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Human Cat Perch


Okay, so one night as I’m standing there brushing my teeth after my shower, this one decides the top of my head would make a great spot to chill out and groom herself and, well, it’s now become a routine…

The heartwarming tale of a cat’s insatiable lust for provocative dancing. Itunes – itunes.apple.com or Amazon MP3: www.amazon.com Lyrics go a little something like this: CAT, I’m a kitty cat, and I dance dance dance, and I Dance Dance Dance CAT, I’m a kitty cat, and I…

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50 комм. на “Human Cat Perch”

  1. Slive77:

    Anyone notice the Family Guy calendar? : )

  2. InsideOutN:

    When I was younger I had a dream that my cat would always sit on top of my head. This video made my day, as people usually say.

  3. MinaMcKay:

    First time Im seeing this too. Absolutely hilarious.

  4. FuzzyWuzzyAnipals:

    I’m sure she is just supervising your oral hygiene …she doesn’t want to sleep next to someone with nasty breath!

  5. myyelpreviews:

    Your cat forgot to brush.

  6. nellie2581:


  7. stylej12:

    a cutie on top of a cutie. love it!

  8. linkuei83:

    a top cat.


    0:30 please dont show us how u shave ur moustache with ur electric razor

  10. URobert0000:

    OMG. Why would you brush your teeth

  11. OneShroomTooMany:

    OMG. I CAN’T BELIEVE THIS…. Why would you use mouthwash before you brushed your teeth?

  12. NolavAvaloN:


  13. RinkoHasegawa:

    0:37 the cat’s face! omg it’s like «awwwwwww yeahhhh nooose»

  14. iduncare21:

    nobody believes me… HAHAHAHA

  15. GaarasGoth:

    My past cat used to jump on and chill on my sholders, but this is cooler. :D

  16. rachbell555:

    you guys are trippers

  17. ReginaGladii:

    Yay kitty! I got all excited when I heard the WHJY thing in the background…yay local crazy kitty :)

  18. JocastaDancingfire:

    LOL, that’s hilarious!

  19. MosdrasTheLight:


  20. steventylersmitten2:

    Awww yeahhhh, Led Zeppelin!!!

  21. eve6grl02:

    OMG!!! I love hos she’s just sitting there grooming herself. Too cute! :)

  22. TheEditingShop:

    The radio station started playing Rock an Roll by Led Zeppelin at the end there. That made this video for me.

  23. clau8chi:

    very very nice! i like your cat!

  24. excitedmacaroon:

    He looks so comfy!

  25. jadeander:

    I miss this.

  26. richmondjrod:

    Like if u showed ur cat this!

  27. sakusakuraheartslife:

    445 people are failing to see the epic side of this song. Haters gonna hate :P

  28. SangoRocks10:

    Nostalgia. xD

  29. claycreationz1:

    Haha! Yeah that would be the perfuect ringtone

  30. HalfEatenMushroom:

    Ringtone !

  31. claycreationz1:

    wow!! i am cracking up

  32. montezmmd:

    I still watch this video, its freaking funny, and I am steel 12.

  33. jake9789:


  34. JweffJericho37:

    @Zyc0n wut perv and i also agree

  35. JweffJericho37:

    rock on 441 poeple

  36. Zyc0n:

    i find this difficult to masturbate to…

  37. YogurtIsGood100:

    Kids react to this!!

  38. wirmasua:

    my dog pissed off when he saw that

  39. Xmen121219:


  40. TheBabsi64:

    hahahahahahahaha :D

  41. misschatterbox92:

    I sing this all the time o.o

  42. awesome1382:

    like if uv watched this a million times

  43. xXTeamOnFifaXx:


  44. grungyandinfected23:

    BEST. VID. EVER !!!!!!

  45. sam02167:

    thumbs up if you think these 440 fags should get a life

  46. sam02167:

    thumbs up if you think these 440 should get a life

  47. spittingcamel01:


  48. leyo00069:

    what a gay song, so fucking retarded i came here just to thumbs down it

  49. sam02167:

    @LegacyBrat FAG