Самые смешные коты и кошки!




Декабрь 2011
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Kitten and his box.


Monthly Sponser: Cute Handmade Jewelry: www.resintree.etsy.com Update I had to swap the audio around because i don’t have permission to use sister jack. Music: Arabesque No. 2 by Debussy .
Video Rating: 4 / 5

Ellen always says that black and white cats are the cleverest — and she has a web video to prove it! She showed it along with a few more of the most adorable cat videos on the web!

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50 комм. на “Kitten and his box.”

  1. AdoptABundleOfJoy:


  2. mozzlan:

    Thumbs up if u agree that its not a box, its a starship!

  3. SnakeSalmon8izback:

    thumbs up if the tsar bomb got you here

  4. Momai777:

    0:45 is the funniest part!

  5. TheLastAbacus:

    How.. could you… film.. and not… PET??!!

  6. coccolina30:

    bellissimi .kiss angelika

  7. sweetsugarcoma:

    From Heaven they are!

  8. tripfunkmonster:

    @KingTyger: Anyone that hates cats would have to hate everything.

  9. 201stars:

    my hearts just keeps melting over and over again

  10. TheLPSLover111:

    I want all of them. So cute. I’m dying from cuteness. *.* <3

  11. mousa11221:

    حلوووووووو كثير عندي قطوة بالبيت مثلها خخخخخخ

  12. HP148409:

    @bailey11211 sshhh your going to put the transformer movies out of business.

  13. MyLove4Horses:

    I want the kitty that pounced first on the one in the box <3

  14. blackcolouredgirl:

    @1acroyear1 i never thought about it but you’re so right it’s hilarious to think about it XDDD

  15. CTSboards:

    I are not a tissue

  16. SuperSuperfirefox:


  17. bailey11211:

    how awesome would it be if that box transformed into a robot with the kitten at the top and in Optimises voice said «KITTYBOTS ROLL OUT»

  18. justexunexvideo:

    Ils sont TROP mignons ! ( They’re SO cute)

  19. EV1LxGEN1US:


  20. appy20000:

    What? We aren’t cat worshipers????

  21. gabe7773:

    @NobleDeafKid WOW! Thats a lot of thumbs up

  22. Cata10335:

    wha tha fak 3181 thumbs ups D: i want too

  23. Music381197:

    Step away guys i found the box first! GUYS go away mah box…uhg i smell * looks back* OUT DUDE AWAY YOU JUST FARTED uhg its my day for the box guys AWAY WITH YOU i give up!

  24. danno461:

    Box Kitty: Omg Wtf Hey cut it out back there! ..Leave me alone! -sobs with head in box-

    I agree with the Poor Kitty coz I had a fair understanding of what he was thinking and saying in Kitty language! :}

  25. grape4760:

    This is so sweet!!

  26. TheDisneyAnimeFan14:

    Oh wow!!! The suitcase reminds me of my white cat. Black suitcase + White Cat

  27. thecortni:

    Black and white cats are ninjas!!!!!

  28. Disneykandiley:

    Maru you are so cute and funny :3

  29. standingontruth1:

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  30. Plexipeanut54:

    My black and white cat knows how to open doors and catch little toy mice in his mouth, spit them out, and hit them back to you. Black and white cats really are the best.

  31. GordonFreemanLova:

    Meanwhile, I’m looking at my cat who is lying down, looking dead.

  32. chelilandia:

    those cats are the size of a cow!!

  33. Fruitshootful:

    omg the last one hahahhahaa

  34. dyramarwoto:


  35. PikiruMuzu:

    the last one reminds me of my cat x3

  36. PikiruMuzu:


  37. Bamb0009:


  38. theCatsrule18:

    The cat and the suitcase was so cute & funny

  39. myemilrob:

    omg…that last one I was really rooting for him to get across hahah!

  40. simplystila:

    My cat is black & white. Yay :)

  41. cleanloader:

    1:17 «awwwww» LOL

  42. bestdamnalex:

    @annamori90 they were CUUTE.

  43. MadameLaraXD:

    OMFG I am laughing SO hard right now, I am crying :D

  44. cecorra:

    Two beautiful Black and white kittens with extra toes are available at Robson Country Animal Shelter in North Carolina. They are desperate for a loving responsible home. Please adopt a cat or kitten from your local shelter

  45. liridonaable:

    HAHA oh hilarious cats xS

  46. liridonaable:

    @annamori90 Ikr …the first vid I thought the right one way a cow lol xD

  47. FADIR2010:

    «It´s not a cat» – joey Tribbiani

  48. TheHypholia:

    Maru is not black and white !

  49. BigSelenaGomezFan123:

    thumbs up if Anna Grace got you here ?? <3

  50. MaddyWalker98:

    OMG this makes me want a cat but my 3 dogs would chase it. :P