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Dog vs. Cat vs. Ennio Morricone


Video Rating: 4 / 5

Original Video by gamefreek41795, check out his page here! www.youtube.com Sheet Music Download: www.mediafire.com Nyan Cat on piano… ;U; Old timey Nyan Cat. … We need a sepia-tone version of that .gif with the cat wearing a handlebar mustache, bowler derby and monocle. Wish granted. took fucking forever for some reason OH MY GOD, YOU BEAUTIFUL PERSON, YOU.
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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50 комм. на “Dog vs. Cat vs. Ennio Morricone”

  1. eatMyRocket:

    Dog:»I’m gonna beat you’r ass you!»

  2. cooperget:

    I love how cats like to stalk their target even though they’re seen so openly.

  3. jason9aegina7:

    βαζελος μαλλον θα ηταν ο σκυλος

  4. principal4210:

    Y’all relized in the beginning it goes so slow

  5. REDxFROG:

    Best and funniest I’ve seen in a long time.

    …I’d have dropped myself on the floor laughing if I had been there

  6. pinkykei:

    Scary cat stare @ 1:17 :-s

  7. TheTriforce123456:

    It would be good with The Good The Bad And The Ugly theme :D

  8. MsChipKoolAid:

    dudedudedudedudeduedudedudedude try to find where there is D

  9. TheBraincandy123:

    The Good The Bad and the Ugly ending. :)

  10. HeroicHero1:

    Fuck cats man. CATS ARE DICKS

  11. Igyzone:

    SUPER dog = SUPER fail

  12. scavengedfantasyname:

    I knew the dog would bolt. Although cats are easy to surprise, they can be very bloody-minded about getting their will. Even for no reason whatsoever they can make fake attacks in play (they learn if you dislike it though). The dog seemed too much of a «nice fella» and small to turn the situation around, although he made the first move. It’s essentially harmless though.

  13. iRuckaz:

    did the dogs got killed?

  14. seneca175:

    If the cat is the good, the dog the bad, then the camera man might be the ugly (with an empty gun if you have seen the movie). :-)

  15. edumacationdude:


  16. ABNSpaceCadet:

    The laughs in this video sound so half-assed it almost kills it for me, the only thing that kept it going was that dog yelping and fleeing.

  17. SevenTHthunDEr90:

    LOL fail

  18. Bumgetear:


  19. Xdetwix:

    You see, in this world there’s two kinds of animals, my friend: Those who meow and those who bark. You bark.

  20. SonGohanbibi:

    @BetaMechaify u mad thumbwhore?

  21. BetaMechaify:

    @SonGohanbibi dumb bitch

  22. SonGohanbibi:

    @BetaMechaify stfu

  23. kosmastheking:

    CAT:-who’s the pussy now hh?…?0_0

  24. joefreeman856:

    What a pussy dog.

  25. lotus97470:

    and the winner is…..???CAAAAAT I thougt it was the cat suppose to run from dogs

  26. xalexismynamex:


  27. alecghost:

    @waterninten Sounds absolutely smashing.

  28. Donjbyrd:

    He’s shitting

  29. FynecFox:

    that cat is dapper as fuck
    that’s, like, dappernyan cat.

  30. waterninten:

    I say, old bean. This is most exquisite! Makes me want to put down my cane and, dare I say it, have a little shin-dig at the local pub. What say you, gents? Care to join me?

  31. ZephixLunafira:

    I spy a MUUUUSTAAAACHE~ OuQ <3

  32. qx4n9e1xp:

    @rmiller415 well yea, thats what i mean, a good, skilled piano player can play this,
    but not all us nyan cat fans are expirienced with piano playing :p

  33. rmiller415:

    @qx4n9e1xp Umm a bass piano? It’s one person playing the high notes with one hand and the low notes with the other hand, it’s pretty common for a good piano player to be able to do. Hell, you’re on youtube, look up some videos of a performer playing classical compositions.

  34. MinecraftAndStuff1:


  35. cbsifoley:

    I can now listen

  36. joekuta:

    @Darkdead80 cowboys would drink whiskey and dance

  37. dmlsidh:

    Oh and the little hat this is just epic :3

  38. dmlsidh:

    Gotta love that moustache (is it a moustache?)

  39. LikecProductions:

    This video is extremely well made, unlike all the other Nyan Cats…

  40. towerengi23:


    *gets confused look*

  41. qx4n9e1xp:

    @Darkdead80 yes but if you listen closely, theres a low piano playing, and a higher one, you must really need to have mad skillz if you can have one hand play the main piano part, and the other hand the bass piano

  42. Grominx:

    29 people were too poor to afford monocles

  43. MrJman96ize:

    you see he is rushing to the bank most be the great depression

  44. windrunnertheAWESOME:

    And this, my son, is how we won the war.

  45. gluedtomylaptop:

    trun it to 240p to make the video complete ;)

  46. EveYarnton:

    I really like this:)

  47. ABritishGamer:

    @SUPERMARIOROCKSYES The town wasn’t big enough for the two of them ;)

  48. zeesbff:

    Idk if I can even go a minute before closing this….if I could go back in time I would apologize to myself for wasting my time.

  49. marquardtle:

    Wasted my time

  50. waterninten:

    I say!