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Декабрь 2011
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Eddie Izzard – Cats and Dogs


Cat, are you drilling?

Some random HD footage I shot of mostly stray cats that we feed when they come to our home. The only cat that we keep indoor/outdoor is the frosty gray cat Jakers (the one who loves cleaning other cats), and he is 14 years old.

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25 комм. на “Eddie Izzard – Cats and Dogs”

  1. tktodd:

    @koko6600 Thank You for the comment :)

  2. koko6600:

    i watch this with my 2 years. daughter. and she loves this vedio very. much. thank. you. for all the happy. time you given. me whith. her

  3. tacomanfan344:

    I watched this with my cat.

  4. wwefan522:

    I LOVE CATS! Thanks for the upload!

  5. trekkiegoat:

    This is crazy cat lady porn.

  6. abcabcabdfg:

    God Bless you for taking care of those stray cats.

  7. Smartoha:

    Amazing video! Amazing animals!

    What is the name of the song?

  8. LittleGingerLion:

    Can I use some of these clips in a video please?

  9. Whirlpooley:

    They’re so beautiful, I thought they were professionally animated cats. :D !

  10. missmayflower:

    So nice. I feel so relaxed now.

  11. alexalperov:

    i want to stroke those pussies

  12. MrAsfdjkl12345:

    this calms me down almost as much as my vicodin fix.

  13. mreshayz100:

    who would dislike this.. seriously that one person who has no life.. why

  14. kevmgit:

    My cat loves to watch this

  15. drplbiftin:

    Whenever I’m feeling sad I just watch this video. Instant happiness!

  16. sevrandy:

    my cat freaks out when i do this stuff! She is putting her head nad paws and trying to knock my macbook off!

  17. MrPathorn:

    Make this a 3D movie!!

  18. pokezionzook:

    me and my cat watched this and my cat stared mystically into the screen, thanks

  19. vitmerc:

    awesome video, and Thanks for HD because i can watch it along with my cats =3

  20. Olengher:

    This looks like DSLR footage, nice subject, nice music

  21. Ismaningo:

    Such natural beauties!

    Very nice video.

  22. rokedetbamidbar:

    This is a fantastic video – wonderful work, so clear you can almost touch those beautiful cats.

  23. gu4l73r10:


  24. permanentbliss1:

    meow!!! my kitty needs friends like these, thx

  25. Danyanz:

    do they ever fight?
    cuz even my own 2 strays fight each other occasionally