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Декабрь 2011
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sleepiest cat ever


Cat is ok. Not drugged. Sleepy. bit.ly
Video Rating: 4 / 5

No cats were harmed in the making of this video. Tweet it – bit.ly Facebook it – on.fb.me minutephysics is now on Google+ – bit.ly And facebook – facebook.com Minute Physics provides an energetic and entertaining view of old and new problems in physics — all in a minute! In this episode we discuss Schrödinger’s cat, quantum entanglement, and our perception of reality. Music by Nathaniel Schroeder youtube: bit.ly myspace: mysp.ac

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50 комм. на “sleepiest cat ever”

  1. bbenjoe:

    He watched The Ring!

  2. Matteblackful:


  3. Hrv4ch:

    did he die?

  4. obsessivefreak2:

    omg! this is so weird!! LOL so scary

  5. ymzp:

    @Hunkyfish20 hhahahaahah seww funny

  6. kanatapaw:

    i never watched it so im safe lmao

  7. Kdawg840:

    The cat is Obviously having a stroke.

  8. Agust1337:

    It look like a dead cartoon lol you know.. they … eherm… always stick their tongue out?

  9. Moye89:

    its alive! 1:09 then he went back to sleep lol

  10. sylnanu:

    Zombie Cat, lol!

  11. xXSavsXx:

    if my cat was sleeping like that i would be worried

  12. RSboy432:

    @Sweden8990 you get high first…..then you eat……then you fall asleep with your eyes open while watching ;)

  13. Evitele:

    They gived cat valerian :D Valerian is cat drug, so cats just love it :D D

  14. CrAzYkItTen4life:

    That kitten must have died looking for their mittens! D:

  15. zach3893:

    The deadest cat ever

  16. mardog2020:

    Sweden8990 me two except it was my mom

  17. Raevynschylde:

    @Sweden8990 –me too. Except I kept giving it the Mystery Science Theater 3000 routine. Works pretty well, I have to say.

  18. XXAnimebabyXX:

    Ummm I think its dead or going to die….

  19. RawryMcRawr:

    Looks more like it had a seizure…

  20. smoothMousePad:

    what’s up with the tongue???

  21. eckbw:

    And not a single fuck was given that day

  22. chemtrooper:

    The Russian life is hard. . . even for the cats.

  23. raviebabi6:

    wow, my abs hurt from laughing so hard.

  24. raviebabi6:

    @Hunkyfish20 that’s what i was thinking before i saw it blink.

  25. muchmaplevideoz:

    Not even 2 seconds into the video… and I cracked up laughing.

  26. Xancevoyz:

    big bang brought me here…

  27. epicrawr123:


  28. BigLeprichaun:

    God is watching us, there’s your answer.

  29. eddsanime:

    It’s simple, everything in the world can really only be semi-random, so it is impossible for there to be anything that is truly 50/50, and if you repeated the experiment infinitely( assuming that all conditions are 100% identical), then all experiments would lead to the same outcome…

  30. Darkarix:

    the observer disturbes the system because the act of observation is carried on by photons which have a non-zero impulse

  31. somerc897:


  32. JackDander:

    The probability is completely and solely dependent on the dynamite blowing up or not.

  33. rocketpunchgo1:

    So the cat is … a zombie? lol
    Honestly though, I think Schrodinger was tripping balls when he thought of this. Just because we don’t see something happening DOESN’T mean something’s not happening. If that were the case, then all of you (who I can’t see) must be dead, right?

  34. latinsensation26:

    sooo i’m guessing if it blew up and the cat was still alive somehow all physics would go into question? :D

  35. Lem0nheadG:

    yo somtimes i poop and it smells funny. Science?

  36. imDan11l:

    Imagine your life as a series of T outcomes in particular instances of your life, the results of which you will either die or continue to live. What if the simple fact that you are reading this, and that I exist (in our shared perception), is due to our mutual existence being in the one dimension that accounts for my outcomes to have always been in my favor (simultaneously as your outcomes have been to you). shit. i’m high

  37. Sento35:

    I came here cuz i saw it on the big bang theory. now im interested LOL

  38. Nujjitoza:

    @fosheimdet in classical physics, of course its simply: time passed, the cat either died or didn’t, then we checked. but our world is a quantum world. nothing is certain until it is measured. take a probability wave in quantum mechanics. probability waves indicate where a particle is likely to be located. until we know where it is, the particle is in all senses, in multiple places at once. but once we measure it, either send photons at it or something, the wave collapses to one point.

  39. SkeptikProductioN:

    0_o you says what??

  40. Moshikashitenai:

    You’re pronouncing it wrong. It’s *shr-RR-ding-uhs* cat

  41. TonyMcFuzz:

    very confuzzling

  42. TheEpicRandomGuy:

    Its simple… The answer is nothing… Absolutely nothing… Has a 50/50 percent chance theres always a little more percent in one favor. No matter what.

  43. LoVeInADiUniVerSe:

    @gregster111607 then he will interpret the situation differently then if he saw it.. because say he didnt see it then he could never be certain what happened in his reality.. i suppose this is the point he is making

  44. heroepato:

    Maybe God watches everything.
    But who watches God!

  45. Mitarohmar:

    @masterguitardude Both.

  46. visitor44534:

    just like if there’s a tree in the woods, and nobody is there to hear it, does it make a noise? i mean yes, of cource it does unless the tree is made out of a micro lattice material. but still, almost the same concept. it’s our perception that makes reality.

  47. eran5005:

    Wow, that’s the first time an explanation actually made me understand the implications of this thought experiment! Sometimes i’m just grateful i’m not as smart as Einstein or Schrodinger, thinking about stuff like this as routine can really give you a headache, and i would rather have my headaches attributed to booze XD

  48. bendervav:

    My brain hurts

  49. FormalStep:

    @bozhil4o If no one is around to witness the forest itself, perhaps that’s not there either at that point in time.

  50. fosheimdet:

    @Nujjitoza ok, lets say you dont measure weather the cat has died or not in any way. And week after the gunpoweder has/hasn’t exploded, you check weather the cat died or didn’t die. If you find a very rotten corpse, it means the cat died in the explosion. So that means that the cats death was not dependant on your observation at all.


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