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Декабрь 2011
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How To Wrap A Cat For Christmas


What’s the most difficult thing you’ve wrapped? Visit my main channel: www.youtube.com See this featured on Conan here: teamcoco.com

More Awesome Kitty Videos: animal.discovery.com | Some pets leave «presents» for their owners but this cat brings it to the extreme with criminal-like behavior. It’s a good thing he’s so cute.

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50 комм. на “How To Wrap A Cat For Christmas”

  1. bimbimbutterbean:

    Flippy looks so cute wrapped up

  2. Shaylyxo:


  3. silentwriterofpa:

    Oh my, this video is so cute! I doubt that one of my 3 cats would ever sit still for this….but then again???

  4. JustAnotherYtuber:

    When do cats ever give a fuck about anything?

    The only time they even acknowledge their owners existence is if you have food or are comfortable to sit on.

  5. MacDogald:

    How can this person wrap a live animal better than I can wrap most inanimate objects?

  6. JamesJesusJackson:

    What a good cat. <3

  7. XmajormongooseX:

    @217Gnomes stop trollin man its the holidays

  8. mopopo11:

    RIP flippy

  9. deathguy167:

    LOL why does he/she still not move even after you uwrap him/her?

  10. DancingGirlie1:

    That has to be the most patient cat in the world.

  11. i3kel:

    this makes me miss flippy. damn reddit.

  12. 217Gnomes:




  13. SynchronizeSEA:

    lololololololololololololololololololololololololololol LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL

  14. gurkis35:

    @TheSquidLauncher Indeed. That cat gives absolutely no fucks in this video.

  15. RachelH112:

    the best thing is that he didn’t even like try and run away at the beginning or the end. he was like ‘just chillin man’

  16. BrookeTheHedgehog101:

    That is sooo cute :3

  17. XxW4LRU5xX:

    Does this method also work with small children?

  18. MissMinaC:

    best cat ever lol

  19. opop123:

    my cat would have fucked me up long time ago…

  20. OzJenj88:

    I love how the cat just sits there. If I tried this with my cat he’d scratch my eyes out.

  21. pascale123ful:

    the tail x

  22. Shaunt118:


  23. gothicheiressleah:

    @randumpotato Yes he did, in 2010. He has a tribute video on the right.

  24. randumpotato:

    @gothicheiressleah wait flippy died :’(

  25. 6DarkuriA6:

    :3 cute!

  26. Nukurosama:

    @Rizzail06 Damn nature, you scary!

  27. Rizzail06:

    My cat only brings me other critters, sometimes still alive. One time it was a live bunny.

  28. fireice2037:

    To him its an item he does not recognize property rofl!

  29. PyR0Star:

    hahahahh gotta teach him to steal wallets, shiney objects and more bra’s hahah

  30. pjzdreamz:

    This is SO wonderful…I can’t believe more people havent watched it …!

  31. fbCarlos1919:

    we love cats!!
    ilovecatspage com

  32. MADBlacklord:

    @TheGampert Echt auf RTL kommt sowas? Welche Sendung war das denn?

  33. MADBlacklord:

    @protonman7 Get a Add block. They do a great job.

  34. TheAngelMoon13:

    it’s cute that cats send you a gift but by stealing someones stuff xD lol

  35. ninjasamurai2010:

    How did Dusty steal these things at night? Does he sneak inside houses to steal them? I mean why would people hang their stuff outside at night?

  36. Toto32803:

    Dusty ist tagsüber ein friedliches Haustier, nur nachts ist er kriminell. Er besitzt zwei Persönlichkeiten. Ein Tierpsychiater wird ihm wohl nicht mehr helfen können. Auch bei anderen Tierarten gibt es solche Beispiele.

  37. TheGampert:

    Habe mir soeben den Beitrag auf RTL angesehen . Lustig ! Gruß aus Coburg .

  38. kerzenheinz:

    Ich liebe die katze . Great cat. Ilike

  39. kodiallen:

    Where can i find that Klepto Kitty song?

  40. vHeidak:

    I have seen this video in germanys TV this evening on rtl. Your Cat is so a funny cat! Sorry for my english…

  41. HamTheDog:

    its like a gathering instinct …they didnt say if it was a male or female did they?

  42. protonman7:

    Tell Youtube that you don’t want to be forced to watch 30 seconds of commercial
    to watch 2 minutes of video

  43. sylnanu:

    This is more than I can take, ROFL ;)

  44. LuluHeeNim:

    @webkinzsuperfan123 i will! thank you sooo much! *bonecrushing hugs*

  45. ChannelNonsense:

    he stole a bra….HE STOLE A BRA

  46. webkinzsuperfan123:

    @LuluHeeNim I will send you the video but i think you have to add me because the friend lock thing

  47. LuluHeeNim:

    @webkinzsuperfan123 awww!!! i wanna see herrrr!!

  48. McFUK3R:

    wish my gf’s pussy did that :) ))

  49. nadeeyaafiza:

    I wonder why the cat stole the underwear..Sex maniac perhaps..;D..


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