Самые смешные коты и кошки!




Декабрь 2011
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the cat is ascending * www.200lurkers.com – free mp3s from the singer project 200 lurkers.
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25 комм. на “cat-lift”

  1. Faltzerbeast90:

    @HighTensionWire LOL same, mine has weed

  2. Darfdag:

    Rear Window!

  3. definitively:

    this is how emily dickinson’s cat went out

  4. tqatkins:

    somebody was watching Rear Window.

  5. myfirstscreename:

    This looks exactly like my cat

  6. Cre8iveStar:

    Amazing that the cat does not jump out a few feet up but it is obviously quite used to the ride and feels secure, both with the mode of transport and the owners! Lovely to see! Thanks for sharing.

  7. kenshinluverr:

    I love how he meows the whole way up.

  8. cuplaxi:

    @paulhard003 Pot has 7.

  9. catkin3:

    Wow, fab cat, wonderful idea!

  10. dimitrilevampire:

    is this like fishing?? or should I call it cating?….

  11. aceflamingo23:


  12. Centdrine:

    hihi ! So cute !!!

  13. chtbjunkie62:


  14. paulhard003:

    does anyone else notice that the plants on the ground have 5 thick leaves like the indica marijuana plant? maybe its why the cat is so calm…

  15. Julinhaaaa:

    Isso é o que eu chamo de folgado..

  16. 666JDA666:

    Takeoff! :P

  17. nureko6:


  18. Felidire:

    LOL that’s win. xD

  19. silvike:

    I would say that it’s truly amazing how the cat got its owners to be so well trained and accomodating! ;-P

  20. DerMensch93:

    think logically.. if you cut a hole in the box, the cat will stay on the ground while the box ascends.. so some kind of opening mechanism would be better

  21. zeckenhorst:

    sweet !!!

  22. brobvision:


  23. cinnaplid:

    Truly amazing that this cat is so well trained and accommodating!

  24. stuntcat666:

    wow super-cat!!

  25. gaspSRK:

    i wanna ride this elevator