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Декабрь 2011
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Talking Cat


Direction of use : 1/Watch the video (funny, eh?) 2/Browse comments (where the fun really is… ;o) === NB : If you believe the cat is actually in pain, you obviously know nothing about cats. Should this be painfull to the cat, it would try escape or attack. ===
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25 комм. на “Talking Cat”

  1. BlazingWind200:

    the cats being scratched at the base of the tail. almost all over-sized cats, usually female, do this. it’s a nerve thats being touched, and it’s very sensitive. it doesn’s hurt, they just dont know what to do about it.


    ok i know it when i see animal abuse!!!! but this isnt abuse. i do this to my cta bella all the time and he does the exact same thing

  3. PoneyRoseBleu:

    Hey if you want view a cute puppy, go view my first video of Mouna, my 3 month puppy!!!

  4. Furral:

    Why are there so many people always claiming it’s animal abuse… You can see he is just being scratched on his back.

  5. Theaxccel:

    thumb up if you want this cat

  6. PimmyRsKamiKaze:

    @thefisheevee lol

  7. ploppipa:

    Ze doen dat beestje pijn om die dat te laten doen . :(

  8. sk84eversk8123:

    it is Justin Bieber!

  9. x3IceJubei:

    @CorkGirl01 No, it’s master is just scratching it’s back. That makes the cat go turning it’s head and meowing in a strange way. Don’t worry :)

  10. CorkGirl01:

    this is so sat. this cat has a tumour in its brain it is having a seizure! when cats sound like this they are not well.

  11. JackRabittPhony:

    at 0:08 ah lawdlawdlawd…

  12. 1IiIHunteRIiI:

    s lo estan violando al gato

  13. ThePolaris2008:

    Who gives a shit it’s funny get over it

  14. KatanaNOOBY:


  15. michio2013:

    This is simultaneously the funniest and most disturbing cat video I have ever watched.

  16. Angel317537:

    The cat is just being scratched in an itchy spot. Don’t comment unless you have some form of intelligence

  17. Angel317537:

    Those of you who are saying the cat is being harmed, SHUT UP!

  18. sally325:

    The person who posted this video and wrote the comment about the cat trying to escape or attack if in pain is an Ahole. If the cat is being pinned down from the back it cannot escape. I hope you didn’t win anything with this video you retard. Someone should do this to you and watch you squeal. See how much you think it’s funny then

  19. Maddieyeah14:

    sounds high….

  20. JohnsonJimmy1998:

    i know what is the car say i am puss in boots

  21. thepepper1011:

    Ok who gave the cat crack

  22. bAtRiSyAh12:

    the cat in this video is so cute…

  23. EnokiSkai:

    @Shadow383 noo lol, my mom was watching the video too

  24. Shadow383:

    You work that out all by yourself?

  25. blindriptide:

    suffocating the cat! Terriblly inhumane!!!!