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Monty Python – Confuse-A-Cat


from Monty Python’s Flying Circus Season 1 – Episode 05 – Man’s Crisis Of Identity Recorded 03-10-69, Aired 16-11-69 I’m slowly uploading the entire Flying Circus series… Got any requests?
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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50 комм. на “Monty Python – Confuse-A-Cat”

  1. MyCatEatsLettuce:

    Cool cat!

  2. CCNuck:

    I love that cat.

  3. Valsainte:

    Perfect. MP’s attention to detail was simply amazing.

  4. 63Leopold:

    It’s just classic!

  5. reddragonsound:

    Favourite Monty Python Sketch

  6. ijurcough:

    If only more people would call in the nick of time!

  7. Steakyurt:

    Certainly not the best known or most quoted Python but my favorite skit by miles. So utterly, intensely ridiculous, and a great performance by Chapman (my favorite member).

    «Your cat is suffering from what we vets don’t have a word for»

  8. MegaDogwater:

    a ball of string! ,, a nice, juicy mouse! hahahahaha

  9. tazer710:

    That cat has been infected with… The confus…

  10. gioma71:


  11. ArmandKarlsen:

    Monty Python invented the Youtube Poop before it even existed. D:

  12. makespeaches:

    it make me happy that we don’t always know where life will lead

  13. MrROTD:

    Mopy cat syndrome is not funny at all but this is XD

  14. silentfox8:

    @Primadonna27 5 more people are moping

  15. mlrichardson84:

    75 people are confused.

  16. TheParcomolo:

    Maybe this is a silly question, but does anyone know what the drum track is called?

  17. Ingestedbanjo:

    Startle A Thompson’s Gazelle LTD :P

  18. 302WOLFPACK:

    I was confused by this. Am I a cat?

  19. ThePaintedOddity82:

    Terry Jones & Michael Palin are hilarious together then again Michael is at his best when with John Cleese.

  20. FishboneINK:

    so, this is the very first cat video… lol i love these guys

  21. 9CrystalDragon2:

    LOL the credits

  22. SamiWheeler:

    The cat was confused, the owners were confused, and I was confused yup I do believe they did thier job.

  23. Fromundra:

    Get out…THE FUNNY THINGS! There’s something in the way Michael Palin says these sorts of lines that has me rolling on the floor.

  24. 1972TJJ:


  25. SouthernPoint52:


  26. angelinajoanie:

    I liked this.

  27. kateyn2katz:

    If these businesses truly cared about the cats, they wouldn’t allow them to breed and have kittens in their stores. They are just using them like a paper towel. I doubt they see to their needs at all. Letting them drink from the toilet?? Revolting!

  28. Mamaneko100:

    Just loved it!! Great narration and what lovely cats.

  29. Twistedthief:

    Cats doing what they’ve been doing for 10,000+ years…moving in with people, making themselves useful, killing rodents and bugs, getting food and attention, making people happy. Cats just doing what cats do.

  30. eaglespwn:

    Neuter all bodega cats = no bodega cats left? SOGAY 2CLOSE2THEMOON THIS CAT IS GAY ENOUGH ALREADY

  31. InternetsCelebrities:

    @yakovhadash indeed he is. if you’re interested, we’ve got a link to a zip of all the beats from this series up at our main site now.

  32. Dowska:

    @wibblywobblyy i żywiec :)

  33. oligocene:

    I wouldn’t shop in market with cats.

  34. PantheraAtrox:

    @2close2themoon , and be given all important shots such as rabies, distemper, and for toxoplasmosis.

  35. Avanoldenbarneveld:

    Schwarzenegger, is that you?

  36. DrizzlyP:

    @JimmJohny Good eye! Half of this was shot in Caribbean/Central American Bushwick and half in Polish Greenpoint.

  37. awine4:

    That looks just like my cat.

  38. austinronnie:

    i got my kitten from that troutman st deli

    his ma is a celeb!

  39. Politicalboxers:

    The boxers want to play with the Bodegas.

  40. malighn:

    this vid just makes me happy

  41. fabiolaleyton:

    @goodgoodgoodful there was only one image of cats drinking toilet water! didn’t you see the water cans in their «feeding station»? To drink toilet water is just only a kind of a play for them! Not ALL cats drink toilet water ALL THE TIME. Neither Bodega Cats! :)

  42. isthattrue:

    @photonarbiter Best part!

  43. DBrobotic:

    these majestic creatures must be related to the Bar cats I keep seeing here in Baltimore

  44. Rinserepeat:

    Ashley did such a great job narrating…Brilliant!

    Feral swagger FTW…

  45. JimmJohny:

    Lech, Tatra, Żywiec… Polish beer everywhere!

  46. eleseur:

    Cats are the shit.

  47. sakurai47:

    A hispanic/spanish/latin mini-mart, kind of like a 7-11, but usually smaller and more like a liquor store atmosphere. Commonly used term on the east coast, especially in the New York City region, where you will find many of these. The word came from the actual spanish word for «grocery store» – la bodega. Urban dictionary

  48. PopeosVideos:

    Jesus doesn’t love the bodega cat

  49. hittheground:

    you should get your cold checked out

  50. ciscornBIG:

    yawn, yawn, yawn. We get it NYC. Really, we do. The rest of us in flyover country or as you lot call it in your dumb accents «duh resta duh woild» get the fact that you have cats in your stores. We get it. So unique!