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Декабрь 2011
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Surprised Kitty (Original)


www.simonscat.com – A hungry cat resorts to increasingly desperate measures to wake its sleeping owner.
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50 комм. на “Surprised Kitty (Original)”

  1. the3aremine1:

    This is so cute

  2. CaptainRex619:

    i need my manliness back

  3. wedisneylove:

    awww so cute <3

  4. ICU2P:

    cute explosion!

  5. KeeganTheAwesome:

    My brain just exploded because of this cat.

  6. poppypia1:

    THATSSSS SOOOOO CUTEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. Scrapingfire:

    ITS SOOO CUTE!!! i. just wanna. TICKLE AND SNUGGLE THAT KITTEN FOR THE REST OF MY NATURAL BORN LIFE!!!! tickleticklesnugglesnuggletickleticklesnugglesnuggle
    is that strange?

  8. silvershadow001:

    Yes… but will it blend? :l

  9. Marcjames1986:

    @SSBMsounds I think you’re missing the point, a snake doesn’t haven’t legs so of course it isn’t gonna look cute, but I’m sure if there was a video of a snake sneezing into a mound of flour and it blew into his face we’d all simultaneously go ‘ AWWWW HOW CUTE’

  10. coolieman786:


  11. KeepCalm1702:

    This is so sweet! So young and knows how to play along! Great video!

  12. cloudmiser:

    Thumbs up if raywilliamjohnson sent u here.

  13. FruitBasketyay:


  14. billiegirl72:

    This is the cutest thing ever I wish my cat did that lol

  15. CassidyPanko17:

    SO flippin cute

  16. SSBMsounds:

    HAHAHA… Silly people fooled by the illusion… If this was a snake, what will you say? «EWWW that’s nasty! How could you play with a snake!?». Guess what? Not only cute puppies and kittens have hearts and needs for love ALL animals do. Don’t get me wrong, I love seeing animals getting the attention they deserve, but just because your eyes fool you into think a kitten is cute doesn’t mean you have to turn your nose to the others :)

  17. Paulineyy21:

    That’s sooooooo cute(: iwantt that kitty

  18. Varodunham92:

    =»»» )

  19. Sailorchunli17:

    sooo cute i just saw this on America’s cute cat

  20. qet5ess:

    LOL that is so cute… she reminds me of my mates kitten…

  21. bluesharp59:

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  22. lordofthepiggies:

    @brittroxsox They must be Gingers!

  23. lollipop82430:



    @Equestria thts funny and sooo right!!!!

  25. Iheartcows123:


  26. MalissaRose:

    I love how the bed is scratched all to pieces. lol

  27. 382mayanzev:

    Like If BoTDF Facebook Brought You Here

  28. espiritolivre63:

    Mine [mr GNASHER ] does exactly the same !!! but not the baseball bit….. [yet!!..]

  29. melodyharmony17:

    I had a cat who wasn’t even mine walk ON MY FACE one morning just to wake me up.

  30. SuperAndyworld:

    oh gosh this is so funny

  31. blartjunior21:

    hahaha wtf?? 28 million lollll

  32. xxbloodbasherxx:

    i so freakin called it. i knew he was going to use a bat

  33. enterman100:

    :54 WTF

  34. KeshaLVR78:

    Does any-one have an eraser? There is a little red smudge on the like bar.

  35. selgmzfanforev11:

    my dads cat will knead ur leg or stomach like a weirdo ?_?

  36. violentfille:

    I love those little details. When a cat sits there, and suddenly puts its paw on your face FOR NO REASON WHATSOEVER.

  37. tigerblaze26:

    My cat does that on weekends, and if I pretend to ignore her she just sits on my chest until I can’t breath.

  38. JsKingBoo:

    That’s what my cat does, minus the baseball bat, plus a piano

  39. supaleffu809:

    0:42… why does the cat have a platypus tail? lol

  40. OKokchell:

    Stop at 0:16, loving the cats face:L

  41. TheKeatonWarrior:

    you know you’ve been watching too much Higurashi when you see the bat and think he’s going to get murdered.

  42. 11mara77:

    …lach, dass war ich gestern abend, zum glück hat er mich wach gemacht….hahaha :-)

  43. EMILYYY123YYY:


  44. matteya26:

    :D :D:D:D:D;Dsara

  45. CrazyAnimLover:

    my cat does the exact same thing with meee! >_<

  46. txrianna:

    @13elsyd13 Meow :3

  47. LostOne86:

    hahahhahahaahahahah i love it! and the others

  48. DeathhassmexyPudding:

    1,355 people never had a cat. How sad. :c

  49. holzkopf6662:

    scheiß werbung :D

  50. MissAnnmarieHunt: