Crow and Kitten are Friends


I found this video clip while looking through some old VHS tapes I had laying around. This was recorded by my mother around 1999/2000; I’m glad she had the blank tape ready to go in the recorder when the show «Miracle Pets» came on. If anyone knows the current situation of these two friends, please post, we’re all curious. You might notice at 2:16 she dials the typical «555» number but then the scene switches to the front of the vet clinic. From the video clip, it’s easy to see the phone number of the clinic on the sign in front and then google the rest: Meker Veterinary Clinic 649 Washington St South Attleboro, MA 02703 (508) 399-8984 Here is a link with possibly more info: UPDATE 07/12/2009 I got this response from someone that claims to be a relative. I Know You Might Not Belive Me But I Am Dead Serious Those Are My Grandparents.. My Grandmother Died 4 Years Ago And my Grandfather Still lives In that House.The cat(Casey) Was Hit By a Car And it Didn’t Die But It Ran Away We Saw It Near My House It look Very Sick. We Never Saw It Again.The Crow Disappeared And We never saw it again and the cat seemed to be very sad. but yes i am the’re grandson. they lived in a old people trailer park in north attleboro ma next to a stop and shop. that vetraineran was the whole families vet and we always went and we still go there. so if you don’t belives me i can get you proof. thank you. Nathan Collito UPDATE 5/28/2011 I have information from someone that investigated
Video Rating: 4 / 5

In June, The Humane Society of the United States assisted in the rescue of 700 cats from a hoarding situation in Alachua County. This weekend, after overseeing the cats’ care for nearly three months, we held a large-scale adoption event.
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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  1. ilovetelevision24:

    My favorite part is when the kitten scares(frightens) crow@ 5:01

  2. GalaSachaci772:

    mmh is ja lustig

  3. KanedaMontreal:

    there should be a disney movie for this.

  4. ReaAlleensb563:

    hihi schaut mich an bin ein frosch

  5. Nathan21122012:

    I think the Crow has a Pet Cat in this case — Crows have self awareness.

  6. KelsieSilviaqg329:

    ey i need a man

  7. AnaraneSeragone:

    Thank you so much for sharing this! 🙂

  8. chillmax:

    Wonderful, thanks very much for this, chocked me up a little 😉 Shame they didn’t call a TV station, it might have been filmed for a documentary!!

  9. MsCatCoop:

    Love this!!

  10. KristineMGArt:

    Absolutely incredible. I guess anything is possible once you get past expectations.

  11. ElidiaKyleepc80:

    mmh I`m a very sesy girl as you will see waiting you to teach me

  12. amethystiumm:

    Incredible….. how could there be some thumbs down for this video,,,

  13. OnmyJrny:

    Recent Update: «Ann Colito died in 2006, but Cassie — who’s now 12 years old — still lives with Wallace in their Massachusetts home…»

  14. phen81:

    The wife looks a lot like Michael Moore

  15. coldplaylyrics2011:

    Love this video!

  16. onceme2u:

    High-five Animal Kingdom!

  17. Cuddlezbug:

    I find it very funny how when she dials the animal clinic she dials 555 and then the number. But as the show the clinic, the sign has the phone number right on it! haha!
    Awesome video too!

  18. heavyh3art:

    If any one is still wondering, Cassie the cat did run away after being spooked by a dog — however! She did return to Wallace Collito and the pair is still living together. You can see recent photos of the two at a book signing on the children’s book facebook page.

  19. endtyrany:

    With all our intelligents we still have’nt evolved to bring peace to the world eliminate hunger or understand how two natural enemies can not just get along but thrive and depend on one another! Yet we are the Humane ones and they are just animals! If we only had the understanding of these two amazing beings maybe someday hopefully before it’s too late we to can attain peace and enlightenment equal to a kitten and momma crow!

  20. stars6354:

    Let there be peace on earth, thanks cat and crow.

  21. docsis3:

    The sun chronicle article say the woman died on on March 29 2006 , and that cassie ran away after being attacked by a dog in 2008.

  22. melloe:

    this is too adorable ahhhh

  23. hap641:

    Beautiful story. Humans have a lot to learn from the cat and crow!

  24. Oppurtunafish:

    this is the best thing ever!

  25. ToriiHunterFan:

    the new york post article where i read about this story brought me here (several days later) and i can’t find it again, otherwise i’d provide a link. sorry 🙁 but man, seriously, what a great story, right? even the aftermath, as sad as it may be, is good. we all die eventually, even this cat and crow. but how amazing is it that even after they’ve died, their story STILL leaves an impact! what an example two animals have set for us «superior-minded» humans!

  26. ateffii:

    look at those cats how they feel happy when they see a human around ^^; its like they beggin to be adopted… i will adopt one next year

  27. 79barkingspider:

    @paulfbest Why not try a third time to spell «feral» correctly? What do you propose we do to get rid of the feral cats? Do you like the proposed (voted down) plan by the jackass in Utah to allow people to shoot cats? Poison works, but you might kill other animals. Nobody mixes feral cats with domesticated ones. BTW, if you think a domesticated caged cat is «psychologically dead», I’ll introduce you to Allie, Sara, Jake, Batman, and dozens of others who are happily living in their new home

  28. bon1042:

    I want to know if Possum has any sight left in his eyes, were either or both eyes salvageable??

  29. ELmassive91:

    If you want to donate some money download the checkpoint app you can give your points to help the animals

  30. DianeDi:

    Great people doing even greater things ! Our world sure could use a lot more.

  31. AnimalHolocaust:

    This is such great news it brought tears to my eyes.
    But what happened to the OTHER 150 + cats ?
    I hope they weren’t all put down 🙁

  32. MsRacheluk:

    Amazing what you have done for these cats; I don’t understand why anybody would want to harm them, I love cats. I have to tabby cats they are very happy we adopted them from my friend who had saved them from an evil guy who used to dunk their heads in a bath of hot water, which is probably why my eldest cat is terrified of water. Although I have helped him over come his fear and he now takes a bath when needed. Thanks again for this video love it, x

  33. paulfbest:

    BIG CAT LOVER HERE,,and I have to say,,these so called cat lover rescue orgs are cold hearted shallow thinking BIGOTS,,keeping wild ferels mixed in with PURE SOFT HEARTED DOMESTICS.
    So now wonderful domestics dumped by cold hearted owners have to suffer with wild ferrels.
    GET RID OF ALL FERRELS so domestics have a SLIM CHANCE OF ADOPTION..a domestic caged after 3 months is PSYCHOLOGICALLY DEAD.
    These cold heart women can not understand my POV.
    *Humane Society*. = INhumane Gestapo

  34. philomycus:

    There are STILL ~ 170 kitties here that are waiting every day for there forever homes. This isn’t over…. PLEASE consider adopting one of these awesome cats!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  35. K5H13760:

    Wow, I’m so glad I rescued my ‘Zoe’ from the side of a road in southwest Ohio in the winter of 08′ she was sick, starved, dirty, & very pregnant. I brought her home, took her to the vet, got her checked out. Her kittens were all adopted in less than 3 days. Zoe is never further than 10 inches away from me, even follows me to the bathroom. I can’t imagine life without Zoe, she’s taken over!

  36. Toottycat:

    God bless you all!

  37. 122668msc:

    Just two simple but big words!!! Thank you !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am so happy to see that all these beautiful catss were rescued and adopted. Finally a second chance to live happy. God bless you for all your hard work. Hopefully you can do the same in Arizona, unfortunately there is a big comunity of strays cats and seems that nobody cares. Please hepl!!!!!!

  38. meganms401:

    thank you!

  39. darkrain1414:

    this made me get teary! i’m so glad people share the same love for animals as i do! i can’t imagine my life without my babies (cats)

  40. tpocain:

    So heartwarming!:«) My mother has rescued many kitties that have been dumped off on the side of the road and says that there’s nothing like a boxful of cats!:)

  41. Jeramie50:

    I am a dog rescuer, but i love this and want to thank the Humane Society and everyone involved in this rescue. You rock. Bless you forever.

  42. Bluvenus:

    Cats are my passion!! My dream is to be able to take part in this type of experience every day! My sister and I plan to start our own animal sanctuary in the near future. I would love to partner with the HSUS in our work … they are a GREAT organization!!

  43. ladygirl1409:

    I just adopted 2 kittens from my local shelter a couple of weeks ago with the 9/11 anniversary here I was flying on that day to see my family and it has really affected me so its so nice to have the comfort of them around thank you for all the help you give to these animals and keep up the good work

  44. KetelsenKristina:

    @FLASHBOY41 Hi, I’m a credit card contributor and looked into PayPal for you. Unless they give you an email address, I don’t think you can pay by PayPal. I’m sure they’d love a credit card donation, though! 😉 This organization does really good work and isn’t extreme like PETA. I donate when I can!

  45. leahc545:

    Soooooooo cute!!!!

  46. JBLUVER161505:

    i love cats, i wish i could take one of them home:)

  47. SeaninMa:

    There is a special place in heaven for those who care for animals they way you do! God bless 🙂

  48. MsPoochface:

    What fantastic news for a change!!! Lovely to see this vid.!:))))))))))))

  49. gimmepatch:

    It’s…… Catapolooza!!

  50. FLASHBOY41:

    I love your work and i really like to contribute and help Can we make donation via paypal?