Pallas Cat Kittens — 7 weeks old pt1


At 7 weeks old the 4 kittens are starting to investigate their outside enclosure. Tula is keeping a very close eye on them to make sure they don’t get into too much trouble and can find their way back to their balcony box, and house, up the sloping path. Tula has to work quite hard when all 4 kittens go for a walk as you can see by her carrying the kittens around during this clip. Watch this space for future updates on this adorable little family, who are getting much more inquisitive about their outside enclosure. Video taken by Jackie Thomas at WHF

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50 комментариев на “Pallas Cat Kittens — 7 weeks old pt1”

  1. Traveler2112:

    Beautiful kittehs!! : )’s

  2. huho0o:

    3:44 …awesome.

  3. biologistblackbelt:

    Poor momma Pallas cat, having to keep all those adorable little ones in line!

  4. iced344:

    they look like racoons

  5. Lillstrumpa82:

    Oh my god! This is so cute! Pallas mom doesnt look that excited every time she has to get her babies back in their home- like angry mom 😀 Love it!! I want to kiss them all 🙂

  6. WesleyButtercup:

    («») («») big paws on fluffernuts!

  7. Smunki666:

    Who the **** disliked THIS!

  8. theEXdustry:


  9. aavallone:

    wouldnt they just be called Pallas Kittens?

  10. ashap8:

    Just when I thought kittens couldn’t get any cuter!

  11. lynxhasbigholybawls:

    they look like little cross breed monkeys xDD

  12. kimonochick10210:

    lol the mama cat is like, «Would you just stay in the same place for one second so I don’t have to keep coming to get you???»

  13. thegriffin88:

    @ 1:00 the ‘I’m bad’ face. X3

  14. nedeljko18:

    Excellent video,I am a damn cat lover.

  15. musicjunkie4:

    they look like adorable little raccoons!

  16. ilovefall08:

    *punches wall*

    they’re to cute for me to handle!

  17. jaggertone:

    The kittens are purposely failing to get on the ramp so they can stay outside… And if their mother asks they can claim they tried.

  18. ladyaurora777:

    Kittens make my brain melt. ^^
    This is too cute.

  19. fayleinding:

    喜欢啊,好可爱啊,看着这些家伙长大,lovely & cute

  20. CatClanLeader:

    Very adorable! I love how confused the kittens look and that mother cat has PATIENCE!

  21. particle409:

    They look like a cross between a lemur and a raccoon.

  22. Tony2826:

    Pallas cats are the best cats.

  23. missymoo2222:

    i love how the mother is CONSTANTLY trying to get them all to stay up the ramp xD

  24. algina1000:

    come si può voler male agli animali?

  25. KimbaMiao:

    Qual’è la musica di sottofondo??? è carinissima….

  26. ROCKSTAR28337:

    uhmm what did she just pull of 0.0

  27. johndasio1:


  28. epicninjaunicornguy:

    All these videos are raping my mind

  29. lookmethecat:

    thats why in canada we have laws that dont let us get pick up random people or help random people

  30. MissMuffinToYou:

    @CourtneySchiffert that episode still gives me nightmares 😮

  31. livcaitbff:

    holy shit i was not expecting that!

  32. XxILoveRayWJxX:

    WOSH !

  33. ALineToDraw:

    Well put together, and great acting

  34. animallover23344:

    DAMN!!! O.O

  35. rosemasenhalecullen:

    I`m supposed to do homework….
    Candy + BlackBoxTv = <3

  36. PyrozPlayground:

    What’s the name of the song at 5:00? @_@

  37. ImmaKittysaur93:


  38. McKennaLovesYew:

    First Wrong Thing To Do:
    Get In The Car With A Freaking Red Neck. >:/
    Second Wrong Thing To Do:
    Asking What He Wanted To Be When He Grows Up!

  39. Rocky9027:


  40. thegrlcancheer:

    Oh my gosh… It’s perfect. I love it!!! I wanna watch this all day!! ;D

  41. sharkpoop916:

    @ 0:05 0:06 look at the tv and see tobys face

  42. tanksleyr:

    BRENDA lol i love her

  43. TheDarkassassin92:

    so are thay cannabuls

  44. Purrfectification:

    thats the lonelygirl15

  45. CourtneySchiffert:

    Saw that coming. When I read the title I thought of Scooby-Doo on Zombie Island, with the cat women.

  46. mpatty01:

    This is sooooooo copied off of Trick ‘r Treat!

  47. TheGhostFilmer:

    Asshole ran a RED light…….. I know it was yellow

  48. oceanlovengirl:

    Blonde bree

  49. Ryan62971:


  50. aGaArAaDiCt:

    That awkward moment when my best friend, Julia, is sitting right next to me ._.