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Декабрь 2011
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Funny cats


I would like to share this funny video, because they are so sweet and also fool :)

www.youtube.com A lot of other Woody`s video, please visit! 他のも、たくさんの修行猫ビデオありますよ~!
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50 комм. на “Funny cats”

  1. thesharkboy1001:


  2. WhiteTiger550:

    my moms cat loves chasing his tail and flipping all the time

  3. DennKhon:

    i like 0 : 52 :D

  4. gigttygigtty:

    i like to shit on my self i laugh so harded

  5. Sonicthehedgewaffles:

    Don’t laugh

  6. loservilleful:

    OMG!!! I was Cracking up the whole time!! love it!

  7. meoconcodon10:

    love it, they play hi5! :)

  8. SquirtleTurtle100:

    Evertime I laphed at one part, I laphed harder when the next picture came! It took me FOREVER to calm down! LOL!!! My favorate was the Kitty who chased her tail!!! I was like- O.O!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I do like the waterbed one, though! Hehehahaheheha!

  9. Kittenluvvers:

    I like the one with the cat on the water bed!

  10. BrainInfo:

    Who is watching random cat videos? Thumbs up!

  11. Moonlightdreamerz:

    Omg I laughed SOOO hard at 0:15 loool the cats like yeaah there’s a toy truck comin and I’m NOT moving! XD

  12. K2cTallyGirl:


  13. TheYuliavolkova:

    So funny video cats are licking each other =) /watch?v=jdZuEKQgDiU

  14. TurkishRedbaron:

    Great funny video cats licking each other =) /watch?v=jdZuEKQgDiU

  15. NatureSelectPets:

    the second and third video are funny!

  16. DeSpijbelaar:

    @Tittummy23 fail XD

  17. somewon2000:

    @bubbalance1 Rock on!

  18. bubbalance1:

    @jakeyboi08bkc Dance Of The Sugarplum Fairy

  19. bubbalance1:

    @somewon2000 yes

  20. 590538le:

    I hate cats but I like when they do dum things

  21. arina804:


  22. sdtvrocks365:

    Thats why I have a siamese on 0:47 they are so funny X’D

  23. victorgarcia1:

    This video is to cut!!

    ( cat Felix is always having nightmares)

  24. xYellowFangx:

    third video is just funny :) tys

  25. NebuPookins:

    What’s the name of the jazz song?


    0 fucks were given

  27. volocom7:

    My new way of drinking water!

  28. TopGoldVideos:

    In soviet russia water used to drink me, till I took an arrow to the knee….

  29. Tony1576:

    cat realized just how fucking awesome he is at 1:28

  30. drftme:

    like a boss

  31. Toasteduk10:

    I found this:
    ‘App Trailers’ on iOS or ‘AppRedeem’ on Android..get paid to watch trailers! Add ‘doubleup’ for extra points

  32. mysemys:

    Hahahahaha, lmfao. This cat is amazing!!!! I can’t stop laughing, foreal. Best video I have ever seen. Imma subscribe to this awesome kitty!

  33. kurtilein3:


    If there is a container filled with hand-warm water, does she like to take a bath? If not, then i guess your cat is somewhere inbetween, liking wet fur but disliking the most obvious processes that cause a wet fur.

    What about rain, does she like that? Some cats hate water, but like to get wet in rain, thats why im asking.

  34. MrLA7X:

    cutest thing ever!

  35. Behemothxp:

    @kurtilein3 you’re right ^^ my cat (looks the same as woody btw XD) doesn’t love running water but if I make my hand wet she bugs me to pet her with the wet hand ^^ everytime I come out of the shower I have to thoroughly pet her until she is soaking

  36. icrrnut33:

    Cute cat is cute

  37. kurtilein3:


    Not all cats hate water, some like water and even like to swim in it. In domestic cats its quite rare, but tigers are known for their love of water, they can even dive and open their eyes underwater.

  38. thecrazybffs2:

    Isn’t it great to have water on your head that you can drink from…………

  39. 000Neutra:

    waooo me alocaaa que ternura x)

  40. msMUTILATOR:

    Aww!! That’s awesome!! Now he needs soap. Hehe, yeah. If they can shower themselves, it’d be the whole package. Hahahaa!! I wish I could kiss him!!

  41. FawnThomasbs467:

    lol bin so lieb

  42. AngelBaby733:

    What kind of cat is he?

  43. RoxanePado921:

    cool schaut mich an bin ein frosch

  44. kkiijjii:

    がわええー ほしー らちしたいー

  45. ShivaWings:

    Man how thirsty must a cat be to put it’s head under a faucet?

  46. Balpy67:

    Funny cat! like the Bengal in the video response too :P

  47. nazoobah:

    Cool cat

  48. Valvax4500:

    Epic Cuteness Number 1 ! xD

  49. ameeer3:

    The cat is sending a message:

    To all people who are dying from water, Look at me


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