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Cats Musical – Memory


Cats is an award-winning musical composed by Andrew Lloyd Webber based on Old Possum’s Book of Practical Cats and other poems by TS Eliot. The show has been performed around the world in numerous productions and has been translated into more than 20 languages.

The clips for this compilation of cute cat bloopers, etc. is one of our favorite videos. www.liquidgeneration.com
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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50 комм. на “Cats Musical – Memory”

  1. SorrowfulKiss:

    @shoma365 a musical actually.

  2. corntbreet:

    as good as it gets

  3. shoma365:

    @hunterbryant835 its a play. cats. in the description genius -.-

  4. hunterbryant835:

    this song was in what movie

  5. xzenfaq:

    that is pure masterclass work of art.

  6. PietroLove1508:

    sad but it´s beautiful

  7. Sanchezmarsella:

    beautiful and sad

  8. mimimiliharrypoter7:

    The brodway dream

  9. LAURAlikesfruit:


  10. TheBadVampier:

    amazinggg <3

  11. Punkrock1807:

    world class

  12. Cynderrulz:

    what’s the name of the cat at around 2:49? the one singing with grizabella?

  13. IamJonDimaano:

    Meemreeeeeeeehhhh!!!! I love CATS!

  14. Ranokian:

    @Mcommander23 True.

  15. Mcommander23:

    @Ranokian Isn’t it Elaine Paige?

  16. bob72kat:

    @idalang93 Watched the vid of her at 9 yrs, lovely, but still not the emotion in it to get the heckles up like Elaine Paige, Jackie sings beautifully, wonderfully for a kid of her age (stunning even) But Grizabella is a «been there, seen it, done it» character…a little maturity speaks volumes..IMO…

  17. paerpaetjaeptjaetpij:

    Meow meow meow meow meow

  18. ihaterosa:

    Why do I suddenly feel the urge to give a man a blow job?

  19. CandyColors193:

    Omg when she yells out Touch Me! It’s so heart-wrenching…it just reminds me of how your greatest fear might be never being loved again and wanting to be loved again so desperately. Love this song it’s so mysterious.

  20. SupaSileena:

    I had a spinning piano toy thing that would play this with little tinkling bells. I’m mad I dropped it and broke it >< I love this song

  21. idalang93:

    @bob72kat True. Sarah Brightman’s version is just boring. But, actually, Jackie Evancho sings it very beautifully!! Cannot believe that that girl i only 11.

  22. JustJohnnyJack:

    dang!! i with i had been there! such an epic musical!

  23. Georgia100ify:


  24. MrTrombonerdude:

    I know guys shouldn’t cry…. but man….. this singer breaks my heart.

  25. luluvampiress1316:

    Oh Grizabella I love you! <3 Beautiful

  26. Smouves:

    funny people :)

  27. Candy48Cane:

    LOL! At 2:00 I thought it was a mirror until they started attacking eachother!

  28. Candy48Cane:

    Thumbs up for the piano playing cat :D

  29. albinojohn13:

    #9 my cat does that to my Xbox tray.

  30. Silverpikachu1:

    I laughed so hard!!! I absolutely loved your vid. Do you know the song for the cats on the treadmill? Anybody?

  31. ashyrajs98:

    wow…..It’s to cute

  32. tdg7892:

    #5 was on of the cutest things i have even seen!

  33. TheSweetRevengee:

    What’s the song used on the Kitty-Treadmill video called? Need it for a school project lol!
    Absolutely love all these skits, they’re so cute :P

  34. SuperTori4ever:

    # 5 i gave u a bath … ur welcome

  35. ashl1991:

    these cats all look like ones i have previously set on fire

  36. thatcher59:

    clip 6 waving the catnip

  37. ILoveCalicoCats123:

    Aw… Just so cute! I wish my cat was still a kitten.

  38. FluffMachien:

    omg 3:49 is adoriable i just want to eat them heehee

  39. TheFunnyGrim:

    Definetly number 1 :D D

  40. Demonslayer232:

    #5 Awwwwwwwwwww. And who says cats aren’t affectionate? <3

  41. 0o0MyOtherHalf0o0:

    even cats have bullys. #2 LOL

  42. AndrosForever:

    Number 9 was hilarioussssssssss

  43. leafy3211:

    Is it wrong I got a boner from this

  44. jverne88:

    I wanna know the song from #6

  45. cookiemonster1234663:

    numer 3 should be number 1

  46. musevstool:

    Love these, could’ve done with out the sound affects and the music though. I especially love the piano playing cat

  47. HelpImAFish7878:

    number 7s cats cant make eyes contact…

  48. Ryden412:

    I really enjoy cats…

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  50. TheChaliceWells:

    Number one = FACEPALM 5:25