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TIGERS & TURKEYS: A Love Story….


Every year at Big Cat Rescue we witness a true love story between 100+ Tigers, Lions, Leopards and ….. TURKEYS! Watch as we hand out the thanksgiving goodies at the sanctuary and see how much our residents LOVE their Turkeys, Chickens and Cornish game hens! FREE Thanksgiving Goodies: bigcatfun.com For more info about BIG CAT RESCUE visit: www.bigcatrescue.org Find us on FACEBOOK www.facebook.com MYSPACE: www.myspace.com TWITTER: twitter.com DONATE: www.bigcatrescue.org THANK YOU!

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50 комм. на “TIGERS & TURKEYS: A Love Story….”

  1. average220:

    Is this Paula Home Cooking, Discovery Planet edition?

  2. DanimalLawlz:

    @BigCatRescue Just thought I would say your organization is just the bee’s knees and I love your videos so much!

  3. nexstosic007:

    Joseph: No touchy while I’m eating, or I’m gonna eat you.

  4. crzycuban10:

    why don’t you use live turkeys?

  5. KatieAnn710:

    aww frosty and canyon so cute :)

  6. 1rs11ch4d11rs1:

    Woah Frosty Looks Amazing, What kind of cat is it? a lynx?

  7. ChristopherGiannone:

    this made me lol, so cute

  8. chellec0907:

    Frosty is beautiful. So is Grace. What species are they? Is Grace a clouded leopard?

  9. DaniDiamondz:

    LOVEED this video :) I look fwd to all tha holiday vids with tha big kitties! Can’t wait to visit….gotta be sometime soon! Wish I lived there to volunteer as well…that would make me soo happy :) thankyou everyone for EVERYTHING you do for Gods amazing creatures!

  10. AdvertChild98:

    TJ is so cute and smart. Of course you have to wash the food before eating. Don’t we all? LOVE TJ!

  11. kissnozomi1:

    ha ha ha max. big cat

  12. Saintironarm:

    After seeing the sad stories of the cougars i now cant watch anymore clips, im jsut here to post this comment, i CANT stand to see animals hurt or die its just too depressing after losing pets myself, im not unsubbing just i cant watch more clips for fear of seeing sick, injured or dying/dead cats

  13. multiplecathousehold:

    Comming to visit in febuary! Can’t wait to spend the day at BCR!

  14. Yaonta:

    Happy Big Cat!

  15. kyuketsukisan19:

    I love how Orion just goes straight for the turkey and ignores everything else set out for him. He knows what he wants. ^_^

  16. piggyfriendly:

    when TJ was putting his turkey in the water does he do that to clean or just cuz he can

  17. BigCatRescue:

    @TheAntelwi If you search our videos for this title «GEOFFROY CAT Species Spotlight» we mad a video about Nico and Geoffroy cats in the wild :) enjoy!

  18. BigCatRescue:

    @AkiranoYoru49 Geoffroy cats live in South America, if you search our videos for this title «GEOFFROY CAT Species Spotlight» we mad a video about Nico and Geoffroy cats in the wild :) enjoy!

  19. TheAntelwi:

    Never heard of a Geoffrey Cat (melanistic). Maybe you could do a short info on that and present Nico properly?

  20. AkiranoYoru49:

    i noticed there were a lot of questions about Nico (all of them having the same answer) I would like to ask where is the Geoffroy Cats natural habitat? :3

  21. ericisindebt:

    god damn these cats are scary

  22. 410Lulu:

    Bless those big cats.

  23. freshair3451:

    Bless their hearts

  24. RockinRachel1234:

    my turkey!!!

  25. lpsabi:

    @BigCatRescue :( May she rest in peace

  26. YouGoGlenCoc0:

    @dangeruss Karma will get you, my friend.

  27. TheMoin2200:

    Fosterhepeopleftw95 Shut Up Everybody has there opinion even if it is insulting you. don’t sink down to he’s level he’s a asshole with no life if you have a life just ignore him

  28. Fosterthepeopleftw95:

    @dangeruss I seriously cannot stand people like you. I mean really, what’s your problem? did you daddy abuse you when you were a child? so you feel the need to talk about abusing animals? Maybe someone will do those things to you. You need to think about other things for once, instead of yourself. Think about how that cat would feel if you smashed it with a mallet.. and sprayed it will acid. Think about how those things would feel if someone did it to you.

  29. EVP5309:

    Trying to see like/dislike count, but apparently I can’t on my iPod. I bet whatever dislikes this video has, are from PETA though! xD

  30. redberrie12:

    it looks lik a kitteh cant spell.

  31. clondykebarr:

    ;-; cute cat oh my god.

  32. saywhaaat333:

    cutest. kitten. ever.
    i love this kitten.
    love. this kitteh.

  33. xIbloodsport:

    Whaaat you shoved your cat in the fridge, and coffee pot, and into the eavesdroft and other places your kitty should not be

  34. danthoms:

    Some people can’t watch a simple video about a cute kitten without spewing hatred. That’s amazing.

  35. codeyismename:

    fucking ugly if u tell me.

  36. ChakaZoltan:

    1:18 «would you stop sticking me in odd containers? Please?»

  37. jasonrenaud:

    ^^^ video response get the views up watch it in 720 HD if u want too : ) goooo kitties !!! Crazy Catnip kitty – Makes a Mess like / fav and all that good stuff

  38. qet5ess:

    Awhhhh man! I love kittens :( watch?v=0Bmhjf0rKe8

  39. dangeruss:

    @Fosterthepeopleftw95 shut the fuck up

  40. dangeruss:

    @coolchixgirl learn how to spell you inbred fucktard.

  41. dangeruss:

    @Fosterthepeopleftw95 I actually prefer killing cats opposed to talking about it, they are nothing but throw away pets. I ran a cat down this morning in my truck, I actually had to get up in the sidewalk to get the bastard.

  42. dangeruss:

    @mwippa18 sorry, i meant , I want to put it in a blender.

  43. amethystsky22:


  44. mikurockeztehworld:

    where is the CUTE button? (=^u^=)

  45. minercrafterofall:

    I WANT MY COFFIE!!! *guy comes in with coffie* FUCK YOU BITCH!! IMA FIRING MA LAZAR *fires into guys face

  46. balaclavaboy99:

    @WolvesOfEurope (‘c————–__

  47. reggielovescheese:

    So cute!!!!!

  48. WolvesOfEurope:

    But…. will it blend?

  49. sparkleydiva101:

    @nalts do you guys still have the kitten?

  50. Mamie454:

    Its really cute!