Shorts for Cats


USA (2008) Duel — A lone soldier stumbles upon an altercation forever changing their lives; No Menus Please — Ming and Carlos are two immigrant who embrace an ingenious solution while competing to distribute restaurant menus. When Ming learns that competition is tough, and his job is in jeopardy, he must break the truce to keep the American Dream alive.; The Big Break — An Actress’s plan to sleep her way to the top swerves off course when she mistakes an inexperienced member of the Mafia for the powerful producer he was sent to kill. Competition arises when she realizes the hit man may have acting ambitions of his own.; The Fight — A talented painter chooses between painting and fighting; Little Wings — An abused boy is befriended by a kind stranger on the path to «joy».; Don’t Leave Me — A psychological drama with a twist.
Video Rating: 3 / 5

What could be better than a cute kitty video or a campaign ’08 satire? How about a mashup of the two? Slate V presents the long slog to the Democratic convention in an adorable nutshell!
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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44 комментария на “Shorts for Cats”

  1. MiKabuki16:

    The first part is a diffrent movie! 25:30 is about when this movie starts.

  2. gdrogtrop:

    Met katten kom je er wel! ,want hier is geen kat te vinden,of zat ie achter een boom of zo!!!!!!

  3. beccabrat59:

    this is an old movie its dumb

  4. futuremrsA12:

    im confused…..

  5. TheBlondie967:

    The title is very miss leading!

  6. 00101110o:

    does not actually contain cats!

  7. SkunkyPink:

    Where’s the cats !

  8. TyannIsShadowStream:

    WASTE OF MI TIME stupid crackheads came up wit dis title…

  9. MrFebreze89:

    yaa,,,!!where is the cat,,,not this stupid intro,,, boooooo,,!!!

  10. izzyizzuddin:

    where is the cats? me and my cats want see the movie

  11. mariare0:

    I really enjoied the no menus one that was good

  12. dumblondesl0l:


  13. ASTR1D88:

    Out of all the shorts the only one I liked was «No Menus Please,» everything else sucked.

  14. MrJaniru:

    whats up with the comment removed

  15. MaggieLepe:

    lmfao, this is so pathetic XD

  16. MrDolph12:


  17. MissDivaMagazinePS3:

    My cat doesn’t like this movie.

  18. fuzzyendofthelolipop:

    @TheGnarlyNic Ermm…..Keep talking, someday you’ll say something intelligent! This is a collection of film shorts …. Where your parents siblings or something ? Before u start hurling insults about you could at least have the common decenacy to get your facts correct …

  19. TheGnarlyNic:

    ok this movie is retarded! it starts out with a medieval dual scene then shows the credits then shows an asian restaurant… this is stupid

  20. genus2:

    Thumbs up if you think this is dumb

  21. XyL0Ph0n3:


  22. montrealmanu:

    The white-ish one is the serious power walker, the other one is only using his front two legs.

  23. lesleyleno:

    that is funny lol

  24. DdizzykittyK:


  25. abflug7587:

    i think the black ones oboma

  26. rotrdshsmrdp2010:

    You are a genius to connect the dots!

  27. FixYourError:

    No big deal just taking a run on the treadmill.

  28. Shmust:

    OMG WTF NAGGARS OF DA SOUF REPPIN THE 412 THATS RIGHT reppin the P vill. For those who don’t know dats du durty durty Penny vill PENNSYLVANIAN MANG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  29. BwSabz:


  30. UnionKidz:

    The white one is a lot smarter but the black one has the WILL POWER !

  31. crazycoocoo111:

    awwwwwww so cute!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  32. cassius969:

    The black kitty needs to shape up.

  33. jupitergirl100:

    oh democrat.

  34. GaleZamora:


  35. EasyMoneyForTeens:

    the tabby cat is like eff im tired thats why he has 2 feet on the treadmill lol

  36. lovinme14:

    come on partrick sponge bobs betting youh got to get that money from krabs

  37. AU3rockers:

    good exercise for house cats =)

  38. utterfisk:

    läfing me as of

  39. soccermarie:

    dark cat is lazy

  40. ahhchaosx:

    i like the hilary cat lmao

  41. stoneeh:

    wow, you copied it from the other channel. v=xg2XaNx0NqI

    well done. stealing is so much easier than doing it yourself

  42. ExtremePeppers:

    Sorry, But my cat has a higher IQ than both of those idiots.

  43. AtomicEagle48:


  44. Stupidnoobs360:

    Awww cats doing exercise ;D