episode 1 part 1 — SSS Warrior cats fan animation


This is not an official Warrior cats animation Its a fan animation by me and few other friends who simply like to animate and voice acting for characters in their spare time : ) Original story, narrative idea, characters belong to novel Warrior cats into the wild by Erin Hunter, official website: www.warriorcats.com Musics: Nightmares On Tetsukazu Nakanishi Reaper Truelight DNAngel Credits of animation section: Animation directed by Yu, Rosi Animation assistant: Zing Audition: Redtail: Stephen Cumberworth Tigerclaw: 2 Gryphon Oakheart: Ray Bluestar: Rosi Spottedleaf:.. sorry I forgot your name, you are Rosis friend but I forgot, please let me know if you read this, Ill add your name on Rusty: GingaJinketsuKoushi Smudge: Tail 230 Audition assistant: Cat sounds: Gangyzgirl, Rosi Rustys owner: Desiree «Desimaemae» Parker Special thanks (Friends who helped me on voice acting but I disappeared or replace the audition. Sorry about this.. Ill be working more efficiently next time.): EchoFlameFox EchoFlameFoxs friend Nazuna12 jerrymojo2 (voice acting graypaw, will be in the 2nd half of this episode) carbe (link: www.wiseoz.com Tag Laurah ************************************** A big Sorry for the long wait, it has been a long time, as a director its my fault not to finish work before the time I planed, I’ll improve my time management and make schedule carefully next time. This is the first 10 mins of the first part of episode one, I’ll be away for a month and I’ll try my best to
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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25 комментариев на “episode 1 part 1 — SSS Warrior cats fan animation”

  1. traybug1:

    5:10 let me guess… Graypaw and Ravenpaw?

  2. nela211:

    i watch these soooooooo many times i cant stop plz do a lot more plz do!!!

  3. rigbyregularshow:

    thats awesome! its like warriors in an epic anime style!

  4. KuroWolfCatChibi:

    i loved how smudge looked like at 8:42 !

  5. MsPokemonlovergirl:

    You’re a great animator. You seriously got the book! yo uwill qualify for disney or something.

    How come spottedleaf’s voice sounds like it’s on the phone? no offense…

    Wow. this must’ve been a real pain when you made it with all the blood
    and swiping!

  6. MyGirlCajun:

    nevermind nevermind i hadnt heard it in a while and i posted that before i heard it… and i realized i was way off,lol

  7. spottedkitteh:

    I love it smudge sings the little meowing song- 

  8. TomBoyWarrior:

    @xuxuzxzx if warrior cat was a show it wouldn`t be by disney cuz erin wrote the books. And threre is alot of gore and blood, i would love a warrior cats TV show.

  9. TehKittehGoesMew:

    You NEED an animating job…

  10. kazbob24:

    smugdes voice actor has an amazing voice

  11. heidimariemclean02:


  12. SuperMrbowwow:

    no weally he caught a wobin in dere

  13. emobunnyrevolution:

    OMG a dream come true TwT

  14. SilverLiningAlchemy:

    I’m only at the beginning of the video right now (the theme song is playing) BUT YES DN ANGEL THEME SONG FTW! 😀 And I’m totally digging this so far.

  15. AwesomeEpicMuffin:


  16. Unrealproduction1000:

    i <3 whitestorm lionheart firepaw=rusty longtail greypaww and most of aaalll smudge=D

  17. yusef12331:

    smudge: he caught a wobin in there lol

  18. Paincakezz:

    @digicrystalmon7580 Tigerstar sounds like the bad guy in those cheesy kids TV shows. Who has a wierd voice and is sooo full of himself.

  19. LilAdvertiser:

    LMAO at the end ‘meow myaow maow mewooww’

  20. MegaHerena:

    idk why, but smudge’s voice somehow reminds my of spongebob in china….

  21. wingedwolves99:

    Smudge looks so cute!

  22. TheShadowwolf67:

    This is the best video ever! Bluestar is beautiful, the graphics and art style are perfection, Spottedleaf’s voice is fantastic, and Rusty is so cute!!!!

  23. DawnCM1:

    wild cats are cool!

  24. digicrystalmon7580:

    Mousefur is so cute!!!

    And I love how redtail was drawn plus he’s so good at fighting and tigerclaw sounds weird like Awkward

  25. loverofkittens10:

    Why did you have to make Oakheart sound evil?