Самые смешные коты и кошки!




Декабрь 2011
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巨大アフロねこ – Big Afro Cat -


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Let there be sausage and canned food, Amen =)
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26 комм. на “巨大アフロねこ – Big Afro Cat -”

  1. MrShadowgw:

    2:33 its eyes get bigger :P

  2. showaddywaddyfan:

    0:59 i’m squished…

  3. Anianizewzew:

    My kitten makes the same eyes like yours when she stalks. I love playing with cats. They are funny, cute and lovely then. They makes so funny and weird mines that I cry because of laughter.

  4. 7389:

    Your cat ROCKS !

  5. ilyheatherbabes:

    my cat does this :)

  6. liam3436:

    @TheSasmaster6000 Yer isn’t really taunting it that’s how cats play they want a challenge

  7. dinobublz:


  8. XDlolzilla:

    so effing cute

  9. fr3dr1k1:

    @TheSasmaster6000 you even have a cat? sometimes they do this just to get warmer, it propably just likes it there because it is so warm, looks more like it wants to relax

  10. SailorM1Productions:

    @sims2lvr me 2!! D: my cuzin totally hacked me!! i did not write dat!! im so sorry!!! D: i feel embaressed, i never even saw this video!! :( ((

  11. sims2lvr:

    @SailorM1Productions im sorry, ive never watched this and i didnt write that comment, someone must have been on my account

  12. lillyband1960:


    watch the other videos. clearly not.

  13. bezNIKoviy:


  14. TheRAPtor7000:

    котэ спецназовец)))

  15. 9Noire:

    Забавный котэ)

  16. ChaosNinjaX9:

    Can u teach r cat to hav fun she is borin

  17. RhianneMidNightSun:

    love it (‘:

  18. bellethiel2009:

    awww…your kitty is soo cute!! Can I keep it? XD lol

  19. sireatsal0t:

    From watching a few of your videos, this has got to be the happiest cat in the world

  20. espearite3:

    I have had cats in the past, but I’ve never seen such huge eyes!

  21. luisxexas:

    XD nice video nice cat

  22. deadlykill7:

    @luisxexas it usually is, lots and lots of catnip

  23. luisxexas:

    is the cat stoned?? o_O

  24. aquellamerm:

    2:11 kawaaii!!
    2:40 microwave is done >.>

  25. aquellamerm:

    i lafed soooo hard!

  26. Beyblademaster1728:

    Cat: Oh great fridge, I’m praying for myself so I can get more fish, Amen.