Wilber the Cat (Episode 1)


This is the first episode of Wilber the Cat. The second episode is here: www.youtube.com And here is a link to Episode 3: www.youtube.com This could be considered a children’s film, but it is really for all ages, especially those who like cats. www.facebook.com www.twitter.com www.wilberthecat.com http Every song in the video is performed by «Federal Moguls» and can be purchased individually or as a whole album on itunes: itunes.apple.com Troy Walsh, who is a member of Federal Moguls, performs the Wilber the Cat Theme Song. His solo albums are also available as free downloads at www.myspace.com Voices: Wilber- Erik Bortz Vrooom the Vacuum Cleaner- Erik Bortz Ralph Mouse- Eric Moyer Wilber’s Fan- Ava Bortz Special Thanks to those who appear or did work on the film: Brian Moyer, Alan Griffiths, Chris Murphy, Ray Medlin, Sara Berret, Shawn Capp, Jared Hennegan, and Tayler Maurer. Thanks also to Catherine Griffiths, Phillip Moyer, Desiree Ottey, Charlotte Picone, Frank Heying, Eran Preis, Michael Lagnese, Nick Lagnese, Tony Jozefowski, Peter Chrysczanavicz, Wesley Moyer, and George Emery (who never did like cats) Thanks for watching! www.youtube.com www.ericmoyer.com eric@moyermovies.com
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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25 комментариев на “Wilber the Cat (Episode 1)”

  1. krilcclo:

    Other than the fact that these ppl just let the whole world know they have a problem with rodents in their house this was great

  2. NoLimitInfinite:

    haha that was so cool!

  3. mrzombiemanjake:

    wilber a girl look at 0:21

  4. Noughet:


  5. Divadreamergirl:

    did daffodil really runaway, or did she pass away i’d b sad if she passed away :’-(

  6. tokyochi:

    Who is Daffodil anyways? :[ -sniffle-

  7. mememe666999:

    This is so funny, and cute, LOL. Great job!

  8. NerdlimHD:

    This is so weirdly bad, but good, but bad!

  9. daisylasy3:

    201 dogs watched this and clicked dislike

  10. CoCoApUFF42:


  11. mazivness:

    @TheMist123 some cats like the just…hang like that lol. my sister’s cat also sits like that sometimes. 🙂

    wilber is awesome and voice is super cute! suits him perfectly

  12. Sum41BRZ:


  13. POKEskittyMON:

    Click 9 xD

  14. TheDasboy:

    so so so so funny lol

  15. jnyx1:


  16. 21Midnight:

    real life Garfield 😀

  17. TheMist123:

    lmfao i love the way he sits. how did you make him do that? or does he do that by himself.

  18. TheCatAteMyShoe:

    I love these videos!!!

  19. iaitoooooo:

    Le regalé un gato a mi novia y después de ver este video le vamos a poner WLBER de nombre. genial!

  20. TacoFlame:

    why are there half naked women next to his litter box?

  21. vickiormindyb:

    «get my grub on.» LOL
    «This is where I poop…like a big cat.» LMAO

  22. levitan71:

    *cudles kitty .3 *

  23. 2cat007:

    This cat friken reminds me of my cat J.r (or aka what I call him sometime Tuna).

  24. schaltpults:

    who think the cat is sweet, thumbs up

  25. ReitaFication:

    the box part reminds me of my own cat so much! she always finds what I call «zoe-spots» that are somehow perfectly cat-shaped!