!!!Watch TIGERS, LEOPARDS, LYNX Destroying their Halloween Pumpkins!!! Each year we are lucky enough to receive left over pumpkins from stores after halloween, pumpkins are a great source of enrichment for our cats, as well as a great source of entertainment for the staff and volunteers at Big Cat Rescue! All the cats love to play, eat and generally demolish the pumpkins, providing them with hours of entertainment, watch as we show you what they get up to when they are given one of their favourite treats! For more info about BIG CAT RESCUE visit: Find us on FACEBOOK MYSPACE: TWITTER: DONATE: PLEASE SUBSCRIBE AND RATE… THANK YOU!
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My cat of Marchionesses the first time has seen a daughter of my friend. He so violently shouted all time while it was at us on a visit. It was 7 years ago and didn’t repeat any more never. Even when it came to us once again, the cat simply hissed. Мой кот Маркиз первый раз увидел дочку моего друга. Он так неистово кричал все время, пока она была у нас в гостях. Это было 7 лет назад и больше не повторялось ни разу. Даже когда она приходила к нам ещё раз, кот просто шипел.

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  1. jlbcarl:

    I tried miniature pumpkins on my cat family and they weren’t interested. However, about 10 years ago I had an elderly tomcat who kept getting constipated. the vet said to give him a tablespoon full of canned pumpkin in his cat food when needed. It worked like a charm and he ate it happily.

  2. shakitty1:

    wow, i never knew cats liked pumpkins

  3. ballininsf69:

    who knew pumpkins floated

  4. BigCatRescue:

    @olibelokapova Yes, although this rarely happens, the cats «taste test» the pumpkins but don’t really eat them, my domestic cat didn’t care for his mini pumpkin but I know others who said their cats love them! 🙂

  5. olibelokapova:

    Is it ok if the cats eat some raw pumpkins? I hope it is not poisonous so I can try my home cats if they would like to play with some small pumpkins 🙂

  6. darthtalon1984:

    Lol. This is cute and funny.

  7. TheBicky34:

    aww this is so cute :d

  8. longtailrat:

    More proof that cats rule the internet!

  9. marler3:

    1:05 that is MY pumpkin! MINE!!

  10. greatwhitenorth112:

    i know dolphins can do tricks and stuff but here’s an animal that can beat me at soccer lol

  11. BigCatRescue:

    @manueleagan34 We read somewhere that it does have a similar effect on cats as catnip…..?

  12. BigCatRescue:

    @thegriffin88 Nope, they were just pumpkins 🙂

  13. BigCatRescue:

    @freerunning346 Tampa, Florida. Please visit our website: BigCatRescue*org for info about volunteering at the sanctuary 🙂

  14. freerunning346:

    where is this i wanna work there

  15. shadobian11:

    Cheetah: Nice ball! I will make art out of it!
    Bobcat: Get back here you stupid ball!
    Tiger: WHEE!
    Panther: What is this? TELL ME!
    Lynx: die!

  16. cicelypaigepearce:

    @finnpalm oops LOL. its still cute though. i love wild animals. 🙂 they are so intriguing.

  17. finnpalm:

    @cicelypaigepearce It’s a Lynx. 😉

  18. finnpalm:

    32 people accidentally clicked dislike.

  19. cicelypaigepearce:

    the bobcat at 3:00 looks like he’s playing soccer. 🙂

  20. cicelypaigepearce:

    its a ball that i can chew on! LOL this is so cute. love it

  21. Chuppah32:

    Awwww I wish they made toys for big cats that didn’t break so they can enjoy a ‘ball of yarn’ more often

  22. deecool47:

    couldn’t last one second in there with those tigers i got a pumpkin head.

  23. jvkstudios:

    I like how the big kitties are just like our little kitties

  24. thegriffin88:

    Did you put any special scents on the pumpkins or do they really just go for them like that?

  25. manueleagan34:

    Why did every one of those cats react the same? is it like catnip?

  26. rgGamerfreak69:

    I thank AOTS for bringing me here! Lol!

  27. l3dDyNXl:

    @kelissoso 🙂

  28. LiamRiordan:

    Sorry for meme but…
    Thumbs up for Russell Howards’ Good News Show.

  29. SuadeWilliams:

    Wish my cat could do this so I could get over 3 million views… Oh well…

  30. darkflamea:

    heavy: Cat are you sure this will work? cat:no no no no

  31. TheSupernaturalGuy:

    Thumbs up if you believe they should’ve had this cat at frankie cocozza’s x-factor audition 🙂

  32. cadettaff112:

    Funbs up if you saw this because of Russel Howards good news xD

  33. stupidvampiretwat:

    @wowgiggz Cope with the withdrawal symptoms and die like the rest of the wow fans who gave up.

  34. stupidvampiretwat:

    @12345hallam … «trololololololo» didn’t give it away?

    I mean, the fact that «fake and gay» is used often for things that’re obviously not fake..

    well, you’re either new to the internet, trolling or stupid.

  35. charlieparrot:

    It sounds traumatised! XD lolol

  36. 12345hallam:

    @serdelkofil its not fake you retard…

  37. serdelkofil:

    fake and gay

  38. TheAsragot:

    what the fuck is going with this cat

  39. mtripplek:

    i like the part when he said no

  40. WeAreThePrey:

    … There’s no limit?

  41. wowgiggz:

    Hey guys when i had wow on my computer my computer laggs so i uninstalled it and now i dont know how i do to get it back, i go all my expansions , please help me now!! Thanks you,

  42. lestalad123:

    This cat has saw something no one should have 😀

  43. tehnoobpkerowns:

    i used to be able to do that…then i took an arrow to the knee

  44. starwitchstone:

    HAHAHA!!! Oh my god that’s the best!!

  45. 333Presenter333:

    Блин, у меня дома такой же ковер на полу

  46. TheSecretnumber13:

    They tried to make me go to rehab and i said no no nooooooooooooooo

  47. Freezegazer:

    Бедный напуганный кот )

  48. Jorge15243:

    Hey cat!! They tried to make me go to rehab but i said…??

  49. RandomShowTV1:

    little do u kno that before he taped this, he asked if the cat wants to lick his ass

  50. Haraiineko:

    My cat woke up and started looking for the «other cat».
    I’m still laughing my ass off x)