Клуб Пингвин — прочая инфа, кошак


Инфо, КП
Video Rating: 5 / 5

nala entertains us with her typical friday night rave

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29 комментариев на “Клуб Пингвин — прочая инфа, кошак”

  1. 55Disa:

    как играть в клуб пингвинов если я незнаю англиксий а так хочется

  2. Hamid9065:

    Шарарам лучше

  3. dashulja999:

    Т_ Т я не когда не буду мембер

  4. Questomanka:

    Прикольно 😉

  5. Fadida123:

    Ending is the best when she taps her feat. GO NALA!!

  6. IYFGames712:

    I found the flash version of this on silentwulf’s website. It’s better synched than this video and in better quality. Good that it’s on youtube, as well, since I wanted to favorite it.

  7. Luigirocks84:

    This is awesome

  8. DarkKokiri:

    o.O I wanna animate this

  9. nssd70m2:


  10. DarkKokiri:

    Pure Pwn :3

  11. GabitiniProductions:

    it would be awesome l33t style if like she could glow string

  12. erin321321:

    love it. the bit at the end when she got down on all 4’s and did the step with the back leg just tickled me. awesome.

  13. dsle0:

    Wtf…Thats some crazy cool cat.

  14. Slio9:

    Still one of my favorite videos

  15. VJGija:

    made my day 🙂

  16. okodorifuto:

    Your cat is just as amazing as ATB is.

    5/5 and directly to my fav’s

  17. aesunfire:

    hillarious omg a raver kitty

  18. ravercat:

    YAY!!!! RAVERKITTY!!!!!

  19. benf1:

    very good! great track choice as well!

  20. SRZsmack:

    my favorite youtube clip of all time!!!!!

  21. DJSiamey:

    lol awesome, atb rocks, and so does your cat/video editing skills.

  22. Jonezine:

    Its just awsome

  23. SpaceShuttleLuna:

    so awesome!!

  24. Montecore827:

    She’s got rhythm

  25. L4p4nd3r:

    hahahaa, nice raving 5/5

  26. Ichima51:

    What the hell is this, this is pure stupid i like it! ^_^

  27. ritumichan:

    LMAO!I love it!

  28. BHLMR0:

    Did you actually think this was real? Its supposed to be a joke T_T

  29. Pr3ttyP1nkP0ny:

    cat. i’m a kitty cat. and i dance dance dance. and i dance dance dance.