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Декабрь 2011
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Nyan Cat Speed Painting


CHECK OUT THE NYAN CAT GAME: www.nyancatfly.com DA download here: kingaby.deviantart.com NYAN NYAN NYAN NYAN NYAN NYAN NYAN NYAN NYAN NYAN ! as requested, there is a timer! enjoy! Sorry for lack of updates: only a few weeks left as a student, then its time to find a real person job! music: www.nicomimi.net gif source: prguitarman apparently
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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25 комм. на “Nyan Cat Speed Painting”

  1. piemonkey321:

    So I’m trying to be more critical on art I see. So let’s get into to it! While the sprinkles are outright beautiful, a bunch of them aren’t even on the glaze, some aren’t even on Nyancat. The rainbow isn’t very distorted, as it was with the original. The limbs (and tail) look detached from the body. My final problem is that it feels a bit uncared for in the background above Nyancat, the… (gas?) seems a bit awkward, it also looks empty, like there should be more stars. Amazing drawing still.

  2. MangoDolphinYoutubin:

    Hey! No Top Comments! Let my try….. Meow.

  3. ostrichlovHD:

    do you use something special to paint or do you just use the mouse?

  4. CrazyEnzo03:

    This looks like the picture Ubisoft used for one of their sale ads.

  5. gluemanred:

    He must have had the hour long version of nyancat playing! Awesome PS!!

  6. elue1234:

    the art is REALLY GOOD

  7. RascaIKat:

    Epic realism in the poptart icing. It’s making me HUNGREH…

  8. fito1922:

    Creature Carl! MLG CATS!

  9. Sally4ucp:

    I drew a picture by hand of nyan cat, but it was facing towards the sun. I showed it to my dad (who sadly, knows nothing about nyan cat) and he said «Why is it flying into the sun? Does it want to get toasted?» :P

  10. crinwolf:

    BAHAHAAH only 50 min? ok now how long did it REALLY take you thats way to good for only 50 min

  11. Jaberwalkie93:

    Omg thats epic

  12. hundeelsker100:

    sorry but i like not nyan cat but it is a magic cool speed paint!

  13. dkamp68:

    Funny ^^’

  14. ajrocks1224:

    This is so awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  15. dustomatic100:

    wow… 48 minuites… for a pic that good its amazing time!

  16. carmanino:

    @spiritluver5900 paint something while using speed recorder than use windows movie player and speed it up

  17. qwertyvale:

    this is so cool! i am horrible at drawing on the computer

  18. nyhmsnice:

    sorry but for me it looked like a cat morphed with a piece of toast bread xD

  19. ellenthewatermellon:

    it depresses me that this took less than an hour. you’re amazing. GO NYAN CAT

  20. ZombieLoyalist:

    Nyan Cat holds all the answers!

  21. CrazyColliesTM:


  22. spiritluver5900:

    @Kingaby i mean do you have to buy the photoshop CS5? or do you download it? anyways, nice nyan cat!!!!!! 83

  23. RandomPanda22:

    I need this in my house.EVERYWHERE.

  24. Kingaby:

    @spiritluver5900 OK, I’ll explain. «speed painting» can mean 2 things. 1: A painting that was made very quickly. 2: A painting video that has been sped up so that it appears to only be a few minutes long. Generally they are both.
    So a speed-painting COULD be made using Acrylic paint, a camera, and windows movie maker.
    I use Adobe Photoshop CS5 for painting, and Camtasia Studios for recording the video and speeding it up.

  25. spiritluver5900:

    @spiritluver5900 how to you speed paint, is there a program to download? do you have to buy it? i am so stupidness!!! xD