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The Aristocats – Everybody wants to be a Cat – Disney


The Aristocats is a 1970 animated feature produced and released by Walt Disney Productions. The twentieth animated feature in the Disney animated features canon, the story revolves around a family of aristocratic cats, and how an alley cat acquaintance helps prevent a butler from kidnapping them to gain his mistress’ fortune. This film is noted for being the last film to be approved by Walt Disney himself; he died in 1966, while the film was still in early production. It was originally released to theaters by Buena Vista Distribution on December 11, 1970. The title is a pun on the word aristocrats. The film’s basic idea – an animated romantic musical comedy about talking cats in France – had previously been used in the UPA animated feature Gay Purr-ee.

Introduction to this truly unique no-cage, no-kill cat & dog sanctuary in Parlier, California.
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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50 комм. на “The Aristocats – Everybody wants to be a Cat – Disney”

  1. capsicumoleoresin:

    damn, disney…

  2. countrystrata:

    @iBreezy2013 OH! and by the way get use to hearing from people you dont want to. happens when you post something public like this :)

  3. CrazyClara101:

    I always had a thing for talking cats in Europe when I was little.
    I watched Gay Puree’ and Aristocats everyday and still have a video tape of Aristocats.
    I even was Mariee’ for halloween when I was five.

  4. countrystrata:

    @iBreezy2013 my @ss wasn’t talking to you anyway, genius

  5. iBreezy2013:

    @countrystrata I really don’t have to learn how to make a joke when I wasn’t talking to your ass in the first place.

  6. countrystrata:

    @iBreezy2013 learn how to make a joke

  7. KirstySmith98:

    No I Would rarther be a human :D

  8. Androide140:

    this is the shit i miss. i hate all this hannah montanah crap and pretty much everything else on disney. did all the good people from disney die?

  9. hondefronz:

    Goosebumps. Such a damn good song

  10. iBreezy2013:

    @countrystrata Take a joke! In my opinion I think they’d be stoners.

  11. 6kurt6misa6:

    Shanghai, Hong Kong, Egg Foo Young
    Fortune cookie always wrong
    That’s a hot one!

  12. phangirl91:

    That Siamese cat… a little facepalm there…

  13. Karimoon1:

    @PandaBearInASuit roflmao XD *can’t breath laughing too hard* Amen to that!

  14. iheaartwinky:

    This song cracks me up!

  15. swordo21:

    @RaijinSenshi19 You kidding? I watched this when I was a kid and I loved it and I love it now. I just didn’t realize that line was in there ^.^ been a literal life time since I’ve seen it.

  16. PandaBearInASuit:

    @RaijinSenshi19 Lol, thanks

  17. BriannaDy:

    Honey I want a cat ;;)

  18. RaijinSenshi19:

    @PandaBearInASuit You sir/ma’am (didn’t bother to check, deal with it), just earned 3.337.655 people’s respect, including mine. (the current watch count upon writing this comment)

  19. RaijinSenshi19:

    @swordo21 This is a kids movie from the time before Disney became what it is today. Deal with it. >:3

  20. swordo21:

    If you want to turn me on

    Me: What what?

    If you want to turn me on

    this is a KIDS MOVIE!?

  21. SpringingSonatina:

    Wow, I love this anime…wait…I mean MOVIE.

  22. SalandriaUchiha:

    I miss these movies. Thumbs up if you miss the good old Disney magic.

  23. Lead1121:

    thumb’s up if u used to dream of standing on the cliff where Simba was greeted as a lion king or fly with aladin on the magic carpet and getting loss in the middle of jungle with Tarzan, swimming in the ocean with Ariel,Fighting alongside Hercules, saving China with Mulan, never growing up with Peter Pan,becoming an ally cat, dancing with the gypsies on the Hunch back of noter-dam,or just living. but now the 3D cannot do the same thing. Damn really miss the old disney. Bring them back!!

  24. anayellow1:

    wouldn’t be good if children of today liked this kind of songs? Watched this movie and fell in love with.

  25. Boohish:

    Garfield approves of this.

  26. dreamtime1730:

    You are a Wonderful Person to care for so many Cats.But please tell me how do you get them to get along with each another?

  27. BeynenHater:

    You are a wonderful woman. I volunteer for Pet Save and your organization seems the same as thiers. I think that this is a wonderful thing. All cats desirve a home. Right now Im fostering 5 kittens. Also I have 3 of my own cats and a puppy. These animals all desirve homes. Watching this video this morning made me happy to see that there are more people that care for these helpless animals. You are totally 100% AMAZING!

  28. CaeloPearl:

    What a sweet and wonderful thing you’ve done here. Thank you kitty hero!

  29. MsHannelore:

    God Bless you for your love. I am planning on doing something like this soon. I have 10 cats and 4 dogs all rescues of the streets of tucson. I will be getting an inheritance soon and hope to do what you are doing so wonderfuly. Any suggestions,on how you get help from others.

  30. SoGalCal:

    God bless you! If i won the lottery, this is exactly what I would do too!

  31. Raemanzu:

    man… this is so awesome ;_; it’s like my dream. Someday when I have money….

  32. Blake4014:

    People like her, restore my faith in humanity. beautiful!

  33. rosita62:

    Thanks to Jack ? sorry didnt get your family name, but thanx for sharing this with the world..

  34. liduation:

    how u do u keep ALL your cats so clean and healthy?? i always wanted to make cat house like that :D mayb someday i’ll~

  35. tbeak64:

    I have 330 acres in the Ozarks. I would love to do something like this with part of it.

  36. juliastory:

    i would love to be a cat right now omfg

  37. MrPolysmurf:

    Hmm..i was thinking im alone with my crazy thoughts about what that women do.Only reason i don’t do this kind of stuff,i simply don’t get money for that.God bless people like that.

  38. myzardoon:

    this is what heaven looks like :)

  39. lionofthefire:

    Soooo awesome! Please keep up the great work!
    Much love, from Felis – Ristorante & Cat Lounge

  40. 13121964:

    If I have chance to go there I would like to do volanteer…
    Sadly we live in different country…

  41. Ninitalism:

    I really wanna thank Lynnea Lattanzio for being so nice to all this cats…. You’re a great person :) ! Love from Belgium!

  42. ilovemyhorsemeg:

    this is amzing

  43. planetchinchilla:

    What a beautiful place for these animals living like cats and freedom pure heaven for them! :)

  44. hautetamale:

    I just sent in the adoption paperwork!!!!

  45. 13nemar:

    Thanks for given your time and love to this incredible sanctuary. Love to you and all the furianinals.

  46. fleshofdanny:

    Very very COOL!

  47. sleec22:

    Thank you for this existence of this wonderful place…if only many many more sanctuaries like this existed all around the globe!

  48. melisaartemis:

    Awesome place~ That is truly heaven for cats and dogs, more cats and dog compounds need to follow the example of this. Its really easy to see the animals are happy and comfortable there.

    There is no doubt in my mind that any of the cats or dogs adopted from that place would be at their best behavior, after all, there is no reason why they wouldn’t be with such love filled place

  49. kht29:

    Thank you to this wonderful lovely lady. More people should be considerate of animals. You are very much appreciated by these wonderful animals, and many people.

  50. SeattleAnn1:

    I adore what this woman is doing and how she is doing it. I actually began having the same dream a couple of years ago, however, I cannot yet afford it. I also want to learn enough vet stuff to take care of large numbers of cats and give them a lot of space to roam one day. She’s absolutely brilliant. Thanks so much for taking care of these innocent darlings who are sometimes misunderstood and mistreated.