Mungojerrie and Rumpelteazer — HD, from Cats the Musical — the film


Starring Drew Varley as Mungojerrie and Jo Gibb as Rumpelteazer. From the ‘Cats’ film. For more Jellicle songs for Jellicle cats, visit our YouTube channel: Find out more about Cats on the website: Or join us on Facebook:
Video Rating: 4 / 5 add me on facebook OMNOMOMNOMOMNOMOMNOMOMNOMOMNOMOMNOMOMNOMOMNOMOMNO \Trollcune/ NOTE: I did edit the audio by myself. This is the nyan cat when it eats too much! please like and share! Nyan cat [original]

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50 комментариев на “Mungojerrie and Rumpelteazer — HD, from Cats the Musical — the film”

  1. BelusFausto23:

    @TheJDuoBand The pure dancing itself keeps the weight off alot. All that dancing burns calories like nothing else

  2. animallover305:

    I LOVE THIS MUSICAL!!!!!! Its so cool!!

  3. kadyshmady:

    I am absolutely in love with cats!

  4. CardinalPride540:

    Thumbs up if this reminded you of jessie and james from pokemon.

  5. Yuirikoly:

    I love it <3 i had a costume of rumpleteazer when i was 8 years old 😀 and i was two times in the musical <3

  6. poemgirl2468:

    Rumpleteazer and Mungojerrie are by far the best characters in CATS

  7. inspiredbymikey:

    Wow, I haven’t seen this in year! I remember having this musical on video when I was little, it was one of the only things that I watched and I had the chance to go see it in London but my step dad, who was going to take us, changed his mind. I was so upset :S

  8. TheJDuoBand:

    @Destandia I’m pretty sure you are. Also, the reson why these people are so skinny is because they have been dancing and doing musical tehatre for years before this. They have to keep themselves in shape to do musicals such as this.

  9. TheJDuoBand:

    I’m hoping to be Rumpleteazer for halloween this year. I think I will make that next year’s costume though because I want to make it at home. That’s what my friend did. It took her 6 months to make the costume and the wig. Rumpleteazer is my FAVORITE cat next to Demeter 🙂

  10. Destandia:

    13 people never got dinner because Mungojerrie and/or Rumpleteazer stole it.

    I wish I was as fit as them, I watch too much YouTube : (

  11. TheForgottenJellicle:

    @sweetgirl449 Neither Jo nor Drew were dubbed singing wise — only Rumpleteazer’s giggle at the start and sneeze later in skimbleshanks.

  12. AmandaSings195:

    I just adore their accents!!

  13. TheKaiStuff:

    I have seen the show live 14 times! It’s like new every time!

  14. HoodedBallerina:

    I gotta learn that dance and song for my next audition!

  15. sweetgirl449:

    @skullkazor2 i’m pretty sure both of them were dubbed, i could be wrong and i don’t want to dissappoint you or spoil this, but i’m pretty sure it’s true that this is not their own voices…


    Me n my best mate are like t wo — we got in trouble in class n I just yelled out : Wais it Caitlin or Jake ?

  17. Actress415:

    Ever Notice At The Beginning When They Run Into Each Other And Drop Their Bags, The Bags Fall To The Beat. xD

  18. ChuYizus:

    Thumbs up if you´re obsessed in how she says RRRRRUMPELTEAZER

  19. skullkazor2:

    drew varley (mungojerrie) has such a strong accent that i think works perfect for his character. and i love rumpleteazers voice and how she does that face at about 2:31

  20. Immachubchub:

    Thank you for this. I love «CATS»! It’s one of my favorite musicals(: Rumpleteazer is one of my dream roles(: was it Munjojerrie or Rumpleteazer??? Hmm you will never know(:

  21. Ingridmirei:

    I want to learn all the dances from Cats (well not Rum Tum Tuggers dance).

  22. cuteygirl0831:

    I love Mungojerry staring at Rumpel’s butt at 2:08.

  23. AkyChanX3:

    Mungojerrie is cute x3

  24. wolfmoon70:

    my favourite part out of the whole movie, love Jerrie and Teazer!

  25. SydniRox97:

    More like «Jesse and James; We’re a notorious couple of Pokemon thiefs» 😀

  26. MehTheBoy:

    i just imagined this thing doing the heavy omn nom.

  27. alvin21au:

    If he was then he wouldn’t be able to run…

  28. TheEloikk:


  29. purrrplecomet:

    @GodProdutions You have something against America,dude?U mad Bro?What did we do to u?!

  30. GodProdutions:

    nyan cat fat version???
    more like american!

  31. XxHaleighxScenexX:

    am i the only one who realizes this is Pusheen Cat D: ?? shadface

  32. XxHaleighxScenexX:


  33. starsplash922:

    Nyan Cat: from Japan to America
    Fat Nyan Cat: from America back to Japan

  34. TheNyanCatNation:


  35. harrypotter101gurl:

    if u think the nyan cat is pointless thumbs up my comment!

  36. harrypotter101gurl:

    @KaseyCrystal81 my brothers disabled so i think that saying this vid is retarded is not cool. its an under statement! LOL

  37. blackandyellow67:

    he’s going the wrong way

  38. Scarshadow100:

    not a poptart but a SPRINKLE DONUT X3

  39. KaseyCrystal81:

    it’s going the wrong way! D: He’s retarted as well? Aww

  40. Bloodysketches:

    its not a poptart its a DONUT!

  41. Greenswtr:


  42. ToxicImagination:

    It looks like a DONUT !

  43. littlemomo839:


  44. magitian20:


  45. animedreamer9113:


  46. CheezecakeWarrior:

    @dinozatthedisco Yup it’s Pusheen.

  47. dinozatthedisco:

    only people with awesome tumblr will know what im talking about but ISNT THAT PUSHEEN?

  48. JustViewingUrVids:

    i want a donut now

  49. thunderclancat123:

    The poptart looks like a donut. ^-^

  50. SeaSParklz21:

    Would it fall from space onto the near-bye planet?