Bert the Cat vs Cat Balloon


The orange, 21 pound reason that CarlyandRobert can’t get a second cat . . . Just recently featured on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno on an episode of «How Long Will It Take?» ! For MORE BERT check out:
Video Rating: 4 / 5

Video Rating: 4 / 5

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50 комментариев на “Bert the Cat vs Cat Balloon”

  1. zagabuga1:

    Он убил его! уууббббиииллл нннееееееет…. xD

  2. lilswimgurl1:


  3. SuperFunnyFatFilms:

    I am sorry the cat broke your Birthday Balloon. ) :

  4. Pityu96:

    fast as shit :DDD

  5. Zatteberry:

    First of all, that is not how you introduce two cats, so trying something like that to determine an assumption that two cats would or would not get along is ignorant.

  6. ninjakitteh2000:


  7. Prs4ever111:

    Thumbs up if RAY J brought you here (Y)

  8. monkehbitch:


  9. ficklestyx:

    Actually it’s perfectly possible he thought it was another cat. Sometimes people will use a cat shaped object to see if the cat they already have will tolerate a new kitty in the house. Often, cats do mistake them for new kitties, and are NOT happy about it.

  10. reyfrance1:

    what you laughing for?

  11. bintbaladi13:

    That cat NEVER thought that was another cat! It was just suspicious of balloons! My cats reacted the same way to round green balloons! But the balloon’s looking like a cat DOES make the video! lol

  12. lydmik:

    this is just hilarious

  13. Rosiercentral:

    I want that ballon, especially since I’m not allowed an actual cat. 🙂

  14. sweenykim:

    Waste of a Good balloon…

  15. thabg007:

    wat the hell is that sound in the back ground, sounds like a pump

  16. HanoverianLove1:

    Like if you feel bad for the balloon

  17. MissQueQue1:

    Bert destroyed that cat Lmao!!!

  18. TheAirsoftking31:

    Jay leno

  19. NW1977:

    Thumbs up if Jay Leno show brought you here. 🙂

  20. 23DSax:

    Jus say this on Jay Leno! Lol

  21. rawl1nk:

    just saw this on jay Leno!!! so f- funny!!!



  23. ilikeover9000pies:

    garfield got skittles

  24. famvid0:

    OH MY GOD!!
    This is SO funny!

  25. DarkGlobus1OO:

    Chuck Norris is a Pussy 😛

  26. realdwarsie:

    the sound of is better

  27. moosartti:

    that cat is mike tyson

  28. L3GLUKE:

    Well the title was misleading…

  29. totopoo123:

    ITS OVER 9000!!!!!

  30. guess6more:

    Press 9 for the best part!

  31. Averagejoe644:

    These are the types of videos i like…actually entertaining and not some dumbass, just waffling on. Well done

  32. pikaNick4488:

    «I sense danger»

  33. dimsas:

    hahaha very funny

  34. HRWINE:

    OMG what the hell are you doing. The cat could be hurt! please bring this pet to a normal owner. What if it gets his paw stuck in the machine. You’d be a murderer!

  35. prittydeb:

    cute and funny

  36. Schattenadler:

    Printer 1 : 23 Cat
    The Printer won 0o

  37. JulyRuby13:

    I have laughed myself until I can’t stand it anymore!! Thank you so much for posting your baby so thay we can feel better any day that we look at them. I do thank you. ; D

  38. Gubler518:

    i wish this was my cat

  39. HappyGuineapigs:

    Boxer Much?

  40. printermaniac:

    FREE printer service manuals: refillbros com manuals

  41. thehamstertje:

    lol, my cat did the same, but demolished my schoolpapers while i was printing… about 20 times, darng it

  42. woodenNL:

    Plugg out, plugg in, plugg out, plugg in!!!!!

  43. JensenDub:

    pussy wins yet again

  44. scubabe1:

    Cats are the cutest creatures ever!!!!
    They kinda have their OWN WORLD!!!!
    Love them!

  45. Clobberbob55:

    Excellent right-jab.

  46. esepologaga:

    es buenisimo ajjajaja

  47. stovex0r:

    haha my cat does the same thing.

  48. youmils03:

    what was that cat smoking??????

  49. printermaniac:

    Don’t just destroy it, see the manual for god sake ! refillbros(dot)com/manuals

  50. tehnoobshowloverlol: