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Декабрь 2011
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The Mean Kitty Song


SPARTA NOW HAS HIS OWN YT CHANNEL!: www.Youtube.com LYRICS: I got this little kitty about 2 months back he was the nicest little kitty, now a pain in my crack This little kitty is a ninja, always stalking my feet This little kitty is a warrior you know what I mean he’s an evil little kitty look what he did to my hand tries to get in trouble in any way that he can I could give this cat a toy, but he’d rather have the wrapper and I will always give him water, but he still drinks from the crapper You could lock him in a closet and he just won’t care kitty chews on my shoes and he licks my hair always scratching on my favorite chair and jumping on the couch playing in the window sills and tearing through the house He’s so full of energy and easily amused kitty will attack anything that moves Causing trouble, starting battles just so he could be a little part of he’s a meanest little kitty so we named him sparta Hey little sparta what is with all the fight little bitty kitty wanna bite bite bite Hey little sparta what is with all the fight little bitty kitty wanna bite bite bite Hey little sparta what is with all the fight little bitty kitty wanna bite bite bite Hey little sparta what is with all the fight little bitty kitty wanna bite Where’d you go are you stalking me? are you under the couch, quite possibly ears laid back so you don’t get caught ready to pounce my leg with everything that you got I know you’re probably watching me from across the room concentrating
Video Rating: 4 / 5

Furball Fables – Cats navigate bubble wrap. No cats were harmed in the making of this video! Behind the Scenes info! We were all bored. There has been no sunshine in Los Angeles for weeks. The cats watched from inside with great interest as the bubble wrap was put out. They are always excited and know when something special is happening for them. They all ran out onto their cat patio quickly and were shocked by the feel of the bubble wrap. Many of the popping sounds were actually the human stepping on the bubble wrap. If you look closely the cats slammed the screen door by mistake at the end for the big bang ending! The next day the sun came out finally and they all lounged on the bubble wrap like it had been there forever. Furball Fables www.youtube.com Furball Pet Friends and Kitten Catchers at www.youtube.com Music Exciting Trailer – by Kevin MacLeod incompetech.com Creative Commons By Attribution 3.0
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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50 комм. на “The Mean Kitty Song”

  1. yuyu776:


  2. mollyluvspies:

    the cat is soooooo cute

  3. EVP5309:


    You’re 10 years old? Should you even be on YouTube?

  4. SexyZombieKilla:

    i remember when my sister posted this song on her myspace years ago. never knew it was cory williams until after i started watching katersonesevens vlogs several months ago. so awesome that it has almost 60,000,000 views!

  5. southwillrise2:

    2:14 to 2:28 is my favorite part!

  6. zombiekillingskater:

    I feel the same way.

  7. fungirlninja:

    i luv this song

  8. DrowningSageFish:

    Oh man, I haven’t heard this song in years. I feel old, and so much has changed. But there is one thing that didn’t change in all this time. How amazingly fun to hear and catchy this song is.

  9. niercherdantal:

    OH SO EPIC I have always loved this since I was 6!

  10. jjdlover123:

    its a funny video

  11. username9109:

    this guy probably gets so much pussy

  12. jayfeathersmine:

    @Tickboxes Thats mean to woman you know. say, how do you know?

  13. weirdy258:

    because you named him sparta. what would you do if
    he jumped, screamed this is sparta and kicked you down the stairs?

  14. lpslover680:

    @BankaiMaster137 who cares if its 240p? THIS VIDEO IS FRICKEN AMAZING AND I THINK THE QUALITY IS FINE! theres even another copy of this that Corey uploaded in better quality, but i like this better! :D

  15. somegirl52070:

    lol i luv this!

  16. BULLDOGxxx32:

    Hood! Lol

  17. sexyissback:

    sutch an ace song i love it :D i even no all the words well done to you!! xx

  18. wipps33:

    i fricken love this song! i keep playing it(: i hope its on itunes, LMAAO!! your a good rapper, js!

  19. TheThedoomer:

    Haha bones ontv

  20. Hera2990:

    Like if u saw bones on the tv in the background :)

  21. maxEndgate:

    This new youtube layout is kinda trashy and it reminds me of windows 3.1 on my old 386 :)

  22. EnvyMeJJ:

    if i had 5 dollars for every pixel in this video, id have almost 3 dollars

  23. cowcute12:


  24. tacos4u632:

    Thumbs up if this is WAY better than the duck song.

  25. catlover464:

    my cat does the same thing!

  26. kikityura:

    I laughed involuntarily I walked gingerly to the cats.

  27. MACSMovies:

    Now that is priceless! Lovz it!

  28. sleepyjess1:

    lol @ the end

  29. Ryurik32:

    they must feel in the mine field

  30. gogocrazy300:


  31. Rebel28rus:

    AAAAHH!! I wanna all this bubble wrap!! moooreeeee bubble wrap!!!

  32. pmlsantos:

    Hahaha last ten seconds looks like they are under fire like in a war =)

  33. Erohero651:

    resumindo… o melhor alarme contra gatos ninja do mal é forrar a entrada da sua casa com plástico bolha

  34. BillieJean421:

    hahaha they’re like 007 cats

  35. cakesandpies034:

    ***Check out my hilarious video «CONAN IS SCARY!!»***
    **Thumbs up!!!**

  36. steffens69:

    They don’t know what to think…lol.

  37. freejrs:

    @mikuspalmis You need to feed your cats more.

  38. nevawrong:

    i would rather save a Cat from a burning building, than an actual Human Being,

    i’m sorry : (

  39. lilspiderlily:

    ahahaha… that’s really cute and funny..
    ah… the fun of having cats!
    I envy you… I miss having a cat in the house =(

  40. khunopie:

    praise the Lord!

  41. shafta99:

    only when you can cross the bubble wrap without popping a bubble are you a ninja cat. lol

  42. TheCookingRodent:

    NEW! Watch «World’s Cutest Dog (Driving)» Its so cute!

  43. mikuspalmis:

    These cats need to lose weight. It’s all I could think about, unfortunately. Sorry! :) But, y’know…

  44. PuerinTheHunter:

    It is a humanitarian (no killing) minefield for cats.

  45. jasperjayde:

    I love this! This is so funny! Great video! :-)

  46. TheLizzieBird:

    I’m so glad you think it is funny to stress your cats. How wonderful for you.

  47. MrMonono123aware:

    Congrats on the TV debut in Japan! :-)

  48. 00YsoSerious00:

    my cat nalla died today :(

  49. acealexander702:

    @kelcamargo I use google translate :D

  50. acealexander702:

    @tastysandwhich hehe, I’d like to see him sneak up on someone… with bubble wrap everywhere }:3


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