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Декабрь 2011
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Crow and cat


…loveliness.. Crow Crow…loveliness..
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25 комм. на “Crow and cat”

  1. gabyangelus:

    Humans must learn humanity from animals. They are always teaching us lessons of kindness, solidarity and compassion.

  2. wwaarrddy:

    Awww I love that couple.

  3. hap641:

    This story is now a children’s book. We bought them at Barnes & Noble. Really beautiful story for the entire world. Happy Thanksgiving!

  4. MsNemo8888:

    this would be a good cartoon :)

  5. VlikeVince777:

    Animals are better persons than humans!

  6. Bubbalicious7777777:

    So cool.

  7. kenshir1234:

    They are friend !

  8. KeNi666:

    Love has no borders. Wish human kind could learn from all this u.u

  9. ladyvictoria8:

    @Goatmon do you know where the update version is ..its so sweet…the old man is wonderful and holding cassie..She is nice and healthy…god bless the two…I hope there are children to take over cassie’s care if the man goes to yonder…..

  10. ladyvictoria8:

    there is an update video of this .The woman has passed away and cassie was 10..I think it was in 2008..the older man still takes care of cassie.The crow disappeared after 4 yrs…it would tap on the window for cassie to come out..I would like to see it but can’t find it on youtube…

  11. Seelenfeuer666:

    Das Video ist klasse! =D

    Hier noch eine Petition gegen den Abschuss von Rabenvögeln. BITTE ALLE UNTERZEICHNEN! Danke!

    openpetition (Punkt) de/petition/weiterleiten/raben­kraehenmassaker-das-ueberschla­gen-und-klagen-der-getroffenen­-tiere-erinnert-sie-an-gewaltv­er

  12. Kagereneko:

    Real life Speedy and BadBird/Yattaro and Karamaru…

  13. Goatmon:

    @zelos100 Yep!

    They make it clear that, while the cat was given a fine home, the Crow only wanted to visit and see his friend, and never really cared to come inside, except to let the owners know to let the cat out.

  14. shadownight891:


  15. skunkryan:

    ang cute….

  16. Traumdertod:

    68 peoples are just stupid to not love this history…

  17. niteholler:

    @sandrazenwriter i want to get that book! this is one of the cutest things i’ve ever seen. people shouldn’t use the word »birdbrain» as an insult because some birds like crows are very smart and i keep chickens as pets and they are not dumb like people say they are. i love the cat in this video too and i have 5 cats as pets also. and i can’t leave out my 3 dogs either.

  18. llOoXxACExXoOllAS:

    @bRadicalmagic1 that’s nice! ;)

  19. bRadicalmagic1:

    I just can’t decide what pair is cuter. The married coupIe or the kitty and her bird? ? ?

  20. beaverB0B:

    best friends forever
    damn nature you cute!

  21. thediegoxxxx:


  22. mimi1234167:

    What a lovlely friendhsip!

  23. sandrazenwriter:

    I forgot to say the title of the new children’s book. It’s Cat and Crow: An Amazing Friendship by Lisa Fleming.

  24. sandrazenwriter:

    The story of the cat and the crow is now an illustrated children’s book. It’s beautiful! You can get it at Barnes & Noble.

  25. majav15mg:

    Like so many uplifting stories, this one starts with cruelty and heartbreak.