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Cats 19 Grizabella: Memory (Reprise)


Cats 19 Grizabella: Memory (Reprise).
Video Rating: 4 / 5

Oh so strange….. With lovely music by Hundred Little Reasons. For more Maru vids go to Mugumogu’s channel. Go to www.hundredlittlereasons.com for more ukulele bliss. Also check out «I am Maru – The Stunt Cat (The melophonic remix) for a glimpse of Maru’s more outrageous antics.
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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50 комм. на “Cats 19 Grizabella: Memory (Reprise)”

  1. careylymanjones:

    Something Robert Heinlein wrote about Auguste Rodin applies here:
    Anyone can look at a pretty girl and see a pretty girl. An artist can look at a pretty girl and see the old woman she will become. A better artist can look at an old woman and see the pretty girl she was. A great artist can look at an old woman, portray her exactly as she is, and force the viewer to see the pretty girl she used to be… and that the pretty young girl is still alive, merely prisoned inside her ruined body.

  2. Saya343:

    @utevon I know what you talking about i cry everytime

  3. iAsian92:

    This video had a little over 297k views, now it’s over 300. Is the cause of me? :D

  4. cathavenfostermom1:

    Some people say this ending is a cop out, «oh, she sings song and suddenly they like her again.»
    Its not like that, if you watch them closely, they slowly turn to look at her, realizing she was once part of their lives and they shared the same happiness. In the end, they’re all looking at her, waiting to see who will be the first to approach her. They knew it would be easier to leave her, but they all knew that one of them wouldn’t let that happen, they were waiting to see who it would be.

  5. oneListhename:

    I just love this song :)

  6. M4S1cM4N:

    4:44 has some of the most beautiful vocals ever. I lived in England as a small child and watched cats for the first time in almost twenty years today. This part at 4:44 brings me back to my childhood and I cry every time

  7. RawrSaveme123:

    What is the meaning of «Daylight see the dew on the sunflower and a rose that is fading roses wither away like the sunflower I yearn to turn my face to the dawn, I am waiting for the day…» It’s so beautiful

  8. Oskonomikal:

    Also, the «new day» she sings about is the rebirth (and new chance at happy life) she recieves from Old Deuteronomy

  9. Oskonomikal:

    Its a metaphor for her life. If you havent seen the musical before:
    Grizabella was once a normal jellicle cat, and had lots of fun and a happy life. This represents the «day» of her life, and is the memories she speaks of. However, she left the tribe long ago to seek fame and fortune, and these dreams are never realized (as evident by her appearance). This, along with her return and shunning by the Jellicles, represents the «night». The light of happiness has set on her life.

  10. JDNightGhobhadi:

    @cathavenfostermom1 Oh, I agree! It’s particualrly difficult to build this up on stage – with so many characters. But the advantage with a film companion is that certain camera angles can catch many significant details that would otherwise be missed in a live theatre production, depending on where the audience is seated. So with this video, we can get a better sense of the characters through close-up shots on facial expressions/body movements, etc.

  11. KittyCate528:

    «Memory (Reprise)» is my favorite song from CATS. FTW

  12. andresfloggerelectro:

    me encanta esta cancion :D

  13. ThreePeopleAreDead:


  14. MSABC991:

    Jemima and Grizabella’s duet is so beautiful here!

  15. VivaLaEquus:

    @JCJumper1 Actually that really isn’t her singing. Because of her accent, her voice was dubbed over by Helen Massie.

  16. ejones1995:

    5:14 is one of the greatest moments ever seen in Theatre.

  17. OnaCR96:

    Oh, geez! I just cried!

  18. LemonadeIcedTea01:

    Is she singing about dreading the nights and looking forward to each new day? Or is there a deeper meaning?

  19. MyAngelMamaMine:

    I’ve seen Elaine Paige sing in many different forums, on many different stages, and I don’t think she is ever more beautiful than she is as Grizabella.

  20. nurz33:

    the most touching scene!!! i cried when i first saw it at the theatre. her voice and the story make me cry every time i watch ToT

  21. JCJumper1:

    4:44 <33
    I Love her Voice :3

  22. patmisener:

    Incredible vocals. I only wish I had seen it live. Maybe someday they’ll bring it back? Breathtaking indeed.

  23. MrDreamdweller:

    Even though Elaine’s voice is in a class to itself, Veerle Casteleyn’s voice is hypnotic.

  24. pureimagination75:

    CLASSIC theater. Singing without the use of a microphone.

  25. SweetSangria29:

    Grizabella’s pain is so apparent with this song, I can feel it in my bones. It gave me chills the first time I saw it!

  26. DjKat1126:

    i <3 maru!

  27. astabjork00:

    he’s so cute and awesome =D !!!

  28. mortenpilot:

    Hi Maru,
    I think i am your «brother» here in Norway:) My name is Hercules. I have the same colour, shape and exactly the same «stripes»,,, how is that possible? Im not «crazy» as you, but you look the same as me;). Its a bit scary!:) I am street mix! Can someone tell me how this is possible? Email; mortenexel@hotmail.com

  29. Scarey1933:

    Afraid he’ll suffocate!

  30. twilightny95:

    … I think I’m in love <3 <3 <3

  31. kepler1830:

    This cat is so weird, but adorable.
    Looks like an astronaut.

    Nice song – fits the relaxed character of Maru.

  32. mama73250:

    Lara likes silly cats and Dougie likes chimpanzees riding on segways. what a perfect couple *-*

  33. germinc:

    I really want to see Maru take off the paper bag on his own…

  34. MrMrtopi:

    4726 people loves cats :)

  35. Tunachew:

    lol hes in his little Maru land with tht bag on his head. <3

  36. meowool:

    @MrKittenas i think he said in the description of one his videos, that Maru (Circle) is a Norwegian Forest!

  37. 91DarkStorm27:

    You jerk. You should be in jail for animal cruelty dammit and not getting views on youtube! ><

  38. MrKittenas:

    You can tell me the breed of this cat please??

  39. npukol100:

    Такой лаапкаа

  40. PenguinLord10:

    someone should have drawn a face on the paper bag so when he looks up with it on his head he has a silly expression on :D

  41. grdndiva2001:

    your cat is so cute and funny i have 6 cats myself and wouldnt trade them for anything they are so much fun to have around and i love them all

  42. terraambient:

    looks like maru has done a number on that couch. lol. i feel for you.

  43. fabis1999:

    Ele é uma criança!!

  44. tgrigsby7:

    ROTFLOL!!! Oh my gosh, I love Maru!!

  45. livvybabyxo:

    @sweetone985 UMMM.. HELLO!? doesn’t mean the cat had an easy time breathing….

  46. chaplinlover9999:

    a hermetically sealed pussy…..cat. LOVE Maru

  47. DespairsofTheFault:

    this video made my sunday, perfect song, perfect cat, love you maru

  48. Bananasthecat:

    this is what i have to say to this………… Freaking Adorable :3 <33

  49. Shortietheshortman:

    @pokemaster8956 So they died of suffocation and they’re mouse knocked the dislike button.

  50. leticiatgoedert:

    can’t. stop. laughing.