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Cats 17 Macavity: The Mystery Cat


Cats 17 Macavity: The Mystery Cat.

Aztec the cat challenges a noisy toy frog garden ornament, resulting in an epic battle. Copyright Catzmagick Productions 2011. Music c/o Kevin Macleod.

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50 комм. на “Cats 17 Macavity: The Mystery Cat”

  1. gymlovr828:

    Macavity scarred the hell outta me when i was little… HAHA

  2. alex6610552:


  3. Cynderrulz:

    Bomba: and when you think he’s half asleep, he’s always…
    Me: Hmm her voice is getting a bit soft even when im using my earphones, I should turn up the sound *clicks on louder sound about five times*
    Bomba: WIIDDEE AWWWAAAKKKEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. DayoKid:

    @sabeffah : no…

  5. dantecrush24:

    I love how its like SEDUCTIVE but its meant to be classsy

  6. webshowbtgirls:

    my favorite part in this is when demeter screams «or another peke’s been stifled!» it really gives me chills, THIS SONG IS GREATLY CHOREOGRAPHED BY THE WAY

  7. alanrickmanobsessor:

    I’ve choreographed a dance for this. . . I really need a stage and cast.

  8. SegwayRulz:

    Furfaggotry, Furfaggotry, Theres nothing like Furfaggotry

  9. sabeffah:

    I think macavity is related to misto since they both share magical powers

  10. sabeffah:

    Bombalurina was the one kidnapped

  11. Actors317:

    @blackclawedthing Been watching this film for over a decade…never knew that?!

  12. valeriemci1:

    How cool! What nice info on the play in the posts here! Thanks!

  13. blackclawedthing:

    Something I heard, Demeter was kidnapped by Macavity when she was a kitten and Bombalurina used to have past relationships with him.

  14. zeezeezoe909:

    @thindrichs I always thought that about the Rum Tum Tugger

  15. LSSJBardock:

    macavity is one lucky sob to have those two after him

  16. ThreePeopleAreDead:

    Macavity’s a ginger cat. No fucking surprise there.

  17. thindrichs:

    macavity is like david bowie in the labyrinth.

  18. LittleMsMadness:

    Macavity use to scare the fuck out of me when I was little

  19. 20meerkat:

    I sung this in a production where we had to sing different musical songs and I think I was alright…

  20. julia92901:

    i think that my dance company can use this song

  21. Trixx822:

    I read the story line behind it. It said Demeter likes mecavity but knows he is bad for her to she stays away

  22. Dragon4God:

    Dang, Demeter looks flipping scary at 6:52!O.O

  23. littlenannybot:

    @MythExist spayed.
    a girl cat gets SPAYED.


    Macavitys hot .

  25. AbridgedPenguin:

    Moriarty, Moriarty, theres no-one like Moriar-
    *Macavity gives me evils*

  26. skeezysquirrel:

    Next week: Cat vs a Horde of Garden Gnomes!

  27. pjebarakus:

    your cat has good camouflage vest :D

  28. 2003Balint:

    nekem ez a macska kell

  29. 01fey:

    @HappyFamilyPlan Not at all, it’s epic battle music from some kind of movie scene, I think it works well :)

  30. TheElCabronsito:

    I request a dubstep version, please!

  31. ifactu:

    TALKING cat being angry because of trolling.. check out my channel

  32. HappyFamilyPlan:

    utterly ridiculous and bizarre choice of music… but it somehow works in this insane video

  33. Randomlaugh09:

    okay it would have even been better if the frog spit out water .. the cat would be all pissed then

  34. fer95asd:

    Only the frog can dislike the video

  35. TheBash89:

    I wanted the frog to jump.. but it never did :(

  36. 777shades:

    Obligatory dubstep remix in 3…2…1… kgo

  37. jonpickersgill:

    ONE person is a frog

  38. shogunofyellow:

    never go full retard

  39. redephelant:

    Frog: 1 Aztec : 0

  40. kailanpancake:

    if the frog makes a noise when you touch it then it must suck when it rains

  41. MidoriFan10:

    I like how every time the frog croaks, the cat acts like it just got smacked in the face.

  42. BloodFleshAndBones:

    I like the part where the cat hit the frog with its paw.

  43. TaichiFromHell:

    was geht mit der cutze iksdeh

  44. 21wildman21:

    @TheIrony2013 the frog attacks with a sharp noise,so it`s a battle ;D

  45. sweetloveelmo:


  46. ChefThia:

    Your video is great!!! Maybe you should call it «How to torture your cat» – I needed the laugh, Thanks!!

  47. stressedken:

    Now this was funny lol………..wonder how the frog feels now lol

  48. TheIrony2013:

    This seemed more an assault on a toy frog rather than a ‘battle’ to me. If only the frog could jump….

  49. DerEchteBold:

    thank you for makin’ me really laugh

    great cat!

  50. SlvrStkr2:

    He’s a beautiful cat.


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