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Riley Cote vs Eric Boulton Nov 28, 2009


Riley Cote vs Eric Boulton from the Philadelphia Flyers at Atlanta Thrashers game on Nov 28, 2009. via www.hockeyfights.com
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38 комм. на “Riley Cote vs Eric Boulton Nov 28, 2009”

  1. girltant:

    gay hold on much boulton

  2. MrBarelylethal:

    @Dallasblows20 SPAM!!!

  3. Dallasblows20:

    o my god what is with the spam!!

  4. DomWorkman:

    i was at the game boulton came back and started beating the shit out of cote

  5. Capitals100:

    Boulton win

  6. YourGutsIHate:

    shut the fuck up faggot

  7. crackpipe76:

    shitty fight. shitty teams.

  8. buttkick22:


  9. mezimeen:

    cote needs a hair cut.

  10. gtiturbo27:

    whos that?

  11. a7x1234568:

    boulton is a great fighter

  12. Fraevo10:

    These guys watch their own fights on YouTube after the game right? ;-)

  13. xXxtimmytoughguyxXx:

    go be a machine gun fighter and see how long you last in the league. these guys fight because its their job, its puts food on the table and theyve worked their asses off to get to where they are. they arent going to take the opinion of a nobody keyboard critic for how they should fight. they fight because they have to and because its their job. i dont sit around and criticize, but boultons been in the league a long time. you shouldnt criticize a guy as successful as him. now dont cry. just sayin

  14. csouto67:

    ur retarded if he was ever1 would no who he is

  15. buttkick22:

    i think the pound for pound toughest guy in the NHL is rick rypien…easily

  16. Boog609:

    Right, apparently you equate throwing punches with just wildly throwing shit around. Yeah, you have to be smart, and being smart means being able to throw effective punches and know when to clinch and grab and shit. Cote hasn’t had a good handle on effective in-fighting and this is yet another example. I like Cote, really I do, but I certainly miss seeing him, you know, actually win fights here and there.

    And it’s «you’re», you fucking idiot.

  17. gtiturbo27:

    u got to meet him? dude your lucky. i got to meet donald brashear but yeah id rather meet cote lol. i heard hes a good guy too. but yeah his first seaon was good. when he knocked out roy and stuff. but im sure he will be good again

  18. bigsmoke777:

    What was cote doing at the beginning, was he in a boxing ring or something. lol

  19. Slappy2112:

    LOL someone failed reading comprehension. No shit Boulton won the fight. That’s not hard to do, given who he was fighting. I simply dislike Boulton’s fighting style, and see him as an embarrassment to real NHL heavy’s and middle weights.

  20. Slappy2112:

    taking off your elbow pad isn’t cheap? I bet you were against the Rob Ray rule. LOL UNREAL. A real hockey fight involves two guys opening up and throwing. That’s how it was in the 70s-90s. This huggy punch bullshit is for pussies like Boulton who’s fight card is more important to the momentum they give to their team. I’m sure all you fight nerds value a fight card more than the actual hockey game, so i’ll just stop talking.

  21. Dallasblows20:

    @gtiturbo27 yea haha. i think hes lost a bit of the edge he had 2 years ago. That was prime cote. But ive met hi before, hes a good guy and i just hope everything works out for him and he starts winning more fights

  22. gtiturbo27:

    yeah your right but its funny how when cote wins everyones like cotes the best and stuff

  23. phatpat44:

    cote can’t fight that well, but he sure can take a beating like no one else. He’s a beuty

  24. xXxtimmytoughguyxXx:

    theyre called superfans. hockeyfighters are like WWE wrestlers to them. they pick and choose their favorites

  25. todd279910:

    I’m a Flyersfan, but in my opinion the Flyers need to trade Cote for somebody else, he also got owned by Boulton

  26. Bastionhawk:

    «Do the creep! Ahhhh»

  27. MsJK21:

    Poor little scaredy cat!

  28. MsJK21:

    @ragefault A cat became so scared, it puffed itself up and reared up to make itself look bigger. It reared up so much, it walked off screen on two legs. Then, it came back towardwhatever it was which had scared it and then ran away.

  29. OriginalNoseBleed:

    Explanation is needed i think

  30. jerrymaker:

    hahahahahahaha why does it walk

  31. ragefault:

    wtf did just happen?

  32. dibblda:

    creepy kitty

  33. dibblda:

    creepy kitty

  34. imperialphoenix:


  35. ilivenevershoutnever:

    I am Proud to say I have watched this before it went viral HA!

  36. Dreamscape195:

    How has this not gone viral yet?!?!? this is absolutely hilarious!!!! Did you see it’s face?!?!?

  37. sklikizos:

    …it…just…walked on two legs…?!

  38. thegunslinger30:

    i wasn’t sure whether to laugh or scream at this…..so i did both