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Декабрь 2011
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CATcerto. ENTIRE PERFORMANCE. Mindaugas Piecaitis, Nora The Piano Cat


www.facebook.com FREE! For «Main Themes from CATcerto» piano version click here: catcerto.piecaitis.com CATcerto (entire performance). Klaipeda Chamber Orchestra, conductor and composer Mindaugas Piecaitis. www.catcerto.com http norathepianocat.com

Jupiter, the talking cat, answers your questions! facebook: facebook.com twitter: twitter.com Thanks once again to snowbirdy6 for supplying video of her awesome kitties Jupiter and Kona: www.youtube.com

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50 комм. на “CATcerto. ENTIRE PERFORMANCE. Mindaugas Piecaitis, Nora The Piano Cat”

  1. iseeu1980:

    This is so beautiful. :)

  2. borghese1:

    Wow …

  3. BetseyFlorair56:

    ha bin reich aber einsam

  4. Zell666Dincht:

    @luispelaeztores master race for sure

  5. markhh:


  6. TheBaesment:


  7. luispelaeztores:

    What’s the cat’s race? / ¿Qué raza de gato es?

  8. luispelaeztores:

    What’s the cat’s race? / ¿Qué raza de gato es?

  9. BillionsUponUs:

    a beautiful comPAWsition!

  10. burnellmusic:

    @lotsoffun The fact is that the Klaipeda Chamber Orchestra, under the direction of Piecaitis, creates and performs a variety of imaginative programing for children and adults. Nora’s contribution aside, Piecaitis’ composition has been incredibly well received, and CATcerto has been performed fourteen times in five countries.

  11. MusicalTalent89:

    I love it!!

  12. norudecommentsplease:

    Does Nora take requests? I quite like carnival of the animals if she could start practising please :)

  13. djkotebe:

    Wonderful! this just made my Musicality fave list :D

  14. sparkster7744:


    El gato? xB

  15. 62Lizbeth:

    O.O holy Sh*t..

  16. YamCrush:

    aplausos al compositor!

  17. SuperTendril:

    I particularly like 1:58 to 2:00

  18. ErinnAsleyvh498:

    mmh ich bin eine gummi puppe

  19. singoku1:


  20. LABUSTO:

    The 238 haters are insecure and should be blaming themselves on their lack of talent. Get over it or just sell your piano; you probably suck anyway if you have nothing better to do then pick on Nora.

    Maybe she can give you losers, lessons.

  21. EBM4music:

    super :D polska przejmuje filmik :x

  22. Sylvscats:

    I only understood aciu. lietuvisku komentaru from the updater’s comment. Thanks. Lithuanian comment

  23. valentinka2668:

    Какой милый котик!!!!!

  24. 0heyjc:

    I literally shed a tear when the cat cuddled the piano. And they say animals are irrational.

  25. animestar0201:

    dear jupiter,

  26. Bow58Hunter:

    I want to see more kona …..

  27. krazoa555:

    So, Jupiter,…how’d those fish taste? Lol

  28. scariable:

    LOL at 3:28

  29. scariable:

    LOL at 2:28

  30. SIlverWolf123451:

    Hey jupiter,have you ever hit a dog before?

  31. SharrkyX:

    i want to see original clips D:

  32. Leafpoolfanatic:

    Hi Jupiter, what do u do when your owners away

  33. SchleichWhisper:

    Pause at 1:47 LOL!

  34. RossMan126:

    what do you like to do best jupiter

  35. bdeyton2:

    hi jupiter, have you ever fallen n love? <3

  36. flyaway154:

    hey jupiter what is you favourite thing to do? :) :)

  37. NihaoChinaAru:

    Jupiter have you ever been married?

  38. naruto4eva11:

    Guys, what breed of cat is this?

  39. misterme4ever:

    jupiter why do you hate kona??

  40. lostbrotherhood29:

    jupiter is hie 2:38

  41. cayway123:

    jupiter do u get anything u ever wanted

  42. GwyneththePrincess:

    my cat misty is named after his gray fur are u named after any thing. if so what?

  43. iluvanimalz00:

    i know, carol! the doctor told me everything!

  44. stylinlife13:

    Jupiter what is ur favorite toy?

  45. MrDarkwolf1995:

    Jupiter, whats your fave relaxing spot?

  46. AmaLeGay:

    «What? 10?!»

  47. Lpsgirly1:

    jupiter, why r u and kona so cute?

  48. bayouguitarman09:

    Haha this is awesome!!!!!!!! :D

  49. fancoy:

    Oh boy! you made my Saturday! XD


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