Cat Sucker Punches Baby


The cat takes exception to the playful baby, and sucker punches her half a dozen times. She was a little stunned, but survived.
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25 комментариев на “Cat Sucker Punches Baby”

  1. Mokeyfrog:

    Kitty can hit early hard…

  2. CyberChick2011:

    I could just watch that on repeat and never get tired of it. lol

  3. sesamecherub:

    Sooooo cute and funny!

  4. SheSmashedYourCat:

    haha! the baby is shocked.

  5. RedDragons44:

    The cat is like GET ONW BITCH ASS FUCKER

  6. Nephewz:

    Bad Kitty Nooo Kitty in Eric Cartmen’s Voice lol!!!!!!

  7. PaulRon2008:

    naughty kitty!

  8. gitarkin:


  9. kitty3309:

    Lmao! You can literally hear the slaps!

  10. superrachel124:

    omg that was so funny hehehe

  11. velvetcat:

    Cats:1 Humans:0

  12. Ashran:


  13. SuperDark454:

    this vid is funny

  14. Mysterio2276:


  15. dominapaincindy:

    atlantatgirl is an azz

  16. AtlantaITGirl:

    cats are so freakin evil!

  17. rhyne222:

    10 slaps in 3 seconds

  18. starwarslover015:

    is it wrong i laughed?

  19. TheGanjafilms:

    cats natural instincts

  20. WookieNutSack:

    six hit combo

  21. alsoknownasnuria:

    @chandeliirX919 dramatic

  22. longdistancePP:

    and not a single fuck was given that day….

  23. my4trackmachine:

    HAHAHA I like when declawed cats wack things its funny. cuttttties both of them.

  24. 1nosurprisezz:

    Baby: Kitty! Want to Pet!
    Cat: *tap a tap a tap tap*
    Baby: 0_0

  25. lichking51:

    but cat he wanted to be your freind