17. PecanSandees23:

    Okay, that was strangely serious, but very fun. Thanks guys!!

  18. fuzzy8balls:

    lol CAT YOODELING!!!!!!!

  19. NINgatita:

    @chezpufz from seeing the Must Love Cats special on Animal Planet, I guess they wear those same clothes for all of the videos for efficiency? o_0

  20. emanzeme:

    Enginerds with self-awareness, a rare and wonderous thing. Great video, great fun, loved it.

  21. BlazeTheDoja:

    @MrsMeowMix what are your parameters?

  22. MrsMeowMix:

    @BlazeTheDoja : They are not gay! Real men love cats, period!

  23. chezpufz:

    has anyone thought: do they change clothes?

  24. ehrenyu:

    Cats are also crazy for the ‘water’ part of a can of sardines in water, but you should never let them drink it straight. Treat it more like a delicious added-flavor to dry cat food.

  25. milomilo55:

    You guys are wonderful!! My cheeks hurt from grinning :P

  26. cha0tic:

    What happened to the mystic cat video?

  27. BuTtErr0714:

    HAHAHAHA I love this.

  28. SuperQwert11:

    @Chaziltasm no…

  29. Chaziltasm:

    aren’t cats colour blind…

  30. cheyanne9000:

    my sister keeps going on my account, what do i do, i hate her for this

  31. Dilsoc:

    342 people didnt know what he was «spying»

  32. PrincessLeinon:

    The chair?
    The wabahkjfdasbhjsd.
    The what!?
    the caaarrr?

  33. T3Kmexii:

    toaster…no…i know, you wanna know why i know.. because its this rug

  34. TheDobermanLife11:

    Cats can see;
    blues, grays, whites, browns, blacks, slivers, green, and yellows

  35. TheDobermanLife11:

    Thumbs up if you think it is his eyes

  36. Karmacutie123:

    Press 1.. «The (incomprehensible noise)?»
    «The what?»
    Press 1… «The (incomprehnsible noice)?»
    «The what?»
    Press 1………

  37. OrangeIris1:

    @ThemPianoRhythms Some are some aren’t. Some can only see a limited range. Dogs can’t see reds or yellows. Apes and monkeys have the some eyesight as humans. Sharks can also see in color. Cats, I’m not sure about. I think they can see some colors. Cows can’t see reds and yellows either.

  38. ThemPianoRhythms:

    Wait, aren’t animals color blind?

  39. MrDogbiter:


  40. MrDogbiter:

    its his eyes

  41. jlrmagnani:

    i hope santa brings u new shoes dude.. 0:58

  42. MrDogbiter:

    maybe its the wehhehehehljkth

  43. SchleichWhisper:

    i think its his fur xD

  44. darkangelalltheway:

    i love this vid i love the part where he goes RUG lol

  45. superbrianna100:

    was it his fur?

  46. Lilboythatazn:

    @suzieque469 ohhh, awesome! didnt know that HA

  47. nskpsycho:

    @Lilboythatazn you mean dog

  48. suzieque469:

    @Lilboythatazn actually cats can see in green blue and yellow. Ha

  49. ComputerNerdLover57:

    Something blu- the rug.

  50. Lilboythatazn:

    wait… arent cats color blind xD