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Cat and Dolphins playing together


Cat and Dolphin playing together. Theater of the Sea, a marine animal park in Islamorada, Florida in 1997. The dolphins are Shiloh and Thunder and the cat is Arthur. www.theaterofthesea.com

An old clip of George Carlin talking about kitty cats.
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25 комм. на “Cat and Dolphins playing together”

  1. chisim99:

    Brilliant. Nuff said

  2. BlackRockBacon:

    oomg I am crying from laughing so hard.

  3. icecremer:

    «Bullshit! Mouse doesn’t feel that way !!» Fucking cracked laughing !!

  4. Mettabosna:

    i hate people who ruin the video by quoting the best part,,,,assholes

  5. MrGmodlol61:

    @TomThumbsBlues1965 Are you an idiot?
    Not that I dislike cats, but theres something called opinion, fucktard.

  6. Beckydelp1:

    what better comdeian,then;Gearge Carlin to take place with hilarious naturism on felines. I am a BIG cat lover!!!

  7. dukijones:

    If you guys get a chance check out my channel doing Reincarnated George Carlin on Atheism!

  8. TomThumbsBlues1965:

    i love cats fuck all you who dont!

  9. tiggerny88:

    @NsTrainMan07 hi?

  10. justxxdream:

    What’s that?
    Not me.
    Fuck that.
    I’m a cat……..

    Something break? Ask the dog.

  11. blindpwn:

    motherfuckin cats. burn in hell satans spawn. FUCKIN MEOW

  12. irllcd13:

    152 people pressed the Ass Button.

  13. SupaAmi:

    Hahaha, everything he says in this clip is so true… and makes me love cats even more!

  14. teekyweeks:

    Am a cat lover – love this, so funny !!

  15. arcadepod100:

    They got nine lives, let’s freaking kill a couple of em real quick

  16. Darkfeather21:

    Ach, the funny ol bastard! I love him, you love him, we all love him! Even the ones who hate him, love him!

  17. N3krotichunter:


    oh god my sides

  18. InsightfulTheTroll:

    @jogeryjogo That is completely inaccurate..in every sense of the word. This isn’t even a matter of opinion..it’s a fact. Cook isn’t even a has-been…he’s a never-was, compared to the legend Carlin.

  19. Mozart1220:

    @jogeryjogo Well…OK, but consider this. Carlin made it p[ossible for Cook to do what he does, and like people who say Lady Ga ga is «better» than the Beatles because she sells more recordsTHERE ARE MORE PEOPLE NOW. The audieence is bigger. Carlin is the «Beatles» of comedy.

  20. name887:

    @jogeryjogo Actually, fuck you.

  21. Maryukujin:

    I love pretty much all periods of his Career, but his older stuff is just priceless.

  22. jogeryjogo:

    @theallstarmat Actually, I think Cook has sold more comedy albums in 1/4 of his life than George has in his entire life. Dane Cook and George Carlin aren’t equals, Cook has surpassed George in every way.

  23. theallstarmat:


  24. LiViNgKrAzE:

    WTF look at the like 6666

  25. DrakenKor: