выставка кошек Израиль говорит Наталья Шумски


выставка кошек Израиль говорит Наталья Шумски

Check out our facebook profile! www.facebook.com We would like to present you, a relaxing video of an adorable little kitten playing in the garden. It’s filmed entirely on the Phantom HD with framerates ranging from 400 to 800 frames per second. A gallery of the kitten is available @ www.phantomhd.eu Footage shot by: Michael Szymczak Editing: Arek Arciszewski Music «Serengetti Bliss» composer Papa J, publisher: Extreme Music / SM Publishing Poland —————————————————————————————- www.PhantomHD.eu — visit us for highspeed videos you’ve never seen before!!!
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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29 комментариев на “выставка кошек Израиль говорит Наталья Шумски”

  1. Generis10:

    Жена ему не простит за кошку!

  2. ChechenGay:

    что, жиды кошек жрать стали ?

  3. MegaAdvocate:

    25.04 в Харькове прошла выставка кошек. Видео в моём канале! ))))

  4. XINATA14:


  5. deadman565:

    Awwwwwwwwwwwwwh! :X I officially adore cats! :X

  6. kuokabe:

    the most beautiful creatures on earth.

  7. overclance:

    that was great! beautiful cat!

  8. bumbatumba:

    i damn near cried, its so cute XD

  9. Insomnia3KHJ:

    0:37 <3

  10. marzikinger:


  11. ezratwena:

    awesome@!#$ moves haha

  12. Kheopsyco:

    thanks universe for your manifestations

  13. badboy16310:

    75 people are Chinese.

  14. unnamed9777:

    75 have dogs

  15. leleonm:


  16. MikeJustesenFilms:

    Milk is not good for cats.

  17. heyitsaudreyxox:

    I never get tired of this video!

  18. m0nik37:

    What a beautiful video!!! 😀

  19. saberhof:

    I can make so many memes screenshoting this… D:


  20. cgormzzz:

    This is the most beautiful thing ive ever seen.

  21. karamewolf:

    how cute cat!! i ♥ it! (What’s the song name?)

  22. AndrosForever:

    Murderous rage in his eyes!

  23. cecilou35:

    absolument sublime, je ne m’en lasse pas ♥

  24. 101jumpit:

    Anyone who disliked this video,you should be ashamed of yourselves.The most gracefull of animals…no excuses i just love and adore cats….All of them.

  25. Willowsong44:

    In the description: Music «Serengetti Bliss» composer Papa J, publisher: Extreme Music / SM Publishing Poland

  26. paintingyostreetzz:

    i like at the start when hes pouncing how is ears pop up , very cute

  27. seancannon7777:

    Does anyone know what song is being played?

  28. sarahbird27:

    Uh, why would anyone dislike this video? It’s amazing.

  29. MultiMohamedsami:

    C’est bien ! je trouve que vous êtes une personne très affectifs aux animaux et en particuliers les chats je suis et je partage l’amour et l’affection des animaux domestique comme vous et j’espère que tout êtres sur terre donne une impotence capital aux chats et les sauvés de tout agression et mal traitance
    Monsieur Mohamed sami ahrès de tunisie .