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kittens inspired by kittens


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25 комм. на “kittens inspired by kittens”

  1. XxWhoopaxX:

    bestest video ever !

  2. blakekelly0:

    @catzmiao ah – but stupid spelled stuped is GENIUS!

  3. blakekelly0:

    @DeannaxGras AWESOME! you actually misspelled retarded! that’s HYSTERICAL!!!!

  4. blakekelly0:

    @spyrofan6789054 you have been told wrong….

  5. blakekelly0:

    @gangrelgurl ah, yes. fake tattoo. sorry!

  6. blakekelly0:

    @WiiMiiGirl7 actually tyra banks

  7. blakekelly0:

    @bigbutt809 correct. hannah was her babysitter for a long time. sadly, hannah passed away a few years ago.

  8. blakekelly0:

    @catlove2 will do. and thanks for the kind words!

  9. blakekelly0:

    @imaprettycoolguy her younger brother is developmentally disabled, the chair is a physical therapy device to help him stand upright.

  10. blakekelly0:

    @lalikrazykat23 yep she started reading w the funny voices and i grabbed the vid camera, captured her voice. then i went back and filmed the page-turning, and edited them together.

  11. livingpr00fx:


  12. lalikrazykat23:

    how did this start? did she just radomly start doing it and u got the camera, or did she tell you… what????

  13. MJMyrna:

    How old was the little girl when this was shot? I’ve watched it a few times and it cracks me up every time. She an original, that one!

  14. ebdancer1997:


  15. nickyegan:

    i’m her mom… no she’s not! hahahahaah

  16. bellona6356:

    I’m her mom… no shes not.. LMAO.

  17. TheInterventionboy:

    Pretty funny

  18. waremi51:

    Davis was this a test? Anyway I did it and it was cute!

  19. imaprettycoolguy:

    whats with the restraining chair in the background? shes cute though.

  20. coffeemanac:

    she’s so cute

  21. coffeemanac:

    she’s so cute

  22. matty1754:


  23. matty1754:


  24. catlove2:

    Adorable!!! and her enthusiasm doing the hilarious comments adds to the fun!!! So many cute lines….hard to pick a favorite. Please thank your daughter for all the smiles and laughter. Will be sharing this for sure! :)

  25. woahhitsmo92:

    haha to freakin cuteee.
    «braiinnstorrrmm… maaaggiiccc!!» hahaha