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Декабрь 2011
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Cat Knocks Monitor on Dude’s Face


Was it an accident or was this cat paying back his owner for not feeding him on time? We may never know.

Who needs a binky when you can suck your thumb? Thanks to: youtube.com/ShuShuAndNina For more funny cats visit icanhascheezburger.com
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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50 комм. на “Cat Knocks Monitor on Dude’s Face”

  1. jonathanaviles1:

    jesus christ!!! the TV its ok?

  2. Airsoftdude1403:

    Boom Head-shot!

  3. TheAlmightyMoth:

    The only thing I want to know is, why the guy was filming himself working out?

  4. gamer12362:

    I like how the cat doesn’t even look over when he gets hit. Lol

  5. ultimaterunescape90:


  6. m7a7b725:

    Cat: That’s what you get for not feeding me, BITCH!!

  7. Astat4:

    lmfao it doesnt bother looking at what happened.!

  8. Astat4:

    OMG that fucking cat is FAT.!!

    #Cat win.!

  9. captainxshredsalot:

    the cat died right after the viewing of this footage


    that cat is awesome! it’s sad what happend to his owner but I still think this wuz funny. #TEAM FAT CAT# YAY!

  11. PostgodAfterbirth:

    The cat doesn’t even notice! That’s why I love catz.

  12. RyanValejo:

    In soviet russia, monitor beat you!

  13. MEGAF4IL:

    I fucking love how the Guitar falls after! It’s like, «And take this bitch! Stop rubbing my strings!»

  14. quadjumper071:

    and there goes the guitar.

  15. JustListenGeorge:

    That is not a cat. That is a lion.

  16. blastadon14:

    @MrDistrugator no i think that owner had a great big ‘fuck’ swelling up inside of him that whole day and for the rest of the week as well XD

  17. TheWuCepticon81:


  18. stnyblue:

    the road runner woulda been proud of the cat

  19. stnyblue:

    now thats a «SPLAT» screen tv lmao

  20. kc0793:

    cat needs exercise more than the dude does

  21. ringoweed:

    cat doesnt even care….LMFAO

  22. JerryifyMe:

    its garfield!

  23. CJAC5:

    The cat probably watched the video before this one

  24. MrDistrugator:

    And not a single fuck was given that day.

  25. cod6tar69:

    keep smashing the 1 button :)

  26. nellie2581:

    Cute I didn’t know cats do it too

  27. Blody1337:

    it sounds wrong xD

  28. Lisax345:

    @OnceExisted How is that animal abuse ? Dumbass.

  29. Hecate79:

    My kitteh does that with her backpaw, it’s really cute :D

  30. OnceExisted:

    animal abuse!!!!!!1111111

  31. MrLemonyFresh:

    @residentevilnerd I did… it turn out to be a very large cricket beneath my bedroom window

  32. TheJakehunter:

    @juliusbelmont100 Same :D

  33. Ryoga2K:


  34. deanbrowny:

    @residentevilnerd fapfapfapfap

  35. rafelneo:

    @residentevilnerd scary

  36. IgWannA2:

    nom nom nom

  37. residentevilnerd:

    imagine hearing this in the middle of the night

  38. KatieLynnGilpatrick:

    @TheKookyShow98 lmao maybe.

  39. noobrider100:

    @friskyisfat And they’ve all been gummed off by your nan? =O wow she get’s around

  40. noobrider100:

    @friskyisfat And they’ve all been gummed off by your nan? =O wow she get’s around

  41. friskyisfat:

    @noobrider100 36 people

  42. plastiko1291:

    i cant help it feeling awkward dunno why..

  43. nubbubnub:

    im on ur desk, sucking my thumbz and stealing your heart

  44. skitzoooo:


    Okay buddy, I believe you. I swear.

  45. crywolf30:

    lol the EXACTLY same thing happened to my cat watch?v=utygeryxP7E xD

  46. TillIsLove:


  47. salakast:

    20 people are 29 people

  48. PivotSeargentFS:

    That Sound.. Its so familiar..

  49. youtabeer:

    No thanks, I have a life.

  50. noobrider100:

    @friskyisfat Real life, come visit us some day child.