Rum Tum Tugger (Cats)


Rum Tum Tugger gesungen von John Partridge aus dem Cats-Video © Really Useful Group
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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25 комментариев на “Rum Tum Tugger (Cats)”

  1. Kumajirou13:

    @MrCheer124 It’s a bird! It’s a plane1 It’s- Oh, nevermind.

  2. MrCheer124:

    @Kumajirou13 its broadway…..

  3. Cynderrulz:

    is it just me or is 0:33 a bit inappropriate O.o

  4. guitarplayer217:

    @Princecharm7832 tim curry made rum tum tugger shit

  5. guitarplayer217:

    man yall all fuckin quire faggotts if yall like this shit if gave him a house he would give free blowjobs btw im talkin bout rm rum tugger

  6. xXLilyStRegisXx:


  7. musicfreak341:

    Nice suit ya got there

  8. MizTypical:

    i wish at least one female cat resisted tugger’s charm (i know, its so difficult not to!) and he’d always try and get her attention. just an idea :3

  9. blahman769:

    Best scene in the movie. period.

  10. starspark1983:

    its christian from eastenders. john partridge is his real name

  11. MirabellaQuimbey:

    So what if he’s Bi-curious he’s still fucking hot!!!! XD

  12. hannahaysesims:

    @Princecharm7832 i cant agree more! so attractive in a strange kinda way…

  13. pandacopter2:

    I somehow feel he’s a mix of :
    Donny osmond
    Sean Cassidy

  14. MatchBoy117:

    This clip has been sped up a tad bit faster to give the sound and tone a «sharp» feel (like flats and sharps)…even rum tum moves and shakes faster!

  15. vampiresninjasohmy:


  16. readi1:

    Rum tum tuggers an ol skool emcee on that R&B tip he’s makin pusses skeet skeet skeet

  17. Rsunited90:

    That cat reminds me of david bowie for some reason Love cats!

  18. FunnyGirl1331:

    i think hes a great actor and a great singer. Hes GREAT 😀

  19. JandL360:

    were was that cos i whent to see it at the hawth in Crawley

  20. F0X:

    Guys, I don’t think it’s gay.. It seems more like dominance. And Rum Rum Tugger is a dominant cat.

  21. F0X:

    I’ve always thought this too!

  22. Princecharm7832:

    🙂 Good point, I should have said out of the three I have seen.

  23. chrissi2810:

    well, there are some more people who have played the part… not just 3…. rather 300 ;D
    my favourite is dominik hees who’s playing tugger in the current german speaking tour of cats =)))

  24. Princecharm7832:

    I saw all 3 that played the part. I thought Terrance Mann had the best performance. Funny thing is that Mr. Mann reminds me of Tim Curry.

  25. louffylou:

    My condolences go to his pelvis.